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You should be able to clear it without resupplying. Concentrate on the numbers that are still golden in color.

Assassin's Creed Combat Tips

General Tips

Find them, climb to the top, and use your eagle view to synchronize your map. That'll give you much more detail on it, and will point out nearby investigative activities. There are 12 citizens in this quadrant of the city that are being harrassed by the guards.

To rescue them, find them on your map, walk near them, and use your left trigger while looking at them or the guards to start fighting. If you kill all of the guards, you can speak to the citizen and gain a particular bonus. Usually a group of vigilantes will appear where you perform the rescue: Sometimes a group of scholars will appear if you happen to be close to a gate.

If you can throw your foes off of tall buildings, they'll often die instantly. Fighting off five or six guards by yourself can be tough, so you'll usually want to start by using your hidden blade, getting close to one of the guards, killing him stealthily, then quickly targeting one of his friends for a high-profile kill before the rest of them have a chance to react.

With that done, try to run for a ladder or otherwise get to the rooftops; the remaining guards will follow you up. As you wander around the Poor District, a number of eavesdropping, pickpocketing, and interrogation missions will appear to you. Before you attempt any of them, though, head to the southwestern corner of the district to find the Assassin's Bureau.

You'll want to speak to the man inside before starting your investigations. Interrogations can be performed anywhere, not necessarily in dark alleyways. Guards don't react to fisticuffs. After speaking with your bureau leader, you'll learn of a few locations where more information about Tamir can be obtained. You probably have all six investigations on your map, though, so you're unlikely to need his pointers.

You can complete as many of the investigations as you like, but only two are necessary to try the assassionation. Still, here's a list of them. You'll find two men in an alleyway; note the one carrying the letter, then pilfer it when he walks off.

Keep in mind that you can only pickpocket while he's walking; he'll periodically stop and look around. If you're too close to him when he does so, he'll call the guards. You'll learn that Tamir is preparing a large shipment. Eavesdrop on the three men to learn that Tamir has called a meeting. Sounds like he's within the souk, whatever that is. Lock on to the man, wait for him to finish speaking, then follow him into the alleyway nearby and start throwing him around.

He'll tell you that Tamir is preoccupied with the creation of weapons for someone other than Saladin. Eavesdropping is the easiest investigation to perform, if you want to get right into the assassinations.

Listen in to the two men in the market to learn about a weakness of Tamir's fortress: Listening in on the two men by the fountain will tell you a bit about escaping guards: This refers to the vigilantes, but gives you no useful information on Tamir.

Lock on to the man by the fountain, overhear his conversation, then follow him as he walks off. Your reward here is a map that indicates that the northeastern rooftops link to the central courtyard of the souk. When you have your investigations complete, however many you like, return to the bureau leader and tell him of your investigations.

He'll hand over Tamir's marker, giving you permission to assassinate him. Travel to the souk, which will be marked on your map. Tamir is indeed there, and rather unpleased with one of his underlings. When he kills him, use the Blend command to prevent the guards here from becoming alerted to your presence. There'll be a beggar around that will be pestering you, but she'll give up after a few minutes.

Tamir goes down relatively easily if you assassinate him. You can be fancy and try to take Tamir out like a fancy boy, but the easiest way to take him down is to switch to your hidden blade, get behind him, and select the Assassination option, which will instantly kill him.

This will, obviously enough, cause the guards nearby to go insane, so you'll have to do your best to make it back to the bureau without getting taken out. The souk has some fancy entrances that you may be able to free run through, but your best bet is to just cover as much ground as you can between the souk and the bureau before attempting to hide; the alert that's out for you here will not cease until you actually return to the bureau, so hiding near the souk is kind of pointless unless you can make it all the way back to the bureau on the rooftops, or in blend mode, which is very slow.

When you return to the bureau, hide enough to lose your current alert, then walk inside, you'll end the mission and be told to return to Mualim.

Speak to Lucy a few times here, then interact with the computer on the Animus bed. Whoops, she left her email open! Sounds like Warren is one hell of a boss. When you're done reading the email, head back to bed. In the morning, hop onto the Animus to start your next missions. When you return to Mualim, you'll earn new abilities, including the counter attack.

Becoming capable of countering will make combat much easier, assuming you make good use of the ability. You'll also be capable of entering Mualim's private garden, where a couple of flags are hidden away. They'll be an important part of the combat for the rest of the game. Mualim will give you two new assignments in two new cities, Acre and Jerusalem, where you'll need to kill Garnier de Naplouse and Talal, respectively.

You can tackle them in any order you like. Now will also be a good time to tackle all 12 of the View Points in the Kingdom area; it'll give you a much better idea of how the land is laid out, as well as counting towards your next life bar segment. Keep in mind as you approach Acre that the guards here are significantly tougher than those you fought in Damascus. You'll need to be on your best behavior to take them down, but with the countering ability that you've picked up, you should be much more capable of doing so.

To gain entrance to Acre, you'll need to rescue a citizen outside the gates to gain the trust of the Scholars, then sneak your way inside. Use your counters to get the best of your foes. These guys will also periodically stop and either taunt you or encourage their friends; if they drop their swords, get some quick jabs in with your own.

Sometimes violence really is the solution. Inside the city, you'll be tasked with climbing more View Points and saving more citizens. Keep in mind that there are archers on some of the rooftops here that will take umbrage to your presence; this is a bad thing, since it makes it a bit more complicated to get around, but it's also a good thing, since you can grab them in high profile stance and throw them off the roofs, which is quite amusing.

This also makes it easier to rescue the citizens: It's a lot simpler than fighting them all at once, and more fun to boot. Northeastern Informer The Informer missions are new ones. When you talk to an informer, they'll give you a physical challenge of some sort. This guy wants you to run along a course designated for you by the appearance of a number of flags. Collecting all of the flags and returning to the informer within the time limit will unlock their information.

There isn't much that a text walkthrough can do to guide you through these, but for the most part, the routes are pretty obvious and the time cushion is generous, at least at this early portion of the game.

