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A crooked businessman and his female partner use her beauty salon as a recruitment center for girls to work as prostitutes at his roadhouse. The younger sister of one of the beauticians falls under the unwanted gaze of the lecherous businessman. Meanwhile, the girl's newspaper reporter boyfriend investigating the prostitution ring is set up for a fall with the police, by the crooked businessman who hopes to make the girl his own. Two childhood friends grow up and go their separate ways--one a criminal and the other a parish priest.

Rocky Sullivan returns to his old neighborhood to find his lawless life style idolized by the young hoodlums there. Jerry Connelly, the parish priest sees his hard work turn unavailing because of Rocky's corruptive influence. The City, the Cinema, and American Youth. Angels with Dirty Faces Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press, Main Gardner Stacks PN C35 C38 Naremore, James.

A new deal in entertainment: Warner Brothers in the s London: British Film Institute, R63 Shannon, Christopher. The big Christmas dance is coming, and Andy has made dates with both his steady girlfriend Polly and the voluptuous Cynthia. Andy's younger next door neighbor Betsy also begins to fall in love with him. Simulated Utopia and the Hardy Family Series. Orders to University Presses of Florida, c The Rise of the Heterosexual Male Teenager.

The evils of loose living and "unbridled lust" in promoting syphilis are detailed in this campy, overacted story of a small-town beauty queen with hopes of making it big in the city who contracts a venereal disease. The danger of consulting quacks for quick cures and the importance of getting competent medical help are melodramatically underscored.

Moral and Medical Discourse in the Exploitation Cinema. The Exploitation Film and Self-Censorship. Teaching 'Bad' Movies to Good Students. Manchester, UK ; New York: Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave, D44 Quarles, Mike. Hollywood's exploitation filmmakers and their movies Jefferson, NC: A school teacher crusades against pre-teenage girls forced into marriages with older men in the Appalachian mountains. The school teacher, desperate to get a law passed to outlaw this procedure, enlists the help of her boyfriend, who is an assistant district attorney.

A divorced mother and her teenaged daughter lead equally wild lifestyles. The mother hires gigolos to escort her around town and the daughter hosts drinking and stripping parties while mother is away. Complications come up for mother and daughter when they both find themselves seeing the same man and the daughter ends up falling into a prostitution ring while trying to visit her friend. Betty Compson and Wheeler Oakman run an escort bureau. Betty's daughter has been educated elsewhere and does not know about her mother's business.

She is about to marry a socialite, Bob Kellard, who is investigating the escort bureau racket. Danny Churchill is a rich kid with a taste for wine, women and song, but not for higher education. His father ships him to an all-male college out West, where he meets the dean's granddaughter who is trying to help her grandfather keep his college from folding. All-new introduction by Mickey Rooney; commentary by historian John Fricke; vintage short "Hollywood daredevils"; classic cartoon "The early bird dood it"; "I got rhythm" stereo remix version; theatrical trailer ; Audio bonus: Delinquent Daughters Director, Albert Herman.

Gangs of rebellious teenagers have been using Nick Gordon's Merry-Go-Round Cafe as a staging ground for late night mischief. In the wake of a suicide, an armed robbery and a hit-and-run accident, the crooked restaurant owner decides that it's the perfect time to pull a payroll heist using one of the kids as a gunman. He has two plans: However, as Andy soon rediscovers, the course of true love never runs smoothly. A playboy is sentenced to date a judge's teenage daughter as punishment for disturbing the peace.

The judge hopes it will eradicate the girl's crush for the older man, but the judge's daughter and the playboy fall for each other. A "good" girl works day and night as a dancer in Los Angeles to finance her brother's college education. Then a dope peddler enters the picture and casts a cloud of smoke and money around her. When her brother comes home from college and finds out what his sister has been up to to finance his education, he commits suicide.

Beset by guilt, she slips farther down into the pit of marijuana addiction and despair. It is Richards' contention that he can create a singing star exclusively through exposure on disc-spinning radio programs, without resorting to that upstart medium called television.

Along the way, Mike falls in love with Vickie, though she has eyes only for her manager Johnny. When not engaged in marijuana make-out parties, these joypopping Jezebels commit robberies to feed their heroin habit, until a botched holdup leaves rich kid Wanda with a slug in her side. Theatrical trailers ; "The terrible truth" 10 min. Communicates the message that marijuana usage ultimately results in heroin addiction. Three Classic Girl Gang Movies.

Film about life in an inner city high school in the 50's that was the first to utilize a rock 'n' roll soundtrack. A dedicated young teacher soon loses his idealism when he has to deal with the tensions that threaten to destroy his classroom.

The story of a 's teenager's efforts to grow up as he confronts his ineffectual parents and copes with the anguish of being a "new boy" at school. DVD special features Disc one: Commentary by Douglas L. DVD 73 special features: Archie has only one real joy in life: In a few hours he will really have her, because the one-year marriage agreement that has kept them under the same leaky roof--but never in the same bed--is about to run out.

DVD X; vhs Main Gardner Stacks PS Dino fears his adoring kid brother is his only ally. The older boy has just been released from reform school. He's sullen and uncooperative with his family and his guidance counselors. And Dino knows that if he returns to his life of crime, his brother will be with him. Originally broadcast on the television series Studio One on January 2, A frustrated big-band promoter runs into rock-and-rollers Bill Haley and The Comets at a small-town dance.

He quickly becomes their manager and, with the help of Alan Freed, hopes to bring the new sound to the entire country. But will a conniving booking agent, with a personal ax to grind with the manager, conspire to keep the band from making the big time? Denisoff, Serge Denisoff and William D. The record, the film, and the last historic dance revolt.

Good-girl-gone bad Paula, rebelling against her rich parents, leads three high school hellcats in robbing a gas station, throwing a pajama party with older men, and molesting a couple at lovers lane. But when the gang is hired to wreck a classroom for the Commies, "cop killer" is added to Paula's resume.

A young girl heads to Hollywood to visit her older sister with the hopes she can break into the movies. After her arrival her sister tries to explain the difficulties in making a career in show business, but the younger sister insists on trying.

Eventually the young girl becomes involved in a prostitution ring run by mobsters, which is what her older sister has be doing but attempted to keep her sister from finding out. Juvenile delinquency drama in which a respectable neighborhood kid gets caught with a gang while trying to sustain a relationship with his girlfriend whose parents consider her too young to date him.

Theatrical trailers ; JD educational film "Searchlights on delinquency 1. Censorship and Youth Culture in Recent U. A rebellious teenager is treated by a psychiatrist for his aggression, but the treatment is worse than the "disease. Suspenseful drama about life in a prestigious Southern military academy lorded over by a sadistic upperclassman who engineers events leading to the expulsion of the son of the school's headmaster and officer-in-charge.

Feature film debut of actor Ben Gazzara. Based on the novel and play: End as a man by Calder Willingham. Tammy and the Bachelor Directed by Joseph Pevney. A homespun Mississippi gal teaches a sophisticated bachelor about love after she and her rascally grandfather help him after a plane crash.

Based on a novel by Cid Ricketts Sumner. Beyond a White, Teen Icon. Sal Mineo, James Whitmore, J. Carrol Naish, Leigh Whipper. A teenager Sal Mineo fights to retain his dignity and self-respect against the brutality, sadism and cynicism of the "big guys" around him in the brutal world of a Georgia orphanage. On leaving the orphanage where he was raised, he is unwittingly used by an escaped convict to aid in his getaway. Through his experience with the convict - a man unjustly sentenced - he finds within himself the strength to stand up to those who abuse their power and hopefully restore his confidence.

The Beatniks Director, Paul Frees. This film originally titled, "Sideburns and sympathy" is commonly acknowledged as the first beatnik movie. The plot concerns a gang who make trouble and take women wherever they go. The leader of the pack, cool Eddie Grant, is discovered by a talent agent and signed to a recording contract.

He tries to dump his "beatnik past" and clean up his act but his gang buddies have different plans, including murder. Jack Nicholson in his first film debut plays Jimmy Wallace, a loner rebel type teenager who is defeated in a brawl with thugs resulting in his girl leaving him.

Jack's character Jimmy, like so many of his later anti-hero type characters, develops the big chip on the shoulder and the feeling for macho acts. Then Corman's direction pulls out all the stops when Jimmy is caught in a brawl and grabs for a gun, panics and shoots, leading him to take cover in a storeroom with a mom and her baby as hostages setting up a long standoff with the cops! Gidget Directed by Paul Wendkos.

