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Below each frame is a slide ventilation adjuster bar and really the only fault is on the right frame the adjuster end has broken off but does not notice or detract from a display point of view. The rubber face pads are stamped 18 and R on one and 28 on the other.

All Luftwaffe flight goggles are getting very hard to find now so these represent an excellent alternative at an entry level price.

Splitterschutzbrille Pattern Anti Splinter Flying Goggles - These came in with a small Luftwaffe collection we have recently purchased. The previous owner was sadly sold this set of second pattern Nitsche and Gunther pattern goggles as originals by an unscrupulous dealer and unfortunately this has proved an expensive exercise for him.

Many of these replicas originated from the Czech Republic although we are told by our contacts in that country the gentleman who made them is no longer with us and production has currently ceased.

We have no idea of the origins of this set but they have been decently executed but are let down by a less than convincing back strap. So an ideal purchase for a film company or reenactor who would not want to risk using an original but equally appealing to a collector to set off a Luftwaffe flying helmet display- for the fraction of the price of the real thing. We were advised the last of the Czech production was being offered in at EU so grab a bargain whilst you can! This example has a manufacturers label coded hdc indicating it was made by Luftwahrtgeratewerk Hakenfelde, Berlin-Spandau.

The size stamp is 58 and is a large example and would correspond to an RAF size 3 or 4. The helmet is in nice overall condition but like many the mesh has been carefully repaired at some stage and still displays very well.

This example features tan leather receiver cups and provision for the Luftwaffe three point oxygen mask and is therefore a second patter. The helmet is fully wired with receivers and throat microphones marked Ln and Mi 4B and also carries the short communication cord favoured by fighter pilots with a 4 point connector marked Fl Inside is commensurate with normal service use. We have had cleaner examples but would still rate this one well above average. Generally in excellent issued condition with all correct snaps and buckles in place, together with provision for attaching a 3 point oxygen mask.

The metal parts show minor age related rust. The helmet is fully wired with long communication cord fitted with a 4 pin jack plug marked Fl and also carries lozenge shaped throat microphones embossed Ln Inside the label is in place confirming the helmet was made Siemens and Gerat nos A.

The label carries various other ink stamps but these are not clear. The Perspex receiver covers are still in place and not damaged like so many. The only issue with this helmet is the inner brow lining pad has been removed at some stage but this is not visible when on display.

An excellent display helmet in above the average condition. Luftwaffe FK Flying Helmet - this was the standard WW11 unwired summer helmet for use by aircrew for primary training as well as for combat crew positions where no communication was necessary.

It is interesting by mid war virtually all crew positions required radio contact this helmet is documented in manufacture certainly until with later examples carrying the provision for attaching two and three point oxygen mask. Our example appears to be an interim version with clips for an oxygen mask and interestingly carries a crown snap fastener which is believed to be an early attachment method for a tree point mask.

Inside the cotton lining is close to perfect and judging from the overall exceptional condition and appears to have seen only very light use. A fine specimen often missing from WW11 Luftwaffe collections. A further bonus is it is a good size, possibly a Luftwaffe K Grey Leather Flying Helmet - this example being of similar deign to the summer version K helmet we have also listed today but is the winter version, having a short pile lambs wool lining. This helmet has no label but seems to be a medium size.

It has provision for a 3 point oxygen mask looks to be mid war production. Grey leather helmets do not appear on the market very often, and are reported to have often been used in conjunction with the grey leather flight suits favoured by Me pilots. Another often missed pattern that could complete a gap in the more specialist Luftwaffe collection. This was achieved by the curvature of the lenses.

This is a late war example, introduced into service in with the frame being moulded in three sections with a hinged bridge over the nose and they look particularly good with the tinted lenses fitted which are also in great shape. The back strap is manufacturer from plain ribbed non elastic silk on each side with an elasticized section at the back between two buckles; this still retains its elasticity.

While some good copies of these goggles manufactured in Czechoslovakia are available on the market we have checked these in detail and are happy to guarantee them as original. However please feel free to ask for more detailed pictures prior to purchasing to check them out yourself so don't just take our word for it!