Completing this mission will reveal that Garnier resides within the Hoteliers' fortress and rarely leaves. You'll need to collect these flags if you want your Assassin friend to help you out.

Interrogate the barker to learn that Garnier is a cruel man, and that he'll be most vulnerable when he attends to his patients. Pickpocketing the letter will result in your discovery of the connection between Garnier, Tamir of Damascus, and another man. Picking the pocket of the worker will reveal that the candelabras within the Hoteliers' fortress are being replaced. Eavesdrop on the two guards near the entrance gate to discover that some of the roof guards are AWOL. He never saw me coming.

This informer asks that you assassinate two targets for him and return without causing an alarm. It's not too complicated. The first target is a Templar that hides in a building nearby; he's easy to assassinate without anyone spotting you. Be sure that your hidden blade is active, drop down behind him, and get him! The second target walks the streets nearby. It can be tougher to get him without getting spotted, so be sure that no beggars are bothering you, then hit him from behind with the hidden blade assassination and quickly run.

If you're fast, you should be able to get away from him before anyone even knows he's dead. The informer will tell you that Garnier allows patients to roam the halls of the hospital freely. Sneaking in should be easy. Garnier dwells in a hospital near the northern gates to the city. Two methods of entry are apparent: There's a small building on the northeastern side of the hospital you can use to reach the roof; kill the archers up there, hide until you're unseen, and then descend by climbing down the main part of the hospital to move on.

It's possible, but difficult, to get Garnier with a stealth assassination. After the cutscene plays, walk into the hospital in Blend mode. You'll need to be pretty careful as you walk around here; the guards are pretty suspicious of your presence. It's not difficult to get close to Garnier, but unfortunately he'll be surrounded by madmen of the sort that like to randomly lash out at you.

If they knock you out of Blend mode, that'll usually be enough to call down all of the guards in the hospital onto you, including Garnier, who's a tough old man and won't go down without a lengthy fight.

If you don't manage to pull off the hidden blade assassination, then a big fight will ensue. You can climb a ladder here to reach the rafters, where you'll be able to hit enemies that attempt to follow you up, or you can simply start countering the attacks of the enemies around you and attempting to thin their ranks a bit.

Garnier is a tough nut to crack; you may want to attempt to throw him to the ground, then pounce on him with your hidden blade for a quick kill. Egress from the hospital can be rough. There are a couple of cracked windows that you can reach if you head up to the rafters, which will make for a quick exit from the sickward that you'll likely kill Garnier in. Otherwise, you can try to bust out the front door. Climbing up the inner walls to the roof is a fool's errand, as you'll be hit with rocks before you can make it.

Bust out and get back to the Bureau. Be sure to head back to Masyef and speak with Mualim before heading on to Jerusalem; you'll earn throwing daggers as a reward.

The notable thing about the exterior of Jerusalem is the number of people leaving the city. As the city is soon to come under siege, they're perhaps the wisest of the bunch. Feel free to run them down with your horse; it's fun to play bowling with peons. Wander into the market and assassinate the two targets of the Informer. One of them is stationary while the other is mobile, but if you hit them from behind and run away, you should be fine as far as being detected goes.

If you become observed, blend away as best you can. The barker near the city gates has some info for you: It sounds as though he's in league with Garnier. Pickpocket the man outside the temple to reveal where Talal will hide if he escapes from battle. There are eighteen flags this time around, and they should be run starting from the one on the wall near the informer. Follow the route and run well, and you should be able to get it done within a minute. The informer will tell you that Talal's bodyguards will sacrifice themselves if need be in order to buy him time to escape an attack.

If you don't feel like sneaking into the church, just kill the guards outside, run away, then come back. You'll need to save the citizen near the exterior of the church here, then blend into Scholars and let them take you inside.

Doing so will let you learn a critical piece of info: Talal is a master archer, and will attempt to hit you with a bow should you attack him. Talal makes his residence within a barbican in the northeastern corner of the Rich District. It's easiest to reach the barbican by approaching from the west, where there's a gap in the tall wall. You can stick to the rooftops, assassinate the archers as needed, and make your way to the northeastern corner of the barbican, which is apparently the only entrance.

If you saved all of the citizens, then Talal will eventually run right into a group of vigilantes. Talal is a trickster, and traps you when you enter the barbican. You can either choose to follow him immediately, or try and fight your way through his goons for a while before chasing him down. It's probably a bit easier to use counterattacks to thin the ranks of the soldiers before climbing the ladder and giving chase, but if you want to try escaping the warehouse immediately, do your best to get up the ladder, then jump across the two chandeliers to the other ladder that Talal escaped from.

When you return to your quarters, examine your locker; you'll find an access code that you'll be using in a future interlude. Sleep, then wake up. Before you lie down on the table, though, get behind the good doctor here and pick his pocket to pick up some kind of flash drive or access card. With that in hand, feel free to re-enter your memories.

You've earned the Catch Ledge and Grab Break abilities here. Grab Break can be tricky to time, but if you mash on the button when you get grabbed, it will eventually become somewhat instinctive. Catch Ledge will make it very easy to grab onto buildings after getting knocked off by thrown rocks, which is really handy.

Head to Damascus and check in at the bureau; you'll be told that Nuqoud dwells within the city's Rich District. Doing so will make it a bit easier to follow the guy you need to talk to. The man will tell you that the best time to attack Nuqoud is when he addresses his guests at the party. The accessible rooftops of Damascus makes it a fun city to fight in. Another purloined letter will reveal that Nuqoud is planning a festival in his palace.

Seems kind of redundant, but oh well. The informer here will task you with stealth assassinating two targets within three minutes and returning to him. Not too difficult to do if you can avoid the crazy people and the beggars. Mark your targets, get close to them, stick a fork in them, and run before anyone spots you.

Enter the palace grounds by climbing over the fence or killing the guards at the gate. With a little work, you can get above Nuqoud and take him out with a stealth kill.