Gidget goes to the beach over her summer vacation and finds herself adopted as the mascot of a group of college boys who surf at Malibu. Romance and fun follow the group in all their beach shenanigans. Harrington Park Press, c Y6 D45 Kitson, Michael. The Genre of the Surfing Flick. Gidget and the Construction of Adolescent Femininity. Surfing the Illusory Wave of Change. Ideology on the Beach.

The persistence of whiteness: P47 Whitney, Allison. Sugar, spice, and everything nice: Wayne State University Press, c The scene unfolds in Santo Bello High School where a tough-talking, smart aleck is leader of the hot rod set and much admired by his well-meaning but naive girlfriend. But when the local crime syndicate muscles its way onto the scene, these two hot young lovers find themselves on a star-crossed path that only a caring school teacher can change. Film is noted for its "incredible" 50's slang.

Two sisters live in a dysfunctional family in a California town. The elder, "nice" Kim, was sexually abused and hates men.

Rebellious teen Jill is fed-up generally and runs away, finding her niche as a B-girl and sex-kitten working her way to Vegas. Kim leaves her job and goes in search of Jill, meeting her own misadventures en route; but by this time Jill's wanted for robbery. Will she live fast and die young?

Three teenagers find a briefcase with a beat-up old can in it. They throw away the can and pawn the suitcase. When they read in the papers that the can was full of uncut heroin and belonged to a drug dealer who killed two narcotics agents in a shootout, they go back to look for the can, find it, and decide to go into the heroin selling business.

However, the drug dealer's gang also wants the heroin, finds out the boys have it, and sets out to hunt them down and get back their dope.

Features an " incredible cold turkey withdrawal scene and a hip jazz soundtrack. A rare fusion of the Old West, gothic horror and science fiction.

Rays from a mysterious meteor kill one man and infect his teenage son with a mutating werewolf-like malady. The Meteor Monster goes on a murderous killing binge and terrorizes the countryside as the sheriff and townspeople watch in horror. One of the last films of legendary special effects make-up artist, Jack Pierce, who created the original Boris Karloff make-up in Frankenstein and The Mummy. Monster on the Campus Directed by Jack Arnold. A paleontology professor acquires a newly discovered specimen of a prehistoric fish.

While examining the find he is accidentally exposed to it's blood, turning him into a murderous Neanderthal. Johnny, Molly and their parents discover that love will find a way. Based on the novel by Sloan Wilson. Teenage Zombies Directed by Jerry Warren. A deranged female scientist working for an enemy government kidnaps teens and injects them with a formula as part of an experiment to turn the entire U.

Dunn, Bryan Grant [i. Pearson], Tom Lockyear [i. Black, Anglo and Hispanic high-school gangs duke it out in this story about two undercover cops who infiltrate the gangs to stop narcotics trafficking. The undercover cop Frank is of mixed black American and Mexican parentage, which means no gang is going to easily accept him while his partner Don is an Anglo cop.

When Lola's boyfriend is killed in a gang fight she starts to fall for Frank. DVD includs Black rebels: Five years after "This Rebel Breed" was released, producer William Rowland added some incongruous inserts filled with nudity and re-released the film under the titles Black Rebels, Lola's Mistake, and Three Shades of Love.

This Rebel Breed ; 94 min. On the sunny beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, four college girls search for a wild and hopefully romantic spring break. Based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout. Johnny, a wild teenager with plenty of dangerous attitude, plays a deadly game of "chicken" with a police officer. The policeman is killed, but the cops are unable to make any charges stick to the rebellious punk.

Tough-as-nails gang leader, Johnny, is unfazed by the incident, and manages to keep a protective eye on his friend Dave. Meanwhile, beach parties, drag races and booze all mix for a formula that spells big trouble for Johnny and his band of troublemakers. When Johnny gets ideas about Dave's girlfriend, it results in a furious race down a winding highway on a collision course with tragedy.

On vacation in Hawaii, Gidget conquers the boys on Waikiki with her looks and surfing prowess. In this story of the passion of a middle-aged man for a young teenager, a European emigre plans to marry Charlotte Haze so he'll always be close to his dear one--Charlotte's precocious daughter.

Based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. DVD 52; vhs Haley Mills plays two young girls who meet at a summer camp and discover that they are long-lost twin sisters. Reunited at last, the two concoct an outrageous scheme to switch places in a effort to rekindle the romance between their separated parents. Special features Disc 2: A Myth of the Reunited Self. Tammy, a worldly-wise small-town gal, is in college when she helps a broken-hearted artist paint a happy future, teaches a haughty heiress that the Golden Rule is more precious than gold, and finds true love with a shy, handsome young professor.

This is the British version of Rebel Without a Cause, set in the beatnik world where jaded restless kids rule the night in smokey coffee bars, at suicidal chickie runs and at wild impromptu parties. Jacktown Directed by William Martin. Tough guy Frankie Stossel has his life of crime interrupted when he's caught making out with an underage car hop and sentenced to Jacktown, "the world's largest prison in Jackson, Michigan. Beach Party Directed by William Asher. A college professor nearly blows his credentials when one of his gorgeous students decides the subject she wants to study is romance.

Y6 D45 Griffin, Annie. B49 Kitson, Michael. When rock star Conrad Birdie gets drafted, his manager organizes a nationwide contest in which one lucky girl wins a farewell kiss on The Ed Sullivan show. Realistic docu-dramatization of ghetto and gang life in 's Harlem with a focus on the fictional teenage gang leader, Duke. Gidget goes to Rome with boyfriend Moondoggie and their best friends. Gidget falls for an Italian dreamboat who turns out to be her father's wartime buddy who is keeping an eye on Gidget for her father.

Y6 D45 Nash, Ilana. Tammy travels to Los Angeles to become a nurse and turns the handsome young intern inside out with her unique bedside manner. Eric Von Zipper shows up to aid Harvey's anti-teen campaign. B49 Morris, Gary. In the fourth of the highly successful Frankie and Annette beach party movies, a motorcycle gang led by Eric Von Zipper kidnaps singing star Sugar Kane managed by Bullets, who hires sky-diving surfers Steve and Bonnie from Big Drop for a publicity stunt.

With the usual gang of kids and a mermaid named Lorelei. Frankie is away on naval-reserve duty in Tahiti and doesn't trust Dee Dee to stay faithful, so he hires Bwana, a witch doctor, to help.

Bwana conjures up a floating bikini and "stuffs" it with Cassandra, and sends her to distract advertising executive Ricky from Dee Dee. Daisy Clover is a 15 year old Tomboy who dreams of being a Hollywood star. Daisy must then come to terms with her new found fame and the 's Hollywood star treatment. She is considered a has-been by the time she turned seventeen. Daisy's meteoric rise to stardom and even faster fade-out is chronicled in an incisive behind-the-scene tour of vintage Hollywood.

Based on the novel by Gavin Lambert. Ski Party Directed by Alan Rafkin. Two would-be snow studs go undercover as a couple of snow bunnies to find out what girls want from men. Will these cross-dressing cross-country skiers get what they want - or just discover that some like it cold? Teen-age Strangler Directed by Ben Parker.

The Fastbacks, high school hotrodders, try to figure out the identiy of the a psycho who leaves a stocking wrapped around his victims' necks. Brooklyn bad girl Terry becomes the top mama of "The Rebels" by manipulating the guys and eliminating the dolls. Mini-skirt Love Directed by Lou Campa. After his mother kills his father and is taken to jail, teen-ager Billy is cared for by his aunt, leading to an incestuous affair. LA's civic leaders band together to do something about the invasion of longhairs on Hollywood's Sunset Strip.

Includes fantastic scenes of 60s Hollywood clubs and teen scenes, with hippies, pot smoking, sugar cube LSD and terrific garage punk by the Standells, the Chocolate Watch Band, the Mugwumps and others. Crowded classes, broken windows, lack of chalk and books are only a few of the problems she will have to face.

Based on the novel of the same title by Bel Kaufman. Maryjane Director, Maury Dexter. A marijuana exploitation movie about a delinquent teenage pot smoking club called "Mary Jane.

The civic leaders are up in arms about what to do with this evil weed problem! Fabian plays an art teacher who tries to help the kids while he falls for a hot blonde teacher who we find out later is a junkie-slut and the town dope dealer! Jayne Mansfield, Dorothy Keller In her last performance, Jayne Mansfield portrays an innocent, voluptuous teenager who becomes a deserted pregnant wife, a waitress and a demented street-walker.