Please also check out the other Luftwaffe flying headgear we are listing today! Model Luftwaffe flying Goggles by O. These is clearly marked O. The rubber is in first class condition and we have not seen better. The classic oversized lenses are the rather sexy tinted ones which look great on display and are in close to mint condition with no fogging or other damage. The Germans only fitted first class lenses to their goggles and certainly no nasty Perspex as used in period RAF goggles.

The back strap is original in olive drab elastic and still elastic and fitted with correct connectors and adjusters and is named to T. Period Luftwaffe goggles are getting increasingly hard to find now and this set is as good as we have had here.

Luftwaffe Model Fliegerschutzbrille by O. This set are in average plus issued condition. The rubber face cushions show some age wear but are generally good for display purposes. The central nose bridge is good and is fitted with two small adjust screws.

It is maker marked to the reverse O. The black painted alloy frames are good and are fitted with above average glass lenses. The original back strap is still elastic and in very good shape. The original issue card box and spare lenses are now absent. These goggles are now getting hard to find in any condition; these are realistically priced to reflect their overall condition.

Luftwaffe Model Two point oxygen mask - To complement the other Luftwaffe items we have listed today is this incredibly scarce two point oxygen mask. Almost all that surface on the collectors market today have been lake recovered or are largely rebuilt with non original parts and harness fitted. Later in the war supplies of masks to this specification dried up as all rubber production was at that time controlled by the allies and the Luftwaffe had then to rely on black synthetic manufactured masks.

It does not carry any makers marks or codes but it is embossed 2 indicating the size. The harness is in top condition with the green rubber of the mask below it showing close to the original shade. The mask features a double strap harness arrangement and is located on a central lug. The straps terminate with large retaining clips. The oxygen tube is again in very crisp condition with the bulldog clip being clearly marked AB confirming the maker Auer.

These masks were favoured by fighter pilots; please check out the how good this example looks when displayed with the LKpN helmet we have listed today. We make no apology for the price we are asking. This is a fine example of a fighter pilots oxygen mask that would be hard to better and therefore attracts the same, if not more interest, than the RAF D mask that now regularly achieve a similar or greater price.

The frame is nickel plated with leather face cushions and sprung elastic back strap. This pattern had the advantage of providing a wide field of view. This set is fitted with Perspex lenses which we believe to be replacements but an excellent display example of a scarce NSFK issue goggles. This is a late war example, introduced into service in with the frame being moulded in three sections with a hinged bridge over the nose. The inside of the is embossed 'Nigura. The silken finish elastic back strap is in good shape with minor rust to the buckle and the set comes complete with issue tin, which shows minor age wear and Luftwaffe stores code Fl While some good copies of these goggles manufactured in Czechoslovakia are available on the market we have checked these in detail and believe them to be an original issue item.

However please feel free to ask for more detailed pictures prior to purchasing to check out the detail and don't just take our word for it! Please check out the other Luftwaffe flying headgear we are listing today!

The size stamp is not clear but it is a large example and would correspond to an RAF size 4 so possibly a 58 or 59 European size. The helmet is near perfect inside and out, featuring tan leather receiver cups and provision for the Luftwaffe three point oxygen mask. The helmet is fully wired with receivers and throat microphones and also carries the short communication cord favoured by fighter pilots. The netting is also faultless and we would say impossible to find a crisper example and fully satisfies the collectors criteria 'always buy the best you can afford'.

Please note the oxygen mask and splinter goggles illustrated are for display purposes only and this sale is for the helmet alone although both items are available and are being listed separately.

The goggles are fitted with clear lenses and the nose bridge is dated 19 The issue box shows some age wear but otherwise would be hard to improve upon. LKp S Flying Helmet - First introduced in , this is the Summer Luftwaffe flying helmet made from the salt and pepper material as used for the Fliegerkombi. The helmet is in very clean condition and is fitted with a wiring loom and throat microphones, although the receivers and perspex covers have been removed.

While originally having provision for a 3 point oxygen mask, the top attachment loop and strap have been removed at some stage. This could well be a field modification if the helmet was only used with a 2 point attachment mask. The silk lining is in good clean condition and carries a maker's label named to Siemens and stamped GR57, so is a small size. Jenny enjoyed her time on stage as well as the audience of 2.

The pouring rain could not stop Jennifer having fun on stage and entertaining the crowd with a brilliant show. Jennifer Rush had a great time visiting Berlin again to watch the musical premiere of "Ice Age Live" together with the family of a friend of hers. You wanna be haunted by a zombie? Feel thrilled to survive a meeting with a crazy bloody slaughter? Dancing with Freddy Kruger? In this week !