There are two ways to proceed here. The first is to climb the fountain in the middle of the main hall, jump from there to the pillars that run along the hall, and run from there onto the balcony where Nuqoud is roaming. This can be difficult since the archers will be firing on you as you jump around, and the two bodyguards that Nuqoud has will also probably jump onto the rafters and attempt to knock you off.

A perhaps simpler method is to head to the south a bit, away from the fountain. If you climb to the top of it, you can leap to the balcony nearby where the archer is firing at you from. Kill him, then look around. William dwells within the Rich District of Acre. Take to the skies, nab your View Points and Citizens, then start investigating. Try to reach these pillars to find a way to the top of the cathedral.

To get up top, move around to one of the areas where the roof slopes inward and there are numerous pillars. Climb up to the sloping roof, run up one of the pillars to reach the handhold on them, then move around to the outside of the pillar and continue up to the roof from there. Another flag collection race. Ignore them if possible and move on to collect the flags.

The informer will tell you that William will retreat to the protected portion of his citadel after his encounter with Richard. Mysterious goings-on in this letter.

Apparently William is a figurehead, but one that may not be reliable in the future. Another mysterious man in the harbor is distancing himself from the plot.

Presumably this will all come clear in the end. The wages of sin. Lock onto the man on the church steps and follow him off to the side a bit. Beating on him will reveal that King Richard will be visiting William today, after which William will surely visit his men and lecture them.

Dang, lots of pickpocketing here. If you anticipate any problems getting inside, kill the guards before starting the pickpocket. The map you gain will detail a route you can take to enter the citadel without harrassment. Get up here and wait for William's speech to end. Somehow no one notices you. This short scene will end with Richard riding off and William retreating back to the interior of the fort. There are plenty of places to get up to the rooftops, but you may have to take out an archer to reach the area above William.

This little speech will take two or three minutes to finish, so if you wish, you can roam around killing archers on the walls or in the fort itself while it plays out. Good night, sweet liege. When the speech is over, William will send his men away and then turn to his studies. You can skip the speech if you can manage to land an archer on the ground near enough to cause the soldiers near William to investigate, but this is tricky.

His back is turned to the very small corner of the training area. Look over the edge and drop down to hang off of the ledge. Drop or climb your way down to the floor here be sure to land quietly! From his body, head to the southeast and climb the scaffolding or the ladder there.

Free run to the southeast along the fort wall until you find another ladder leading up to the top of the walls. From here, you can climb over the towers leading to the northwest towards the View Point you may have already climbed up , and then to the northern corner of the fort.

You should spot some birds on the edges of the northeastern wall; hop to their position, check the hay beds below you, and jump off. After that you can head off to the Bureau and return to Masyef. Majd dwells within the poor district of Jerusalem.

There are relatively few View Points and citizens to be rescued here, since the district is fairly small. Most of the buildings are also fairly low to the ground, which can make it difficult to engage in throwing people to their deaths, but the tactic still works if you look around for the tallest buildings. Interrogating this man reveals that Addin rules Jerusalem through fear. Say your thanks and kill the talker. Another pair of stealth assassinations here: The man you need to pickpocket here will quickly walk through a line of guards, making him difficult to follow.

You may need to be a bit stealthy to take out this assassination target. This informer wants you to kill three soldiers that are searching for him. Nothing too complicated, but there are a lot of guards around the mosque that the soldiers patrol, so you may want to clear them out before starting the mission. One of the soldiers is on a rooftop, so climb up the little alcove below him, then hang onto the ledge below him before hopping up when he has his back turned and icing him.

All hail Ra, the sun god! The scholars will protect you until you manage to get close to Majd Addin. Addin does indeed turn his back to the crowd while he lectures his victims, giving you an opportunity to strike. In order to get close to him, use gentle pushes to make your way through the crowd, then blend in with the scholars in the southern end of the square.

Presumably someone finds this suspicious, but no matter: It might be kind of fun to see how long you can keep the huge number of guards chasing after you, though.

If you pickpocketed Vidic during the last interlude and obtained the passcode from your locker, you can head into your room, then immediately exit it by using the passcode.

Mualim will tell you more about the mysterious treasure that the Assassins stole from the Templars, and task you with killing two more targets in Acre and Damascus. The lighthouse in the harbor will be a tough-to-reach View Point. Kill the Templar on the northeastern end of the docks to get a save point, if needed, then hop very slowly across the posts in the water to reach the lighthouse.

It won't let me flee, and I've never had the option to in battle? Hey everyone, I need some help with OFF, when I save from one of the boxes in-game I can't come back to that save later. I launch the app form winrar but the start menu doesn't give me the option to continue. Am I doing something wrong?

Am I supposed to save a different way? Some help would be really appreciated, I'd like to start playing again. Ok, so I played part of the game and got pretty far - to zone 3, saving as I went. However, when I quit the game and then opened it up later from the zip file all my progress had been lost, and 'new game' was the only option there!

I tried moving the application to my desktop, but then when trying to load the game a french error message came up: I am in the room with the controller.

It's awesome for just killing time. Though for some reason it keeps going to the menu in the game. If this has happened to anyone else, itd be awesome if you could help me out.

I took on the 3rd boss and didn't flee, I'm half an hour into the fight and out of cp items and on my last fortune ticket. The boss seems to be decomposing sightly but isnt wearing down; HELP! I've encountered a glitch; can anyone help? Whenever I try to walk downward the game automatically makes the Batter go upwards until he's stuck infront of a wall.

The up arrow key doesn't work in-game anymore. Also, I've tried making a new save but the glitch is there, too. I would like to point out that the download link is broken and I use this page to tell my friends about OFF. It would be nice if you could fix it.

Pay attention to what the opposing elsen does. You always want the sum of both of your turns to be 4. For example, if he pops one balloon, you pop 3. If he pops 2, you pop 2, and so on.