This film also includes a side plot featuring a love story between two neighbors. Max Frost, a malcontented teen and famous rock star, is so popular that he helps elect a U. Next Max gets the voting age lowered to 14 and goes on to become President. His first act is to have everyone over 30 carted off to internment camps as the kids take over the country. Wild in the Streets. Three teenage friends convey the hilarity of their awkward sexual quest and the genuine pain of growing up during a summer vacation on Nattucket Island in One of the teenagers develops a crush on an "older woman" of 22 who is married to an army pilot who is away serving in WWII.

The misadventures of four California teenagers one late summer night in become the focal point for an audience trip back to the last "innocent" years of the 50's and early 60's. Hollywood Films of the Seventies: U6 C24 Dennis, Jeffery P. D45 Lev, Peter. American films of the 70s: University of Texas Press, Full text available online [UCB users only]; Print: U6 L44 Sodowsky, Alice, et al.

Nachbar, and Sam L. M67 ; Moffitt PN M67 Speed, Lesley. The Nostalgic Teen Film. Set in South Dakota in , this is the story of Kit and his girlfriend Holly, two people alienated from everyday life, who go on a killing spree. Based loosely on the 's killing spree by Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate. The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sig prepare for the festive season, a demonic stranger begins to stalk the house.

A series of grisly obscene phone calls begins to plague the residents and soon they will each meet their fate at the hands of the psychotic intruder. As the police trace the calls, they soon discover that nothing is as it seems. Cooley High Directed by Michael Schultz. Fun-loving and warm movie about high school life in the 's.

Preach, a serious-minded writer and Cochise, a basketball hero headed for college, are best friends at Cooley High in Chicago. Together, they cut classes to go to the zoo, crash parties, put the hustle on some hustlers, and dream of getting out of their impoverished, rough neighborhood. DVD ; vhs Video U6 L44 Palmer, William J. The films of the seventies: P ; Moffitt PN Carrie White is a shy young girl who doesn't make friends easily.

After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction to her totally unexpected first period one of them takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross, her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior prom.

Meanwhile another girl who has been banned from the prom for her continued aggressive behaviour is not as forgiving and plans a trick to embarrass Carrie in front of the whole school. What she doesn't realise is that Carrie is-- gifted, and you really don't want to get her angry.

Cohen; Stephen King and the writing of Carrie; animated photo gallery; original theatrical trailer and more. Robert Carradine, Jennifer Ashley. High school football player Johnnie is going to spend his senior year at Rosedale High School playing pranks and getting together with as many girls as possible.

He and a buddy, along with two cheerleaders, are going to make their last year memorable. The Big Game with rival Hardin High School is approaching, and a prank war is about to rev into full swing.

In this spoof of 's college life, members of the Delta fraternity offend the straight-arrow people on campus in a comedy which irreverently mocks college traditions. Grease Directed by Randal Kleiser. An exuberant musical celebrating the 50's era of rock 'n roll centering around the romance between a teen-age gang leader, his naive girlfriend and other "hip" seniors at Ridel High School. Malibu Beach Directed by Robert J. Kim Lankford, James Daughton.

Various beach goers have their eyes on the hot new lifeguard Dina. They range from a muscle-bound idiot to pesky kids pretending to drown in order to get some mouth-to-mouth action. Breaking Away Directed by Peter Yates. Dave, nineteen, has just graduated high school, with his 3 friends, The comical Cyril, the warm hearted but short-tempered Moocher, and the athletic, spiteful but good-hearted Mike. Now, Dave enjoys racing bikes and hopes to race the Italians one day, and even takes up the Italian culture, much to his friends and parents annoyance.

While meanwhile, the 4 friends try to break away from their townie, Indiana reputation while fighting with nearby college snobs. A troubled teenager, whose sole desire is to become a great drag racer, almost ruins his own dreams when he spurns his dad's racing advice. But support from his girlfriend enables him to prove his abilities to the racing world, his father and himself. Comedy set in a high school where the students have the lowest academic average in Southern California, the athletes haven't won a game in years, and three principals have gone insane.

Features scenes of a concert by the Ramones. Bill Adler, Cynthia Wood. Bobby, a small-town kid hears about the wild nights of cruising the boulevard in Van Nuys, California. He hops in his van and drives down to check it out.

Along the way he gets involved with drag racers, topless dancers and bikers. The Warriors Directed by Walter Hill. The Warriors, a New York City street gang, are mistakenly accused of killing a big time gang leader named Cyrus. Soon they have every gang in the city out to get revenge.

The Warriors must make their way from one end of New York to their turf on the other side of the city. Introduction to the new edition by Walter Hill; featurettes: The beginning, Battleground, The way home, The phenomenon ; original theatrical trailer. High school student Jill Johnson is traumatized over an evening of babysitting by a caller who repeatedly asks, "Have you checked the children lately? Set in , a group of long-time buddies since high school gather in a local diner to share their escapades and make sense of their lives.

As one by one they drift off to join the mainstream of life they still cling to their shared boyhood dreams. Twenty-four-year old first-time screenwriter Cameron Crowe went undercover in early s as a high school student to glean an insider's perspective on the struggles of teenagers as they dealt with independence, success, sexuality, money, maturity, school, and particularly with just making it through the formative years. P34 Schwind, Jean. A high school girl's basketball team is stalked by an escaped mental patient with a portable drill.

Valley Girl Directed by Martha Coolidge. From the time they meet until the tale's tender conclusion, it's war on the "cliques" with Julie's proper Valley friends trying to reunite her with her old flame and Randy and his pal crashing the Valley parties. To add to the irony, Julie's free-spirited Sixties parents are terribly confused about the ultra-conservative daughter they've raised. The Outsiders Directed by Francis Coppola. Coming of age movie set in Tulsa Oklahoma in the mid sixties.

When two poor greasers, Johnny, and Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious gang, the socs, and Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to mount between the two rival gangs, setting off a turbulent chain of events. Based on the novel by S. Risky Business Directed by Paul Brickman. Joel's parents are going on vacation and leaving him in charge of the house.

They trust their college-bound year-old son but they shouldn't. Every kid's dream is every parent's nightmare. No sooner do Joel's parents step on the plane when he raids the liquor cabinet, has a joyride in Dad's Porsche, and spends a night of passion with a young call girl named Lana.

Revenge of the Nerds Director, Jeff Kanew. At Adams College, the jocks rule the school from their house on high, the Alpha Beta fraternity. So when a group of socially-challenged misfits try to go Greek, they are immediately rejected by every house on campus. Deciding to start their own fraternity, the nerds soon find themselves in a battle royale as the Alpha Betas try to crush their new rivals.

Audio commentary by director Jeff Kanew and actors Robert Carradine, Timothy Busfield and Curtis Armstrong; "I'm a nerd, and I'm pretty proud of it" featurette; 'Revenge of the nerds' television plot; deleted scenes; theatrical trailer.

Running on Empty Director, Sidney Lumet. When antiwar activists Arthur and Annie Pope blew up a napalm lab in , they accidentally blinded a janitor working late. Since then, the Popes and their children have stayed together by staying a step ahead of the law, running from state to state, job to job, assumed identity to assumed identity. But now elder son Danny is He's ready to stop running from a past he had nothing to do with, ready to start making his own future.

Sixteen Candles Directed by John Hughes. It's Sam's sweet sixteen birthday and no one in her family remembers the important occasion.

She's an average teen who endures creepy freshmen, spoiled siblings, confused parents and the beautiful blonde who stands between her and the boy of her dreams. G57 S84 Lee, Christina. Comedy mixes with biting social commentary in this look into a high school where the teachers are as misfit as the rough bunch of students they are supposed to teach.

The school is being sued by an ex-student who was graduated without learning to read or write. Five teenage students with nothing in common, spend a Saturday detention together in their high school library. A talented group of street-savvy urban kids hook up with Krush Groove, a hot new rocord label. But with their success come the ego trips and greed that threaten to destroy everything they've worked for.

A fresh, title soundtrack vibrantly pushes the rap-to-riches story along. Seven friends, recent college graduates, search for a place in the real world and face the issues of career and commitment. Against the backdrop of St. Elmo's, their local hang-out, they save, betray and love each one another as only the closest of friends can.

Smooth Talk Directed by Joyce Chopra. Connie is a year-od girl with two things on her mind, boys and how she looks. But when she flirts with an older, handsome and predatory stranger, she isn't prepared for the frightening and traumatic consequences. Teen Wolf Directed by Rod Daniel.

One of the beneficial side effects is that it also turns him into a top-notch basketball player. But will his notoriety cost him his friends and can he find true love? Weird Science Directed by John Hughes. Two nerdy best friends have the power to create the "perfect woman".