A venue for an audience of 5. The who is who of movie- and legendsmonsters are fighting to be the supermonster in this show, which is a fast mix between horror, humor, action and dance. For love — even monsters feel love. Andrej Baranow is a close friend of Jennifer and personal stylist over many years. It was a pleasure for her to follow his invitation to perform these two songs in the final shows of this event and surprise the audience with her appearance.

Watch the pics to get a clue about this special performance. As an happy end angel she will apear in the Musical "The dead carpet", which is part of the huge Halloween event "Berlin Horrornights". She followed the invitation of the star stylist Berlinale Andrej Baranow, who is not only her stylist, but personal long time friend. Jennifer Rush had a blast last week in Shanghai - here she is after a buisness meeting at Sony Music Entertainment China.

Here are some impressions from this wonderful gig. Click here for more impressions of Jennifers performance. With the successful program from the shows in Cape Town Jennifer and her musicians plus the band Romanz did three fantastic concerts in Johannesburg Joburg , all sold out including the additional concert on May 1st.

The only difference — the choir parts were done by the well known Drakensburg Boys Choir. Here the songlist of the tour:. First time ever Jennifer Rush live on stage in South Africa, first time ever with a huge choir, first time ever "The Power Of Love" with four "duett"-partners — so many "first times" - did this work? Oh yes — out came a phenomous show with so many highlights, that the audience was just overwhelmed of this festival of voices, in front: Jennifer Rush with her outstanding voice and unbeatable sympathic appearance.

After this highclass start, Jenny entered the stage in a short black dress - not less elegant than the guys - and catched the audience from the first moment on with "I Come Undone".

Jennifer presented her greatest hits as well as some personal favorites and of course songs of the Album "Now Is The Hour". After a few songs Jenny changed into a looong golden dress. As well as getting on their feet to dance to the original version of "Ave Maria" as encore. Watch some impressions of the Cape Town concerts here. More stagepics will follow soon. First venue is done — after two amazing shows Jennifer Rush and the musicians are now moving over to Johannesburg.

Jennifer and her crew arrived well in South Africa to keep on doing rehearsals and of course a lot of promotion for the upcoming shows.

Klick here to listen to a short audio-file from the radio-interview with the southafrican radio-station Jaracanda. Looong interview with radio2day in full length;. Another gig is confirmed - May 1st in Johannesburg! For tickets and details check out the dates. Live Season opened - first stop Doebeln, a beautiful little town in the south-east of Germany.

Only a week later Jennifer Rush together with the keyborder M. Subasic and the singers Valerie Scott and Gabriella Massa rocked over Next stop Capetown and Johannesburg, Southafrica, with the full band. More pics in the fanblog , later on in our Live-Gallery and in this article.

Another year has past and even though the news on the website might look empty — a lot of interesting things happened for Jennifer Rush this year. This of course definitely does not mean that she will stop appearing on stage herself in !

NO WAY— some live concerts in and television shows are in concrete planning. The dates will start being confirmed by the end of January. Once the dates are confirmed, we will immediately put them in the dates section. Last month Jenny did an interview with a german magazine — including a home story with some beautiful new pics, we will show on our site soon. You can watch the article in the Fanblog or on Facebook.

Will be back with news soon - I promise. Lots of love to you all, Jenny. This year Jennifer Rush loved to follow the invitation and of course the idea, to perform not a Jennifer-Rush song, but some favourites.

After this warm up evening the big show started on Saturday with a four hours program. This cannot work — but it definitely did. Well known german and international artists created an amazing show — some in roles you know them, but some in roles you would never ever have expected them to be good in.

Hard to describe — you have to see this with your own eyes. Cover me is funny, nuts, touching, impressing, extremely entertaining — and just sympathic. Never forgetting the good cause behind it: And it is Bette Midlers nickname that really fits to this event: Three different stages in one week: Together with the same keyboarder, who did the Minx-Fashion-Menue event with her last year, she presented her songs unplugged and got fantastic reviews.