I don't know what to do and its starting to annoy me. I'm aware this is quite and old thread, but I was hoping for a little help, seeing as I can't find an answer anywhere else.. In the first Purified Zone, how do I enter the hidden room? When I walk up to it, Batter comments that "There's a door. But it seems to be locked from the inside. I'm stuck in the maze and have tried to use the escape posted in the walkthrough but to no avail.

Am i supposed to follow the routes from the point that the previous had left off or??? Whenever I enter the password, right when i enter the first D, the screen fades to black and resumes back in the game. Can somebody help me? That means somebody in your team is poisoned or infected of something. I suggest checking your party. Interact with that and Batter will say "There seems to be a lever here" Or something like that.

If you choose to pull the lever, you will be able to go inside the room. You probably just solved it as i write, but I hope this helped! I dont mean to sound like a broken record, and you probably solved it, But if you go to Batter's options, scroll down and it will say 'Flee' If it doesnt let you flee, keep your add-ons to defending until Batter is able to flee. It takes a while, and I know how you feel. Hey I'm just wondering, does the additionaly party member Alpha stay with you for the whole game?

I want to know if it's worth upgrading its stats with the orbs. I'm in Zone three in area three, and when I try to drop down the tunnel it just goes on some sort of repeated loop, I can move but the game never starts. I was able to do it the first two times but after saving it wouldn't let me. Okay, so, ever since Area 4 of Zone 3, the Batter has been moving at a super slow speed, and it is getting to be quite annoying.

I finished Zone 3 without any problems, but now I've noticed something else. Not only am I walking at a very slow pace, but I returned to Zone 0 after defeating the Zone 3 boss, and I do not see any stairs in the "number room", and therefore can not get to the Sugar boss. If you try downloading another full screen mode http: Just start up off, press f4 to minimize it then start up afm.

If the flickering continues it may be due to an outdated gpu driver. Hope it helps u lol. I'm also having trouble fleeing from Enoch. I've continuously waiting for the Batter's turn and trying to flee, but the option is still inaccessible. Okay, so, I literally just started playing the game, and it seems great. I've been waiting all day to play it, but when I actually launched it, the controls weren't working at all. I pressed pretty much every button I could think of, looked it up, and tried clicking on the screen, but nothing works.

Occasionally, it proceeds on it's own, and I managed to get to the name selection by spamming, but I can't actually play like this. Might there be a solution? Competences I acquired are grayed out and I cannot use them Not all are grayed out, just some, like 'furious homerun' etc.

I don't know why they are grayed out? Is there something else I have to do to activate them? But then some of my other competences work fine?

I'm having a little trouble in the game. In the 1st Purification Zone i am trying to get through the door, and apparently the passcode is Von Gacy. Are you sure you're looking at the right password? According to our walkthrough, Von Gacy is the password for Area 2 in Zone 3, not the first purification zone. I played it back when it was French only I am not very fluent but I could look up what I didn't understand. My first play through, I actually.

I registered only so I could tell you guys; there's no need to answer the questions in The Room. Just keep going with the puzzles. You know how in Zone 3 you join Zacharie in the train? A bug happens when you dont speak to him facing him in front of him once the train stops.

That bug is slow walking for the rest of the game. Leave a comment [ top of page ]. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner s. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games.

You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. Since , we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. Don't just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames.

Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. Use our game submission form. Check us back often! We add new games every day and only the best games! Free online and mobile games. By Dora June 9, Add to Favorites. Comments Views , Download the free full version Mac OS X: OFF Walkthrough now available!

Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers. After speaking with the Judge, open the chest at the upper left corner of the island. The chest on the right side is currently blocked off, but you'll be able to reach it soon. Go up the ladder to the roof of the small building to speak with the Judge again. Speak with the Judge for a clue on how to solve the puzzle in the room.

Note that there are four floating blocks in the room and three solid blocks blocking the exit. There are also the numbers one to four written on the wall in this order: When a floating box is hit in the correct order, it will become faded and begin to shake. Speak with the Judge again to receive another hint for the floating block puzzle in this room. With that in mind, hit the boxes that correspond with the code written on the wall.

If you're still confused: Hit the far left box on the top row, box 1. Hit the middle left box on the top row, box 2. Hit the middle left box on the bottom row, box 6. Hit the far right box on the bottom row, box 8. Hit the middle left box on the top row again, box 2. Hit the middle right box on the top row, box 3.

There are floating blocks in this room, but where is the code? For now, go back out to the Island. Open the now unblocked chest to the right of the doorway you just exited from. Go inside the small room at the center of the island. It's the code you were looking for earlier! Imagine that the rows of blocks are numbered like the buttons on the key pad.

In the top row are blocks 1, 2, 3. In the middle row are blocks 4, 5, 6. The bottom row are blocks 7, 8, 9. Press the blocks in the correct order using the number clue from the small room in the Island. The letter C in the clue refers to the lone center block at the very bottom. Hit the left box in the middle row, 4.

Hit the same box again, 4. Hit the middle box in the bottom row, 8. Hit the middle box in the top row, 2. Hit the left box in the bottom row, 7. Hit the single box at the very bottom, C. Elsen Note there is a save point at the lower right side of the island at the start of the zone. Continue up to the Elsen tram station. Enter the tram through either door and travel to the Damien station.

Go down and right to speak with the miner. Enter the building at the top. Open the chest at the upper left corner of the room. Exit the room, then continue down the stairs into the tunnel. Go back up the stairs and talk to the miner again. Continue through the now-unblocked path to the right and go down the stairs to the Main Mine. Go right and up to find the mine save point. You will be ambushed by a pack of ghosts when you reach the center of the room.

Exit the room to the right to reach the hallway. Continue down and take the first left to find a treasure chest. From there go up, right, up, and right again to find another treasure chest. Go all the way down the ladder and to the end of the hall on the left. Continue left into the unlocked room. Open the chest at the upper left corner of the room, then exit back to the hall. Follow the path to the right to reach another save point.