Like a computer-generated fairy godmother, the two use their creation to learn about the pleasures and pitfalls of adolescences. John invited her college friends up to her parents' secluded island home for the time of their lives, she forgot to tell them it just might be the last time of their lives.

Because as soon as the kids arrive on the island, someone starts trimming the guest list Brighton Beach Memoirs directed by Gene Saks. Fifteen-year-old Eugene Jerome is trying to uncover life's mysteries in this adaptation of a Broadway hit about growing up in Brooklyn during the late 's.

A high school student is determined to get a day off with his friends by outwitting his principal. Ferris Bueller has played hooky a number of times. But this time he has the entire school and more believing he is on the verge of death. On this special day off, Ferris invites his friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloane to join him in his day of fun. Ferris talks Cameron into borrowing his father's precious Ferrari for the day's transportation.

All the while, Principal Ed Rooney is determined to prove Ferris is faking his illness. Jeanie, Ferris's agitated sister, also wants to catch Ferris in his lie. Ferris enjoys his day with his friends, until they notice that the mileage of the Ferrari reads too many miles, sending Cameron to suffer his own blow out. Here, one of the twins is a divorced mother whose year-old daughter, Nicki, befriends another girl, Mary, in summer school.

Mary has a widowed father, so naturally the two girls try to get them together. But the mother wants to move, so they have to act fast. Eventually, the mother's twin sister is brought in to aid them. Pretty in Pink Directed by John Hughes. She's a high school girl from the wrong side of town. He's the wealthy heart-throb who asks her to the prom. But as fast as their romance builds, it's threatened by the painful reality of peer pressure. All about Molly" featurette; "Volcanic ensembles" featurette; "Prom stories" featurette; Favorite scenes; Commentary by director Howard Deutch; Wrap up: The epilogue; Photo gallery; The original ending: Y6 B45 Bleach, Anthony.

Two innocent teenagers are thrown into a juvenile facility. Sadistic guards and violent in-mates create a world of degradation from which they must protect themselves. This film about friendship and the indelible experiences of growing up takes place in a small Oregon town as four boys set out on a two-day search for a missing teenager's body, a search that turns into an odyssey of self-discovery. Based on the novella The body by Stephen King.

Julian is a boy with looks, charm, intelligence and a father who sets him up in the record business; he also has a drug habit. His best friend Clay wants to help and is willing to do almost anything for his friend, but Julian is going downhill so fast that he might take his girlfriend and Clay with him. In this hit '80s hybrid of the horror movie and the teen flick, a single mom and her two sons become involved with a pack of vampires when they move into an offbeat Northern California town.

When Michael visits the cavernous hangout of his cronies and unwittingly drinks from a wine bottle full of vampiric blood, he becomes an unwilling member of the bloodsucker biker gang. Shot on location in the coastal California town of Santa Cruz with a rock music soundtrack. Commentary with director Joel Schumacher ; featurettes ; deleted scenes ; production notes; theatrical trailer.

The killer returns this time as a physical manifestation of a young girl's nightmares, slaying more teens in the guise of an evil rocker with a deadly guitar.

Stand and Deliver Directed by Ramon Menendez. He cajoles, pushes, wheedles, needles, threatens and inspires 18 kids to become math whizzes. Then they take the National Advanced Placement Calculus exam with surprising results. Todd is a bookish freshman whose full moon transformation into a big wolf on campus brings him glory, girls and a conflict of values.

Big Directed by Penny Marshall. A year-old boy's wish comes true when he asks a mechanical carnival genie to make him 'big' only to awake the next morning and discover he is!

He manages to land a job at a toy company where he experiences the complications of being an adult, but eventually he begins to long for the simple joys of childhood. Hairspray Directed by John Waters. Tracy Turnblad, a teenager with huge hair, a big grin, and all the right moves, becomes the queen of Baltimore's number one dance revue.

This Filthy World Philosopher of filth and reigning king of bad taste, writer-director of offensive cult classic films, John Waters presents an outstanding live one-man show that celebrates his origins of trash with his signature brand of irreverent humor.

Hairspray ; Female trouble ; and, Multiple maniacs: Thunder's Mouth Press, A black comedy about American high school life with two of the students killing off the jocks and cheerleaders who make life miserable for all the common ordinary kids in the school and making their deaths seem like suicide.

Heathers and the Rebel Archetype. Rebel without a cause: State University of New York Press, c Screwball comedy about two high school students who face a difficult history exam. With the help of a time-traveling messenger they round up some historical heavyweights for their class project! P85 Lundquist, Lynne "Myth and Illiteracy: Bill and Ted's Explicated Adventures. A Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy , vol.

Where the boys are: Based on true events this is the story of prep. Make your lives extraordinary! A bitter-sweet story of teenagers who come of age in Anarene, a fictional one-horse town in Texas. In , high school seniors Sonny and Duane play football, go to the movies at the Royal Theater, hang out at the pool hall and lust after rich tease Jacy Farrow.

Following two tragic deaths and with Duane gone to Korea and Jacy to college in Dallas, Sonny is left behind but he is determined to carry on, despite a telling sign of incipient communal disintegration: Based on the novel by Larry McMurtry.

Special features on DVD X Fact-based story of high school principal Joe Clark, who armed himself with a bullhorn and a Louisville Slugger and slammed the door at Eastside High in Paterson, New Jersey to keep trouble makers out and serious strivers in.

Parents fought him, teachers fought him, but lots of kids loved him. Clark turned Eastside around, becoming a nationally hailed symbol of tough-love education. Say Anything Directed by Cameron Crowe. An eternal optimist, seeks to capture the heart of Diane, an unattainable high school beauty and straight-A student. He surprises just about everyone, including himself, when she returns the sentiment.

However, Diane's over-possessive, divorced dad doesn't approve and it's going to take more than just the power of love to conquer all.

See Television videography for holdings. House Party Directed by Reginald Hudlin. A fast and fresh look at one teenager's pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Kid has three things going for him Keely Christian, Brittain Frye, M. A teen whose parents are away decides to have a slumber party with her girlfriends.

Their boyfriends predictably show up to scare them, but a stranger from the beach is also lurking around the house. Boyz 'n the Hood Directed by John Singleton. For three young men growing up in South Central Los Angeles, the "hood" is a place of drive-by shootings, unemployment, drugs and pain. But their reactions to the world around them vary- one is an unambitious drug dealer, his brother is a college bound teenage father, and the brother's best friend is guided by a strong father who hopes for a better life for his son.

A comic look at high school romancing and karate as the way to impress the girls. Man in the Moon Directed by Robert Mulligan. A poignant and bittersweet tale of tender sexual discovery in the rural Louisiana of the s. After handsome year-old Court Foster moves back into the long vacant Foster ranch, year-old Dani Trant falls in love for the first time, while her older sister Maureen discovers true love.

Robert Mulligan's The Man in the Moon. With a meticulous lyric style, the film combines sprawling landscapes, scenes of passionless sexuality, and allusions to Orson Welles' Chimes at Midnight as it addresses issues of love, family, politics, and homosexuality. Straight Out of Brooklyn.

He feels trapped there, surrounded by drugs and danger, so he and his friends pull a robbery to obtain the funds to take them out of Brooklyn forever. Sanders, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. Juice Directed by Ernest R. After this, Bishop tells his friends that they have no respect, or juice. To get some, they rob a corner grocery store, but the lunatic Bishop intentionally shoots the clerk for no apparent reason. They run into an alley where Raheem tells Bishop to give him the gun, they fight, and Raheem gets shot.

Only the other 3 know what happened, and Bishop wants to get rid of them too. On the darkside of Tinseltown, there lives a group of runaways. The gang of teenagers are lead by King. They survive on the streets begging, prostituting and stealing money. Among King's best friends are Little J, who is a gay prostitute; Greg, who is drug addicted capable of stealing to buy drugs with the dealer Ted; and the paralytic Manny.

When newcomer and runaway Heather comes from Chicago, she meets King. They fall in love for each other. But when Little J kills Tommy Ray to protect King, he is falsely accused of murder and chased by the police, with tragic consequences. Just Another Girl on the I. T Directed by Leslie Harris. A black teenage girl living in Brooklyn dreams of medical school, a family, and an escape from the generational poverty of the inner city.

Her dreams are put on hold when she becomes pregnant by her boyfriend. Wayne's World Directed by Penelope Spheeris. Wayne and Garth have their own public access TV show.

A local station decides to hire them to do their show professionally. Wayne meets and falls in love with Cassandra, a bass guitarist, whom he helps by getting her career started by using his connections. A young Jewish white man begins dating the cousin of his best friend, both of whom are black, igniting long simmering racial tensions at their high school.