With her characteristic voice and a fascinating performance Jennifer Rush made the audience become extreme enthusiastic. Standing ovations in the concert hall. This organisation takes care of injured kids and women in need. Host of the evening was Andrea Kiewel, well known from several german TV-shows. Again Jennifer impressed the audience and the press: Now together with a piano player plus two background singers Gabriella Massa and Valerie Scott.

The three women and the man at the piano - M. Subasic - catched the audience with their powerful performance. Pics of this event will follow soon. I had this acoustic idea in my head for long, am soo happy it is so well received! I am ready for more! Jennifer came onstage right after 10pm. The schedule was very strict due to laws re: She used her time to sing her old hits - newly arranged and new songs from her newest CD. After the song "Eyes of a Woman" came a fun moment. They had placed a beautiful chair for Jenny to sing the her highly emotional ballad "Still" 20 meters away from the band and close to the public.

To her it was like a catwalk on a fashion show and she was a bit nervous doing this in high heels. She said "I am a singer not Heidi Klum" no disrespect to Heidi Klum of course - and the audience laughed with her. On her walk back to the stage she was able to fit in one clothing change. As her last song Jenny and band did Great Balls of Fire - the musicians had no problem using the catwalk - they were wearing sneakers! Immediately after Great Balls of Fire there was a grandiose Fireworks display.

Jenny just performed her first open-to-the-public event of with her band in front of an audience of in Isenburg, Germany. It was the first time they featured a "pop singer! Here are some links: It was with standing ovations Jennifer Rush ended her concert on Sunday night in front of 4, fans in the Palace Hall in Bucharest. Some of her reviews from the Romanian newspapers:.

Jennifer and Dan seemed to get on quite well. It was a highly amusing hour long interview. To set the record straight - no, Jennifer will not marry him. Minx Fashion Menue is a benefit that has been in existence since This year the show was done first outdoors, in front of the Residence with an audience of 4, After the official fireworks came the fireworks on stage: Jennifer Rush with her band performed for over 4, people a 90 minute show! There were of course quiet moments to Jennifer's performance - for the first time she sung live onstage the ballad "Still" from her new CD "Now Is The Hour.

During the Brandenburg Day Celebrations in Schwedt, Germany Jenny performed outdoors, this time on a ship floating through a beautifully illuminated waterway. Jennifer Rush ON stage means: To make it short: Jenny is talking less during the day since she needs to save her voice for the performances.

But her hair also needs to get in shape and even with so much professional discipline there is always enough time to have fun!

Here are some candid snapshots from the preparations to her last concert taken in her suite at the hotel in Schwerin. Done — ready for the concert. Jennifer Rush backstage right before the concert. Even through the rain showers, 6, fans came to celebrate Jennifer Rush's second concert in North-eastern Germany. The second concert in 2 weeks! With Schwerin's beautiful castle in the background Jenny delivered another brilliant show.

The tracks from the current CD together with the old "classic" songs had the audience dancing and singing. The reviews have been amazing. Next stop is Schwerin, Germany on August 14th. Here are some pictures from the concert and the rehearsals, more to follow. Two gala events confirmed: Jennifer Rush on the balcony of her hotel suite before the concert: In this years open air festival season fans can catch Jennifer Rush performing live on these three open air festivals in Germany: The wait is over: The "Seduction s Remix" of "Echoes Love" is here!

Click on our music player top right and listen to the first sound sample! For the first time in her career Jennifer Rush releases a coinciding single remix, a novelty to Jennifer Rush devotees and club mix fans. Now "Echoes Love" will not only rush into the airplay and download charts, but with the "Seduction s Remix" it is also set to conquer the dance floors!

The catchy uptempo-track is not only a fans' favourite but was also embraced by radio and tv professionals - reason enough! There are currently no plans to release it on physical CD-Single. This coming Sunday March 28th two German tv channels will broadcast an over 5-minute long feature about Jennifer Rush: Tune in to RTL "Exclusiv" at The feature will include interviews, scenes filmed during Jenny's promotion trip in Munich and Berlin as well as a one very special moment: For the first time ever, Jenny's stepmother, Rita, a classical pianist and repetiteur joins her infront of the cameras and gives exclusive piano accomaniment to Jennys very special performance of "Still".

Jennifer Rush sounds familiar and yet new. Her incomparable exceptional voice shines in the 15 tracks of the album, from huge hymnic ballads to catchy dance-pop uptempo tracks.

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