Enter the barn directly above you. Move up to enter the next room and fight the first spectre. Enter the upper right room to find the fourth spectre. Go back down, then continue to the upper left room and down the stairs to the basement. Push the stones away to clear a path to the last spectre. Refer to the screenshot below for the following solution. Push stone A down. Push stone B right. Push stone C up. Destroy the last spectre and use the grey square tile to teleport back to the barn's entrance.

Exit the building and speak with the man outside. Return to the mines and go all the way back to the save point. When you reach the save point, you'll find the north path has been unblocked. Continue upwards to the new area. At the end of each hall here is a treasure chest.

When you approach a chest, you will be attacked by a group of spectres. After you have looted each chest, return to the ladder at the etrance from Pentel. Continue through the newly unblocked passage to the right to reach the next area of the mines. Go up at the first intersection to find a treasure chest. Move back down and continue right, then turn up and right again to find another treasure chest. Go back to the left, then move all the way up to find a third treasure chest.

Move down, left, and down again to enter the switch room. Turn the switch OFF in the middle of the back right wall. This will unblock the path to the exit. Go up and all the way right to find exit, then move up to find a room with a yellow save cube. Talk to the man standing in the middle of the room, Zachary, to view the item shop. At the item shop you can buy and sell items and equipment for your team. Exit through the door at the top of the room to reach the entrance to Shachihata.

Basement After speaking with the man in the basement, use the elevator to travel to the Roof. Speak with the Judge and ask him for a clue to find the postal service room. In only one of the four rooms do the men all say the same numbers. In the lower left room they all say "Form , stamp Enter in the second number to travel to the Postal Service.

Go into the right room section to speak with the man and engage him in combat. Read the note on the paper to the left of the stairs.

They are six feet under, wrapped in hot metal and liquid plastic. Read the note on the upper left table. Read the note on top of the right table in the middle row.

A sole big insect, whose mandibles spit meat. Read the note on top of the right table in the top row. Read the note on the table at the bottom of the room. Five, like the fingers on a hand. Their lungs produce primordial smoke.

Read the sixth note on the table to the left of the elevator. There are but two, in a secret zone. Tell him you must pass, and he will ask you for the code. To discover the clue, find the six numbers from the all the notes in the postal service.

The first number is in the first version, second number in the second version, etc. Give him the complete code to start the battle. You can heal your team and save the game at the yellow save box in the first room. Continue down into the office. Speak with the Dedan to gain access to the tram in Alma. Follow the path right and up to the tram to ride to Alma. Quiz Room Follow the path up and go through the door to enter the room. Examine the three pages of the calendar on the back wall for a closer look.

The first page is March 18th, the second is June 3rd, and the third is February 11th. The second came from Jerusalem and Look at the March 18 page to find the answer. You'll see three names at the bottom and their three cities of origin. The third from Orta. Study the June 3rd page to find this answer. Under the large red number 3 are the words for Holy Trinity in French: The word "roses" is outlined very clearly at the top of the page.

Study the February 11 page to find the answer. Study all three pages to find the answer. Under the word "Dimanche" on each poster is a name highlighted in bold. On March 18th it's S. Cyrille, on June 3rd it's S. Kevin, and on February 11 it's S. Study the March 18 page to find the answer.

Move up to speak to the worker and engage him in combat. Continue up to find a yellow save cube and Zachary's item shop. Go up and left to the west waterfall. Defeat to the man standing to the right of the waterfall. Board the pedalo and ride it up to the top of the large waterfall.

Note the list of numbers as you pass them. Continue right to reach the floating blocks area. Fight the man standing on the next pedalo point, but do not board the pedalo. Instead, go right again to the east end of the platform. Ride the pedalo down to the bottom of the east waterfall.

Note the series of black and white numbers continue as you head down. Hop back on the pedalo to ride it left, down, and then right to find the last four numbers. Disembark and continue right on foot to the floating blocks. Call the pedalo to ride around the floating blocks and solve the puzzle.

Use the numbers you've seen around the red rivers to find the correct order of the boxes. The black number indicates the corresponding floating box. Like the last floating blocks puzzle, imagine the blocks are positioned as if on a number key pad, with C at the very bottom, like so: Go right to the Judge's room to speak with him. Move back up to the main hub of the room.

Climb all the way up the stairs to find and battle Dedan. After Dedan's defeat, you will be returned to The Nothingness. From The Nothingness, move up and right then enter Zone 2. Outer Area At the starting area of zone 2 is a red cube where you can save your game.

From there, move up twice to the south side of the Library, then move left to the west side. Go down the bottom path of the west side to reach the shore.

Talk to the man standing alone on the right. First Floor Go all the way down and through the door at the bottom to reach the reception area. Talk to the man standing behind the desk to gain access to the upper levels of the library. Climb up either stairway to reach the second floor.

Read the book in the left bookcase at the upper right corner of the room. Remember these symbols if you're ever confused while traveling around the Outer Area.

Go up the stairs to the Third Floor. Go to the upper right room. Inspect Page 33 the page you purchased at the Outer Area in your objects list. Insert Page 33 - 8 of Hearts from your inventory into the book.

Loot the chest at the lower right corner of the same room. Move to the upper left room. Take Page 33 - Queen of Spades in the middle of the wall to the left of the blocked doorway.

Go to the lower right room. Insert Page 33 - Queen of Spades into the book. Take Page 33 - 3 of Clubs from the wall at the upper left corner of the room. Go to the upper left room. Insert Page 33 - 3 of Clubs into the book.

Take Page 33 - 5 of Diamonds from the space in the wall between the two middle bookcases Go to the lower left room. Loot the chest in the middle of the top section of the room. Insert the 5 of Diamonds into the book. Go back down to the First Floor. Speak with the man at the desk to let him know that all the pages are in order. In return, he will give you access to the fourth floor. Return to the Third Floor, then continue up through the door to reach the Fourth Floor. At the middle of the stairs you can use the yellow cube to heal your party and save the game.