Above the Rim Directed by Jeff Pollack. Kyle Lee Watson is an inner-city high school basketball star torn between college and the lure of the streets. During an important championship play-off game, Kyle grandstands to catch the attention of a Georgetown college scout.

Instead, he impresses Birdie, a powerful gang leader who is assembling a team to compete in the neighborhood Shoot-Out contest, a high-stakes street basketball tournament for the bragging rights of the city. The members of rival Latino gangs in Los Angeles are feuding, and girl friends Mousie and Sad Girl are trying to stay out of the struggle for power and survive. This ode to teenage angst features London, a petulant girl, filled with hate but still looking for love. Before she can enjoy a first date with her object of affection, there's an incest scene, a gang rumble of competing motorcyclists, a dream sequence and a plethora of odd twists and scenes of odder decor.

My So-called Life Angela Chase is a teenage girl who struggles with the problems of growing up, high school, and family life. The story of the troubled world of gay and lesbian teenagers who hang around empty parking structures and deserted car washes and agonize about drugs, sex, dating, suicide, violence, family and gay identity.

R27 L58 Moran, James M. Guerrilla Film-Maker for a Queer Generation. A Mexican American family is struggling to survive, working as migrant laborers in fields from Texas to Minnesota. The younger son, Marcos, is a sensitive year-old who is forced to confront the ineluctable facts of his life - grinding poverty, back-breaking work, racism, hopelessness.

He manages to pull himself out of his miserable life, eventually becoming a professor and author of a landmark work of Chicano literature, "And the Earth Did Not Swallow Him.

The Babysitter Directed by Guy Ferland. Alicia Silverstone, Jeremy London, J. A beautiful young teenager becomes the unwitting object of the dreams and fantasies of people who surround her.

Her boyfriend is coerced with the help of alcohol by an old 'friend' into going to the house. Both boys are obsessed with the babysitter, as is the father of the children. Based on a short story by Robert Coover. Based on the novel by Jim Carroll. Teamed with his friends Mickey, Neutron and Pedro, high school student Jim Carroll seems headed for a bright basketball career. But when pressures from his coach, his mom, and school seem to mount, Jim finds solace in all the wrong places, and the dark streets of New York begin to tear him apart.

Clueless Directed by Amy Heckerling. It's not easy being the most popular and glamorous girl at Beverly Hills High, yet somehow year-old Cher manages, even finding time for extracurricular projects like finding a love match for her debate teacher and giving a dowdy friend a fashion makeover.

But Cher's tidy world starts to unravel with the sudden appearance of a sexy, stylish new classmate and Cher's square but cute "ex-stepbrother" 97 min. Dangerous Minds Directed by John N. Based on true events, this is the story of ex-Marine LouAnne Johnson who becomes a high school teacher assigned to a tough class of inner-city teenagers.

When conventional methods fail, the feisty Ms. Johnson tries the unconventional -- defying the rules and creating ther own curriculum. In the process she instills a new self-confidence in her students -- motivating them towards their greatest potential. Dazed and Confused Directed by Richard Linklater. A comic film exploring the last day of school -- and one rowdy night -- in the lives of a group of American high school students in late May, Nine never-before-seen deleted scenes; the blunt truth - side-splitting institutional filmstrip on the dangers of partying; retro public service announcements.

Intellect and Utopia in the Films of Richard Linklater. Two angst-filled teen lovers pick up a dangerous drifter and the three go on a murder and sex filled spree, eventually winding up being chased by a bunch of neo-Nazi jocks who want to kill them all. First-term freshmen from different countries, races and social backgrounds are forced to integrate when they all enroll in Columbus University.

They all have their own problems, which are strained to the breaking point by prejudice, inexperience and misunderstandings. Laurel Holloman, Nicole Parker. A story of two teenagers who unexpectedly experience the excitement, surprise and romantic fantasy of first love. Kids Directed by Larry Clark. Twenty-four hours in the lives of a group of contemporary American teenagers who, like all teenagers, believe they are invincible.

A deeply affecting, no-holds-barred landscape of words and images, depicting with raw honesty the experiences, attitudes and uncertainties of innocence lost. Mallrats Directed by Kevin Smith. Between brooding and visits to the food court, the unmotivated suburban New Jersey teenagers decide to win their girlfriends back with the help of Silent Bob and Jay, the ultimate delinquents, as they scheme to disrupt T.

The Goops "Build me up Buttercup;" production photographs. Mary is a free-spirited young woman with a run-down New York apartment and a high fashion wardrobe. She calls her godmother, a librarian, for bail money after being arrested for throwing an illegal party. To repay the loan, she begins working as a library clerk. At first she hates it, but when challenged decides to master the Dewey Decimal System and become a great library clerk, while romancing a Lebanese falafel vendor and helping her roommate in his goal to become a professional DJ.

Port Chester University aka Politically Correct U -- where the politically correct go head-to-head with the Party Animals, resulting in the rowdiest college comedy since "Animal House. Two New York homosexual high school classmates fight against an attempted coup by Christian fundamentalists at the same time they are falling in love.

DVD X ; vhs The Craft Directed by Andrew Fleming. A supernatural horror story filled with special effects, about a group of unpopular high-school girls who dabble in witchcraft. Once unleashed, the power becomes too much for them to handle, leading to a battle for control between Sarah, the new girl in the group, and power-crazed Nancy.

Director's commentary ; 3 deleted scenes ; making-of featurette: Late Bloomers Directed by Julia Dyer. A romantic comedy in which high school basketball coach Dinah Groshardt falls for school secretary Carly Lumpkin, creating uproar from classroom to locker room and from the principal's office to the PTA. School Daze Directed by Spike Lee. This music-filled, off-beat contemporary comedy takes an unforgettable look at black college life.

Dap and Big Brother Almighty conflict over the Greek frat system while the Wanna-be's and Jigaboo's conflict over self-identity and self-esteem. Sapp and Mildred Christian Sapp. She was a graduate of Southern Boone High School, immediately going to work at Shelter Insurance Companies for 36 years as a senior underwriter for various states throughout her career.

She leaves behind her invaluable friend and constant companion, Tee Dozier of Columbia. She was preceded in death by her parents; her siblings; and former spouse, Jimmy Kidwell. Dulcenia was also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Once retired, Dulcenia enjoyed sharing her skills as a wonderful cook and an accomplished seamstress with family and friends. She enjoyed gardening, attending plays at Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre, country concerts and spending time with her great-grand-children.

Dulcenia loved to have fun which radiated with her many friends as she was the life of the party and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

She had a memory like a steel trap and could always pull odd facts out of the air. The funeral service will be 3: Friends may gather from 2: Friday at the funeral home. Joanne was born August 18, to Dirl F. Joanne always wanted to attend college and in she earned a Bachelors of Science in Education from the University of Missouri in Columbia. She was a world traveler who toured countless art museums and was an avid reader, pouring over books about politics, nutrition and religion.

Joanne loved the Lord with all her heart and will be remembered for her selflessness and constant kindness. She was a homemaker and loved being surrounded by her family. Online condolences may be made to www. Published Wednesday, February 28, Friends will be received from Homegoing Celebration will be held at 2: Interment will follow at Memorial Park Cemetery.

Odelia was the seventh child born to Ernest and Mable Ballenger on Feb. In , Odelia graduated from Frederick Douglas High School, and during that same year, April 6th, she accepted Jesus Christ into her life and became a member of Second Baptist Church where she remained for over 70 years.

Odelia had one son, David P. Odelia would form an unbreakable bond with David that would endure even beyond her passing. After retiring from Shelter Insurance, Odelia spent her days caring for her great-grandchildren while their parents worked. Odelia cherished the time she spent with her great-grandchildren and it was evident in how much they loved spending time with her. Odelia will always be remembered for her love of God, her dedication to family and her selfless giving to all.

The memory of Odelia Buckner will remain in the heart and mind of every person who was fortunate enough to cross paths with her. Funeral Service will be Friends may gather from Lois was born Sept. On June 7, , she married Clarence Batye in Columbia.

They resided on the family farm since She was an active member of the Englewood Community Club. She especially loved to cook for and spend time with her family. Memorials may be made to the Englewood Community Club, E. A memorial celebration of her life will be at Tracy Cook, and grandson-in-law, Rev. Visitation will be from 5: Cook and Irene were married August 3, He preceded her in death July 1, Irene was a devoted homemaker, mother, and grandmother, and she was a delight to countless friends, family, and coworkers.

She worked at many grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurants in Columbia for many decades. She was a member of Columbia First Assembly of God. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by two brothers, Porter Wilson Wyatt, in , and Rufus Donald Wyatt, in Condolences may be left for the family at www.

Visitation will be held one hour prior. Jo was born Dec. She was married to Ralph LaFoy on June 18, Jo graduated from Rolla High School in She served in the U. Navy during Desert Storm. She retired from the Harry S. Jo loved spending time with her family. She was preceded in death by her parents; and brother, Steve Ballard.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions are suggested to Liberty Cemetery in care of the family. The family will receive friends and relatives from 4: Interment will follow at Columbia Cemetery. John Rosline Guyton and Mrs. Oline Alice Kelby Guyton.

She was the first of five children. She was a graduate of Sumner High School in St. Louis, MO in Music would become a centerpiece to her life. Beginning at age four, she began with playing the piano being taught by her mother. She became a student of German musicians. Helen was a leader of her family group, The Guyton Singers. For more than 80 years, she would surround herself with music and choirs.

Carmel District Choir 28 years , Mt. Martin Luther King, Jr. Helen touched people within and without Columbia with her musical abilities. Each year, she would play the piano within rotunda of the State Capital.

Helen was not only an inheritor of a gift she was a distributor of the gift. She encouraged countless young people to learn to play the piano. Each of them became accomplished at the piano and organ.

She encouraged and supported their growth personally and as musicians. She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Harold Warren Sr. Helisa Warren of Frisco, Texas; daughter-in-law: Alisa Warren, of St. Tristin Cowgill-Warren and Coley Jones and several nieces, nephews and cousins. She is proceeded in death by her mother, father, and brother, John Guyton, Jr.

Memorial services will be held at Oakland Christian Church, E. Saturday, March 24, family will be present prior to the service at 1: She was born Jan.

They immigrated to America through Ellis Island when she was three years old. In , she married her high school sweetheart John Jay Eugene Duve. They were blessed with five children. Ada and Jay lived in Pullman, Wash. They enjoyed wonderful life-long friendships along the way. Jay passed way from cancer in In , she married William R. Together they lived and had a Christmas tree farm outside of Columbia until they retired and became fulltime residents of Lake of the Ozarks in She loved the lake and entertaining family and friends there.

Bill passed in December and Ada moved to Columbia. Ada is also survived by her sister-in-laws, Mary Kennedy of Edmonds, Wash. Online condolences can be left for the family at www. Friends will be received from 1: Graveside Services will follow at Memorial Park Cemetery. She was born Nov. On April 27, she was united in marriage to Lee Lanes.

He survives at the home. Vickie was the owner and operator of Sudden Service Cleaners for over 25 years. She loved to play Bridge. She also enjoyed gardening and working in her flower beds. Faye Hot Springs, Ark. She was preceded in death by one son, Keith Lanes. Visitation will be Thursday, March 22 at James was born in Ethel on Jan. James grew up in Carrollton and after graduation joined the United States Military. After an honorable discharge, he attended Drury College in Springfield, Mo.

James worked for the Sears Roebuck Company and a promotion brought him and a growing family to Columbia. Central Missouri provided James the opportunity to be an independent business man with an affinity for both commercial properties and farm land. In the latter part of his life, James was active in building and managing Assisted Living Facilities. Jim and Loretta raised four children together. Loretta, a school teacher, passed away due to cancer in In , James married Betty Becker, a nurse, and she survives.

In lieu of flowers, please give a donation to the charity of your choice. Visitation and funeral services will be held at Memorial Funeral Home. Visitation will begin at Burial will follow in Memorial Park Cemetery. Iris was born April 24, in Golden, Ill. Vernon and Helen Ideus Lubben. At the age of 19, she left family and friends and boarded a train for California to marry her handsome Marine, Karl Goebel, who was stationed in San Diego. Even though war time was difficult she and Karl truly enjoyed their time together in San Diego.

She was a homemaker for their two children, Bruce and Karla. Iris was a very sociable woman who had a smile and conversation for everyone. In retirement, she enjoyed traveling with Karl in the family camper. They spent 62 years together before his death in She was preceded in death by her parents; and husband, Karl. Published Friday, March 23, Dr. Hahn, 84, of Columbia passed away on Tuesday, March 20, at home surrounded by his family. A reception will follow the service in the church fellowship hall.

Allen was born Dec. Louis to Herbert F. They celebrated 62 years of marriage and had three children. Allen graduated from Roosevelt High School, St. Louis in , received his BS in agriculture and D. College of Veterinary Internal Med. Dept of small animal surgery and medicine, while working on his Biomedical Engineering Ph. In , the family moved back to his alma mater, University of Missouri Veterinary School, to teach and do research at Dalton Research Center.

He was a professor at the veterinary school teaching his passions, i. Allen authored or co-authored over academic publications. He had five U. S Patents for his research in the medical field. He received over 2.

In , Allen received the University of Missouri faculty alumni award. In , he received the Geyer award for public service to higher education, and was a lifetime honor roll member to AVMA. His honors and awards to his work was such a joy in his life. He was a avid swimmer and that was his release. He was instrumental in bringing masters swimming to Missouri. His walls are filled with medals and awards from meets that he competed in.

All his children swam on Columbia Swim Team too. He was involved with the Air Show over Memorial Day weekend and so enjoyed speaking with all the pilots. His other passions were fishing, camping and enjoying spending time with family and friends.

All that knew him say he touched their lives in so many ways and that he was a mentor to all. Memorial contributions are suggested to: Providence Rd, Suite , Columbia, Mo.

Visitation will be Saturday, March 24 from 9: Funeral services will follow at He served his country in the U. Army and the National Guard. He also enjoyed hunting, boating, and riding his motorcycle. Ron lived his life to the fullest and will be remembered by the love and laughter that he shared with his family and many friends.

He was preceded in death by his parents. Memorial services will be at 4: Danny was born April 21, in St. Charles to Melvin G. He was an active member of the Elks Lodge in Columbia.

He had worked many years as a trim and finish carpenter, before, by some coincidence, he began building and shipping shuffleboards internationally. He loved dove and duck hunting, and hosted a dove hunt each year on his farm. A private family service is planned in April. He was born Feb. He lived in England until joining the British Merchant Navy. After his time at sea, he immigrated to Canada. While in Canada, he met and married Marjorie Gow Riddles. He also finished his training as a machinist, after almost a decade in Canada he immigrated to Iowa when Square D hired him to work at the plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

All five of his children were born during his 18 years in Iowa. He then moved to Columbia, as a new facility was opened. He retired from Square D in after 35 years. Alex enjoyed sports, particularly golf, bowling, pool, and darts.

During his retirement, he made many friends while volunteering at the Columbia Senior Center. There he enjoyed playing Bridge, and dancing with his partner Liz Tipton. He had ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents; and his only sibling, Jean Doktor. Visitation will take place Saturday, March 31 at Memorial Funeral Home with funeral services at Burial will follow at Memorial Park Cemetery. On May 16, , she married the love of her life, Glynn Nichols, who preceded her in death in She also worked part-time at Jesse Hall at the University in her later years.

Dorothy always enjoyed working in her yard, planting flowers and playing bridge with different groups of her friends. She also treasured her time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Glynn; son, Doug; two brothers, M. Mass will be held Friday, April 6 at 1: A reception will follow. Although, due to a clerical error, his legal birthday was Jan. He was an only child.

He was honorably discharged on May 14, , as a Corporal. On March 24, , he married Lucy Marino. They celebrated 67 years of marriage. He toured extensively throughout the U. He made his conducting debut was with the Oklahoma City Symphony. His broadcasts on the Voice of America were beamed to Europe as part of a regular weekly feature. During his tenure there, he founded the Kansas City Civic Orchestra.

Honored with the American Symphony League Conductor Recognition Award, he was selected to participate in conducting projects with the Baltimore and Cincinnati symphonies.

Concurrently, he accepted the prestigious position of Director of Orchestral Activities at Northwestern University. In , he and Lucy, along with others, founded the Missouri Symphony Society. Hugo served as Artistic Director and Conductor for 28 years, until his retirement, when he was named Conductor Laureate. For thirteen seasons, he concurrently held the post of Associate Conductor of the Kansas City Symphony.

He was instrumental in saving the historic Missouri Theatre from demolition when he led the Symphony Society to buy the theater for its home in The auditorium of the theater is now named in honor of the Vianellos. Hugo was also a composer. His Christmas Kaleidoscope was performed by numerous orchestras throughout the country. Hugo appreciated all animals and was especially fond of dogs. From his first dog, Teddy, to his last, J.