Continue up the stairs to reach the first room. Speak with Japhet to engage him in combat. Exit the Library to go back to the Outer Area. Speak with the judge to the right of the exit. First Floor Speak with Zachary to view the item shop. There is a yellow save cube here if you wish to heal your party or save your progress.

Continue through the door on the right and head down the stairs to the Second Floor. Shopping Mall Map - Area 1 Go down, left, up, and left again to find a treasure chest. Continue down the left stairs to the Third Floor. Shopping Mall Map - Area 2 After you walk through the entrance door, head down, right, up twice, left twice, up, and right twice to find a room with a treasure chest containing the Monday special item inside.

From the chest room, go left twice, down, and right four times. You should arrive at a doorway leading to a room with a lost man inside. From there, go right, down, left twice, and down again to find a treasure chest. Now go down, right five times, up, and left to reach the exit. Use the pedalo recovery point to the right of the door to call a pedalo. Go out the door to the item shop, then exit to the Outer Area.

Ride the pedalo left to the open sea and continue heading left until you find a small island. Land on the island and go down the stairs to discover a treasure chest. Continue forward and up to the end of the hall to reach the Park. Main Room Pop the balloon in front of you to receive an item. Continue up to the park entrance. Go north to the Balloon Game Room. When you enter the room, the man at the booth will challenge you to a game.

The rules of the game are simple: Each player takes turns popping 1, 2, or 3 balloons. Whoever is left the last balloon loses. After you beat the man at the balloon game, he will attack you. Defeat him in combat to receive a Necktie. You will be automatically returned to the Main Room; continue right to the Plastic Pools. Use the pedalo recover point at the right wall to call a pedalo in the plastic river. Board the pedalo and try moving over the dark square in the middle of the water.

Note how the track point carries your pedalo along a controlled path in the water. Move right to the main area of the plastic pools. Hug the wall as you move right and then up to the first island at point A. Land on the island and pop the balloon to find treasure, then board the pedalo. From here, move left and down to find the next island at point B.

You will be carried just a little past the balloon at point C on the tracks. At this point it gets a little tricky; keep an eye out for the track points in the water. Position yourself at point D and move up to ride the track to the wall at the back. Move through the clear path in the water until you reach point E. If you cross over the right track point, it will carry you only a few steps to the left.

Pop the balloon to find the treasure, then move all the way up to touch the back wall. Hug the wall left and down to the next crossroads, stopping at point G. Move one space left and one space down to navigate safely around the track points in the water. Go through the clear path in the water to the island at the upper left corner at point H. Go through the clear path in the water to reach the last island at point I. Go right to reach the west side of the library.

Move up to the south side, then go up again to the east side. Go down to find the residential area entrance. Follow the path right to find a yellow cube where you can heal your party and save the game. Wear the Necktie in your inventory from the Balloon Game Room. The blockade in front of the north path will disappear. Continue up to the Residential Area.

When you enter the zone, Japhet will spawn several ghosts around the town. A four minute timer will count down while you explore the town. Refer to the screenshot below for their locations: Enter Room 1 and ask the man hiding in the corner for the code to the southwest bunker, Go to Vault 1 at the southwest corner of the town, just ahead of the entrance.

Enter in the code to open the door and go into the vault. Attack the man who runs to the corner, then loot the treasure chest in the upper right corner. Go to the fenced area by Ghost 3 at the southeast section of the town. Talk to the panicking man to learn another vault code: Go to Vault 2 at the northwest area of town and enter in the second code. Enter the vault and loot the treasure chest at the lower right corner of the room.

Defeat any remaining ghosts, and you will be returned to the entrance outside. Return to the Fourth Floor in the Library. Fourth Floor Now that the Residential Area has been cleared, the path to the stairs at the back go the room is unblocked.

Go up the stairs to the Fifth Floor. Read the book in the bookcase at the upper right corner of the room. Remember the shattered crystal in the Haven linking chamber and the explosion on Tomahna? What's the betting that you could use a charged crystal to blow the chamber wall away. Slide the collecting pot to the left. This will allow the crystal to fall to the floor and since it will no longer be contained, it will explode. Head back to the chair, lower the console and shove the three sliders up to the top.

A crystal is released. It races along a tube and there is a satisfying explosion. Very green I noted - recollection of an explosion on Tomahna? Head back to the elevator and the mechanism is now free. Look down and you will see a medallion hanging on the mechanism. Click on the central lever and note the combination of colours. This was my set, but it is different for every game:.

Take time to read Sirrus's journal, there are some important clues you will need later on. All done here so take the elevator up, climb the stairs and return to Tomahna.

Note that since there was no sign of Sirrus, we must assume that he has escaped from Spire. With our explorations of Haven and Spire complete, it is time to find out who was in Yeesha's bedroom. Pull the lever on the right to open the door. Go to the elevator, press the button to call the lift and return to the Master Bedroom. Outside and down the steps to the lower platform. Behind the elevator on the balustrade is a lever that swings a bridge across.

Cross over and examine the book on the verandah table. Take a picture, it may be useful:. Back outside and pull the lever to swing the bridge down to Yeesha's bedroom.

Somebody has been looking for something. Read her journal under her pillow. She writes about the new code for her bookcase - you need to find everybody's birthday. The book outside the kitchen translated the D'ni alphabet and the letter on the bedside table gave you spelling for Atrus and Catherine. All you need now is Sirrus, Achenar and Yeesha. One simple method is to go to the lower greenhouse level and look at the carving on the wall.

The other is to do it yourself. Whichever method you use, the result is the same. Number the books 1 to 16 from the top left to bottom right and press: The bookcase slides away and you can climb down to the lower level. There on the water's edge is the Linking Book. Open the book, click on the image and off you jolly well go.

After you arrive, turn about and zoom in on the pedestal. The Linking Book is on the floor and the necklace explains why. If you decide to use the linking book you will arrive at a familiar location in Tomahna if you have played Exile. Explore a bit, you should find some background information and a way to unlock the door in Catherine's workroom.