When he was too old to take care of a dog himself, he enjoyed welcoming his grand dog, Louie, for daily visits. They were great buddies. He is survived by his bride and partner Lucy; sons, Gian of St. He was preceded in death by his parents; and his daughter-in-law, Carolyn. Memorial Mass will be Inurnment will follow, with full military honors, in Memorial Park Cemetery Columbia.

Norb was born in Martinsburg on Sept. Norb had a long career with B. He loved spending time with his family and friends and doing the things he enjoyed most, such as fishing, camping, watching Cardinal baseball and Mizzou Sports. He occasionally might sneak to the gambling boat with the family and friends when he was able.

In lieu of flowers, memorials can be made to the American Heart Association. A celebration of his life will be held at Visitation will be held from Interment in the mausoleum to follow. Houston was born Dec.

He attended Hallsville High School and graduated in Houston married Ruth Parker on Sept. One of his greatest honors was taking the Honor Flight to Washington, D. Houston was a loyal fan of the St.

Louis Cardinals for his entire life. He loved animals, and always had stray cats around to feed everyday. Online condolences may be left at www. Funeral service will be 3: Gardner, in Columbia; he preceded her in death in Roberta spent a majority of her career working for Shelter Insurance in the home office, and later for a local agent. She was an avid basketball fan, liked to read, work jigsaw puzzles and enjoyed time with her children, grandkids and great-grandkids.

Memorial contributions may be made to The American Heart Association. He struggled with the brain disease Ataxia for eight years. No services will be held. He graduated from Marshall High School earning varsity letters in football, basketball, and tennis all three years.

He then attended the University of Central Missouri where he played varsity tennis for four years and graduated with a Masters Degree in Physical Education. In , Jim would move to Kirksville and become the offensive coordinator for the Tiger football team; he would also teach elementary physical education. Jim taught in Kirksville for 15 years. He would go on to run hundreds of tennis tournaments.

In , he became the head coach of the University of Missouri tennis program. He also coached at Lincoln University and Stephens College. He designed the team portion of the tournament and was instrumental in bringing in USTA certified referees. He became a USTA referee and worked at college and professional levels. He is survived by his wife for 43 years, Sharon; children, Scott and Katie; mother Dorothy and sister Jeanne.

Go on a float trip or road trip out west. Listen to some oldies and play music trivia. Take your huskie for a run or let him pull you on your skis. Volunteer with Special Olympics. Visitation will take place Saturday, April 21 from 1: Anne was born May 14, , in North Loop, Neb. She was also a loving companion to Orville Corley for many years preceding his death.

Anne worked and retired from the City of Columbia Finance Department. She was a member of Sacred Heart Church. She stayed active and enjoyed walking, exercising, and water aerobics. She will be remembered as a joyful woman who always wore a smile, lending a hand to anyone in need.

She loved and cherished her grandchildren and enjoyed teaching her granddaughter to bake. Anne is survived by her children, Jody Himberger of Topeka, Kan. Louis, Ethan Matchett of St. Published Wednesday, April 18, William R. No services are scheduled at this time. He was born on Oct. Professor Emeritus of classical archaeology at MU, he joined the faculty in as a member of the Department of Art History and Archaeology where he taught classes in Greek art and archaeology until his retirement in After retirement, he continued to teach Ancient Technology, a course he created to interest undergraduate engineering students.

He encouraged several generations of students to experience archaeology at first hand. Bill enjoyed good food and good wine, good company and bad puns, was a devotee of opera and classical music, and loved to travel.

He was a great raconteur. Bill earned a Ph. He served as chair of the Department of Art History and Archaeology from to and from to ; he was director of graduate studies in and from to He served on many university committees including the campus library committee, of which he was chair from to A classical archaeologist, he excavated in Turkey and Israel, was director of excavations at ancient Phlius, Greece, and co-director of excavations at Mirobriga, Portugal.

His area of specialty was the study of Greek perfume vases, and he pioneered the non-destructive extraction and investigation of organic residues with his colleague Klaus Gerhardt. His many publications included a highly successful textbook, The Archaeology of Greece: Biers, Albert Leonard, Jr. He is survived by his wife, Jane Biers; daughter, Katherine Biers; daughter-in-law, Katherine Lieber; and two grandsons. Published Tuesday, April 17, Shirley A. A memorial service will be held at 3: Shirley was born on Sept.

Shirley married the love of her life, Mark Thelen, who preceded her in death, on June 23, , in Fowler, Mich. Shirley attended Fowler High School where she met Mark. She worked at Oldsmobile in Lansing, Mich. After Mark graduated, Shirley stayed home to raise and care for her four children. Shirley cherished spending time with her family and enjoyed the company of her many friends.

She was an excellent cook and especially loved baking goodies for her family. She enjoyed reading and loved her pets. She was a member of Mother Singers for several years and very much enjoyed the friendships that developed over the years. Shirley attended Missouri Tiger games with Mark for many years and especially enjoyed basketball games. Shirley is survived by her nieces, Karen and Debbie. She was preceded in death by her sister, Alice. Published Sunday, April 22, Dr.

Phifer, 92, of Columbia, died Sunday April, 15, A memorial service will be 1: He was born in Edwardsville, Kan. He was raised on a dairy farm, and helped milk the cows and deliver the milk in Kansas City. Upon graduation from high school in , Bryan joined the Naval Air Corps. Bryan married his wife of 70 years, Doris May Phifer, on Dec.

Bryan later earned a Ph. He was a professor in the Department of Community Development at MU from until his retirement in He was a follower of Jesus and served as a deacon and teacher for many years in his church, Memorial Baptist. Bryan, and his wife Doris opened their home to several refugee families from Vietnam, Laos, and then Liberia. He was always interested in people and in learning their stories. He soloed at age 16 and continued this hobby throughout his adult years. A graveside service will be scheduled later.

She was born Aug. She and Joseph D. Cox married in They reared eight children and lived in St. Louis, Columbia and Amarillo, Texas. They retired to Columbia in Among her passions were her family and reading.

Officiating will be Fr Chris Cordes. Inurnment will be held at a later date in Memorial Park Cemetery. Norbert was born on Feb. He was married on April 15, in Jefferson City to Rita Wekenborg who preceded him in death in In , he married Annamae Klein who preceded him in death in He then was married to Katie Tenney who survives in Columbia.

He was a life-long member of the Knights of Columbus. He was also preceded in death by son, Bruce Evers; two brothers; and two sisters. No services are planned. Rather Vik wanted those wishing to honor her to volunteer with their spouse, children, or friends at the charity of their choice. She was born July 26, , in Sioux City, Iowa. She graduated from Dakota University in Madison, S. She worked 15 years for the University of Missouri Graduate School as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies before retiring in to devote all her time to the passion of gardening and to Altrusa where she was a member for 35 years.

Other survivors include numerous nieces and nephews in Minnesota and Florida. She wanted to thank those who have cared for her for the past years. Elangovan Balakrishnan and his colleagues, Gloria and Julie, and Dr.

James Elliott and his colleague, Kathy Lutz. Memorial services will be held at 2: He was born on August 10, in Hutsonville Township, Ill. Later in his career, he was employed at the University of Missouri in Columbia where he researched B-A translocations in corn until his retirement in She preceded him in death in December While living in Columbia, Jack attended the First Presbyterian Church where he served as a deacon and elder.

He was also active in the Kiwanis Club. He is survived by sister, Ann Sullivan of Molalla, Ore. Also surviving are daughter-in-law, Kenya Beckett and her children, Cooper and Maryn Ferguson as well as extended family in Oregon, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Jack is also preceded in death by his parents, William Harold and Cleda A. Beckett; and brother, William Harold Beckett, Jr. Published Thursday, April 26, Rev. A memorial service will be held Saturday, April 28, at 2: He was born on August 26, , at Bolivar, the only child of deaf parents, Oliver O.

Otto married Carolyn J. Riehm, a registered nurse of Kendallville, Ind. They met in Chicago while Otto was in seminary and Carolyn was in nursing school. Otto has served seven churches during his 44 years of Methodist ministry. Otto was deeply committed to civil right issues and racial healing. He worked to bring people of all races and faiths together and strongly supported the inclusion of people of all sexual orientations into the faith of the Methodist Church.

Otto also had a lifelong love of trains. He collected American Flyer S gauge trains and had an extensive N gauge layout in his basement. He was also a volunteer conductor on the St. Otto and Carolyn loved their cottage on Holiday Acres Lake and spent many enjoyable summers with family and friends boating, swimming, and fishing.