Turn about and walk forwards over the bridge. Play with the bubbles to pass the time and head down the path. Just before the wooden bridge there is a path off to the left leading to a waterwheel. If you move the lever either way, the water flow is cut off. Leave the water wheel and cross over the wooden bridge to the four-way junction.

You see Achenar running away. Leave him for now, you will never catch him. Note that during your exploration of Serenia you will see the wind, water and fire spirits that Yeesha wrote about in her diary.

Make note of the places you see them - they do move around. From the four-way junction head off down the left hand path. You will come to a platform on the left with a little trolley and some levers.

You can use it to shut off the water flow to the streams. Play if you like but you don't need to worry just yet. Go round the corner and take the bridge off to the right. The path leads to two streams which cross. The right hand path takes you back to the four-way junction.

Go straight on over the stream and take the path to the right. On the right is another waterwheel. The amulet shows you Sirrus sabotaging the left hand mechanism. Follow the path round past the pool and go left. At the end of this path is a closed drawbridge. Bet there is a lever on the other side that opens it.

Turn about and walk back taking the path on the left which brings you back to the four-way junction. Turn right and follow the path down to the cross streams. Go right over the bridge. Go straight on or take the left fork, either one brings you to the same place. A bit further on down the path is a junction on the left that goes over the stream and back to the trolley watergate. Continue down the path and down the stairs to the archway where you will be met by Anya, one of the Protectors.

She suggests that you follow the path to the memory chamber. Go straight ahead, over the junction and through the arch. Down the stairs and turn left. Go down the steep steps and you will see something rise from the depths.

Sirrus for it is he lifts something out, sees you, opens the hatch and destroys the submarine thing. Follow the path round to the back of the pool and you will see more of the destruction he has wrought. Turn about and duck into the memory chamber on your left. Place your hand on each of the 4 statues and you will see that Yeesha is held captive somewhere in Serenia, Achenar is stealing something and Sirrus looking very smug.

Leave the memory chamber and go back to the steep steps. You will be met by another of the Protectors who tells you that the thing is a harvester used to collect memory globes. Follow her round to the back of the harvester and she tells you that she may be able to salvage the machine using parts from another harvester.

Back to the top of the steep stairs and turn left. Follow the path, go over the bridge and down to a circular platform where you can see the old Memory Chamber and a glimpse of what seems to be another harvester behind it. Climb the steps round to the right and you will see Achenar climb out of a gully with the life stone you saw him stealing when you were in the Memory Chamber. He tells you that Sirrus is holding Yeesha captive and suggests that you find his journal - it is in a pillar near where the two streams cross.

Lets go and find it. Return to the cross streams, the zip option is ideal for this. Turn so that the upper stream is behind you and the lower stream on your left. Go forwards once and zoom in on the rock on your left. Open the box and inside is Achenar's journal. Makes an interesting read. Note the tunnel below the old Memory Chamber.

Go back to the 4-way junction. Take the path that leads over two wooden bridges. Keep going all the way down to the drawbridge which is now open. Go through the rock and down the steps to the old Memory Chamber. The door is locked surprise, surprise but round the back is a pool fed by two streams. Between the two bridges are two levers. Push the left one and the old harvester rises from the depths. Climb on board and close the hatch. Face the porthole and pull down the bar just above.

As you submerge, note the underwater door and memory globes at the bottom. Pull the bar to rise back up and exit the harvester. Face the harvester and if you look to the right of the gangway you can see some sort of steps leading down to a closed door.

If you can get rid of the water maybe you can find out what's down there Leave the old Memory Chamber and climb the steps. Turn right at the top and follow the path down into the gully that Achenar climbed out of. From the gully you can get into the root chamber. There is a reflector that swivels about and behind it three pedestals. One is empty - guess what used to be there? Climb up the ladder and pull the red lever. Up and out into the sunshine. Up the steps to where you met Achenar and turn right onto the wooden path.

At the end is a wooden wheel around which is wrapped another dragon. Since you now know how to wake him, do so now. Turn the wheel and water will fill the pool on your right and, more importantly, stop on the left. Since this was one of the streams that fed the harvester pool, half your problems are over.

Go down to the stairs and head for the promontory facing the island where a Protector will speak to you. She suggests that you go to the Hall of Spirits which you can but I want to investigate the old Memory Chamber first. Head back over the wooden bridge and go to the very first water wheel you saw after you arrived in Serenia. Push the lever all the way to the right and the water flow to the left will stop.

As you walk back along the path you will see that the stream is dry. Go to the four-way junction and take the left path to the trolley watergate. Climb up and move the T-bar to the right to engage the drive mechanism. Go round to the front of the trolley and push the lever over to the right.

Disengage the trolley from the drive, climb down and go to the corner of the path. Turn left and pull down on the toggle. The mechanism will operate and shut off the flow of water to the stream on the left. Walk back to the cross streams and note that the lower stream is now dry.

Head back to the old Memory Chamber. Round the corner to the harvester and you will see that the water in the pool is calm. The problem now is how to get rid of the remaining water. Begin with Archimedes principle.

Pull the right lever to close the hatch and the left lever to lower the Harvester. Raise the harvester and you will see the door in the wall open. Climb down the steps to the right of the gangway. In the tunnel note the door at the end and the connecting gears. Below the window in the wall is a wheel. A hatchway opens and more water drains away. Still not enough to open the lower door. Climb back up and lower the harvester again, this will cause water to overflow through the hatchway.

Now open the hatch of the harvester, wait for it to fill with water, close the hatch and raise the harvester. This last action should lower the water level enough to open the door in the tunnel.

On the other side of the door is a sealed airlock. Press the button and you will be confronted with 18 coloured disks. In his journal, Achenar wrote about the door and one of Sirrus's 'infamous marble color codes'. On Spire you should have noted the combination of colours on the amulet but this is not enough to solve the puzzle. Leave the old Memory Chamber and go to the archway where you first met Anya. Facing the lake, go forwards to the junction and climb the stairs on the left. This is the Hall of Spirits.