Online condolences at www. Services are private for the family. Richard was born Sept. Louis, the son of Richard Leo Gorden Sr. On August 30, he was united in marriage to Virginia Nieters who preceded him in death in Richard served his country in the National Guard Reserve.

He enjoyed the outdoors, especially fishing. He also enjoyed watching westerns. He loved his family, but the greatest love of all was his wife of 56 years. Louis; and four grandchildren, Garrick, Bailey, Brandt and Avery. Richard was preceded in death by his parents; his wife; brother, Ronald Gorden; and sister, Joyce Gorden.

Graveside services will follow at 3: He was born to Ollie and Ethel M. Epperson Griffin, the second of six children on Jan. Justus graduated from the language school at the Presidio of Monterey, Calif. During his years of service, he received many letters for commendation, medals and was awarded the Legion of Merit for exceptional meritorious conduct.

He always met new challenges with enthusiasm and strived to do the very best he could in every instance. Upon his return from Japan and Korea in , he married his high school sweetheart, Helen L. Following his military service, Justus worked for several years for the U. Government in Arlington, Virginia. In , he moved his family to Columbia. It was also during this period he realized a life-long goal graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri in He delighted in making the connections and learning interesting stories along the way.

Much time was spent traveling to other states visiting cemeteries and county seats, making discoveries which led to new connections. In his younger years, Justus enjoyed and excelled in golfing, downhill skiing and bowling. He won the Ecuadorian Bowling Championship in Although Justus experienced much success in his life, his greatest joy was his love and devotion to family.

In his later years ,when vascular dementia claimed his memory, he still delighted in the visits of family and friends. He was known for his common sense approach and ethical behavior. Justus never met a stranger and was so interested in everything, having a wonderful gift of gab and a great sense of humor. He was preceded in death by his parents; brothers, Mancil, Amos, and Earl; sister, Marilyn; and great-grandson, Nicholas Culebro.

Online condolences may be made for the family at www. Funeral services will be held at Burial will follow in Fairview Cemetery, S. Istvan was born August 3, in Budapest, Hungary. He moved to the US in his mid-twenties as a refugee with his wife.

While living in Budapest, he was an accomplished boxer and college student. He also married Irma Gabriella Sebastian, who was a research scientist and college educator in Columbia for several years. He continued to teach boxing in Columbia and was an independent accountant for over 20 years. He was a proud Hungarian and American and he was also a very dedicated family man. He was preceded in death by his parents, Istvan Molnar father and Ibolya Pridafka mother ; sister, Babo; and wife, Dr.

Green Meadows Road at 2: Jenny was born May 14, , in Springfield, Mo. Jenny met Bill Evans in and they were married in and he preceded her in death in She was a homemaker, served joyfully in the church and was a seamstress most of her life. Jenny was a great teacher and prayer warrior of the word of God. She encouraged everyone she would meet and prayed for many. She was an active member of the United Community Cathedral, Columbia. Published Sunday, June 24, Almedia J. McDaniel, 88, began her eternal life on Sunday, April 29, She was the third oldest of 11 children.

While living in Fredericktown, she met and married Edward Cook H. After welcoming their eldest son, Eddie, they moved to Columbia where in , their daughter, Nancy, was born. Their son, Todd McDaniel, was born in Almedia was bold in her relationship with God and prayed continuously for our country, her family and her friends.

Almedia enjoyed refinishing and restoring antiques, reading, her church, bible study groups and writing daily in her journal. Almedia will be missed by all who knew her, but she would want us to celebrate her passing knowing she is now in her eternal home. Almedia is survived by her daughter, Nancy L. Visitation is Sunday, May 6th from 3: He was born in New Rockford, N. He began his education in a one-room schoolhouse.

Army and served as medic in the First Division in Europe from He then earned a B. He became a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Missouri-Columbia in and finished his 38 year career as Chair of the department and Professor Emeritus. After retirement, he spent summers in the Black Hills of South Dakota where he painted watercolor landscapes, played harmonicas, solved Genius Sudoku puzzles and lovingly tended his land.

His loving nature, humility, faith and generosity were an inspiration to all who knew him. If desired, contributions may be made to the Society of St.

Vincent de Paul of St. Visitation will be on Wednesday, May 9 from 5: Funeral services will be held on Thursday, May 10 at 1: On March 7, , Lloyd married the love of his life, Doris E. Todd, and she preceded him in death. Lloyd enjoyed fishing, golfing, and watching sports on television. Lloyd was very loving, the best dad a daughter could ask for, and his grandchildren were the lights of his life.

He had a very special bond with his grandson who lived with him and helped take care of him the last four years. He is also survived by one sister, Luella Nichols, of Nevada, Mo. He was preceded in death by his parents; one brother, Leslie H. Rosson, and one sister, Doris Hamilton. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations are suggested to the American Cancer Society.

She was the youngest of three children. Shirley married James Akers Sr. They had their son Terry Dale in May Shirley retired from State Farm Accounting Department after 26 years of service.

She enjoyed taking trips with her family and friends. Spending time with her family was her favorite thing to do. She loved to entertain and welcomed everyone in her home, always making them feel like they were a part of the family. Christmas was always her favorite time of year and she loved having the entire family at her home for the holidays.

Shirley is also survived by several nieces and nephews whom she loved dearly. Shirley was preceded in death by her parents; one brother; and one sister. Memorial contributions can be made to the Vincent Gurucharri Foundation. Published Saturday, May 12, Dennis K. Memorial services will be held at Inurnment will follow in Ridge Park Cemetery. Visitation will be from Tuesday at the funeral home. Born August 3, , in Holton, Kan.

Dennis was born and raised in Holton, Kan. He was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. On July 4, , Dennis married Nancy Hupp, who survives of the home. Dennis and Nancy moved to Marshall in and became active in the local community. A graveside service will be held at 9: She moved to McLean, Ill.

It was at State Farm that she met her beloved husband, Donald Stewart. Shirley was a devoted wife to Don and mother to Darlene, Randy and Janet. She was active in the Missouri United Methodist Church and was a member for over 62 years. In , Shirley moved to Tulsa, Okla. A special thanks to Janet, her daughter, for the loving care of her mother while in Tulsa, Okla. Published Sunday, May 13, Patricia Jo Volkert, 73, of Columbia, died in her home on Tuesday, May 8, , with her family around her.

Volkert, whom she married in She also taught Sunday School for over a decade at Broadway Christian Church, where she was a long-time member. Throughout their lives together, Tricia and Wynn traveled extensively. She embraced new experiences and destinations and loved to reminisce about the many places they had been. While she continued to be involved in the community through volunteering with several organizations, her family and friends were always central to her life.

Her generosity and the joy she brought to others was a wonderful gift. Her love for others was boundless and her sense of humor and enthusiasm for life unparalleled. A celebration of life ceremony will be held at 1: Nancy was born June 27, , in Ithaca, N.

Willman and Louise Alvord Willman. Nancy enjoyed arranging flowers, reading, and collecting family history and photos, but her true passion was volunteer work and helping others. Through words, deeds, and her own living example, she taught love, compassion, acceptance, and joy.

She encouraged everyone she knew to live those same qualities, to see the beauty around them and to be grateful for the day. She cared deeply about justice and doing what was right, humane, and kind.

She had a deep connection to the natural world and all of its creatures, and was never happier than when she communed with it. She was an insatiable learner, always curious, always keenly observant and full of wonder. She loved to travel and see new places. Her breadth of knowledge was nothing short of amazing. She passed her love of learning and inquisitive nature on to her children and her grandchildren, who will be forever enriched by these qualities.

She was a marvelous storyteller and artist of boundless creativity. She laughed often and was always ready for a meaningful conversation, sharing her insights, encouragement, and humor. She was serious about what mattered and yet never took herself too seriously. She was playful, funny, generous, and fiercely protective of those she loved. She was a woman of profound spirituality, and her spiritual journey was deeply meaningful to her.

She had no fear for her own passing, as she knew that she was made of stardust, and to stardust would return. She knew with unwavering conviction that Love is the power that holds the universe together, that although we are all but tiny specks in that vastness, that very vastness would not be the same without each of our own small sparks. She made the world a better place in ways small and large. She encouraged all of us to do the same, to believe in our gifts and to find ways to use them to create change.

She smiled - a lot - and was always looking for opportunities to connect to others in a positive way. She lead through example, and inspired all to do their best. The world is a far better place for having experienced her boundless love, and that love will live on forever.

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