On the floor is a cloth. The Protectors are still in Dream but wait a while and Zaneeka will awake. She advises that you need to discover your spirit guide. When the blob spreads out on the cloth touch it and will see one of three clues as to your spirit guide: The appropriate Protector will offer you the cloth and then they are gone. To see the cloth, use your viewer. Time to find your spirit guide. Depending on whether you have pollen for wind, bubbles for water or fire for fire, you need to first find your spirit.

Whatever you do, do not get to close, you will scare them away. Once you know where they are, you need to find the appropriate offering. The bubbles and pollen are relatively easy to catch. Fire is a bit more difficult. Find the bell flowers and hold your hand beneath the bloom just as it drips the flammable nectar. You now have about 15 seconds to get to your spirit before offering dissipates. You also need to be very gentle as fast moves will blow them away. You may also find that some spirits are easier to get to than others.

You can move the spirits to more favorable locations by getting close by without an offering. This is how I did wind. It was round the back just beyond the trolley Watergate The spirit shifted round to the junction leading to the drawbridge, I could see the spirit from the path with the double bridge so I doubled back to the path leading to the protectors.

With some pollen on my finger tips I went back up the path, turned left path the sabotaged water gate and down to the wind spirit.

Left click on the spirit and away we go. This is how I did water. The spirit was in the pool next to the first waterwheel. I could see the spirit from the path so I walked towards the arrival cave and collected a bubble. With a bubble on my fingertips I went back down the path to the water spirit. Return to the memory chamber and climb the stairs on the left of the central core. You will be met by Zaneeka who asks you to lay down.

Listen to her and before you know it you will be on your way. Say Hi to your spirit guide. Play with the sparks and then off again to see the ancestors. Yeesha is the bright white light. All you need to do is get all of the ancestors to go white as well. Save your game, as you may be here a while. The trick is to keep moving in squares. From Yeesha, go right, down, left and back to Yeesha.

Keep doing this until the light nearest Yeesha is white as well. Go right and right again, then down, left and up and repeat until there is another white light next to the others. It is not that difficult, just time consuming. And the lights keep shifting round as well. You will end up going over the same lights more than once as you chase down the colours, just be patient and it will get sorted eventually. If you make too many mistakes, the ancestors will get annoyed and change back to their original colours.

If it all becomes just too frustrating, here is a saved game. It will apear in your saved game list as: When you have got everything white your spirit guide will return you to the memory chamber. Get up and leave the memory chamber and you will be met once more by Anya who shuts you out of the Memory Chamber. Use the zip mode to return to the old Memory Chamber.

Go to the door and a very surprised Sirrus emerges. Listen to his request. Do you trust him? Round the corner and down the steps to the airlock. Click on the button below the hatch. If you haven't already got the 6 colours from the amulet on Spire you need to go there now. Note that the colours are different for every game so don't try to use mine unless you have downloaded my cloud solution! You first task is to replicate the 6 colours from the amulet in the 6 inner locations on the door.

If you click on a coloured disk you will see the options as to where you can move it. Shuffle the colours around until you have the 6 colours from the amulet in the inner 6 locations. Now add two coloured disks to each of the inner disks so that you replicate one of the triplets in the image above.

This will give you 6 sets of three discs each with either red, green and blue or yellow, purple and cyan. For example, I had a green disc at the top of the amulet so I needed a blue and red disc to make up the triplet. If you have downloaded my saved game with the clouds complete, this is the solution to the door puzzle:. When you think you have is set correctly, press the button below the door again and it will open.

Walk forwards and climb the ladder into the old Memory Chamber. Note the heart flower sealed away and a life support capsule with a very still Sirrus inside. Up the stairs to the upper chamber and there is Yeesha just as you saw her in the Memory Chamber. She begs that you let here go so go round to the back of the control console. But before you can pull the lever, Achenar appears and offers a different version of events.

When you have got it right, wait for the sequence to play itself out and sit down in the chair. Look up and the eyes have it. This time you discover that an interloper is preventing Yeesha from returning to the real world. When you get to the next puzzle you are presented with 5 images each with one or more icons floating above them.

If you hover over each of the icons you will hear part of a conversation between Yeesha and Sirrus. Your task is to rebuild the conversation and place the sentences on the relevant image. You will discover that you can pick up all the icons from a figure and drop them off one by one on adjoining images with the top icon going to the bottom of the new image.

I could, but it's really hard to carve figurines that small. Ha, right, and I suppose you'll tell them to make it out of the same rock as this chamber. My sequence of moves is as follows the first location is where you pick up the icons, the succeeding locations are where you drop them off:. When all is set, the conversation will replay and you return to the interloper.

Although it's hold over Yeesha is weakened you need to do more. The next puzzle is similar to the last only this time there are only four images and Sirrus is the only speaker. Then, I'll put my new memories back on my body and no one will be able to stop me.

If you have found this walkthrough useful, discovered an error or have a suggestion then let me know: The links within the walkthrough will take you a screenshot of that part of the game.

If you get really frustrated, zoom out twice and the game will continue. Take a picture of the crystal settings for Rime and note that you will have to tune the geodes using the antenna before you can use the viewer: Columns 3 and 4 now have a green light and the cover closes Leave the workroom and return to the power station.

Note the crystal settings for Spire and Haven: You are almost ready to leave but before you do, take time to look around the rest of Tomahna if you wish: Read Catherine's journal in the desk drawer of her workroom. Press the buttons in this order: Zoom in and take a picture, you will find it very useful later: Hanging above the entrance is a diagram of the food chain: There are loads of solutions but here is mine: Sea Monster, Camoudile, Mangree, Karnak, Zeftyr Since the fourth control is broken, you will have to use either the third or fifth shaft to work out how high it should be.:

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