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Life in Ubon Ratchathani as a soldier during the Vietnam War

Ron December 10, at Hope to hear more from this site, be well guys.

In Ubon I think, I recall being hit twice. First time we were all armed and in the bunkers outside barracks. I recall the night they tried to get the gunships very well. It was at night and when the shots and explosions were going off I jumped down from the cockpit of an F4 parked outside the revetments and hunckerd down under the left wing. After crouching there for awhile I noticed I was shielding myself behind napalm that was on the aircraft. Does anyone remember one of my guys being killed from the seat rocket exploding?

Hi Dave, welcome and thanks for your memories. I would love to read more about this seat rocket exploding — sounds devastating and at the same time very intriguing. Dave I was at Ubon at the time and remember the Egress guy was installing the rear seat and the seat fired taking him out with it. The Egress guy was my grandfather, Miguel A. Thank you all for sharing that info. If anyone would be so kind as to share more with us we would appreciate it as my dad was only 4 months old.

There is a Ubon group on facebook https: Dave , I do recall your guy being killed. I was in the phantom gun shop on the Flightline that day. Hi, Jake please read my comment above in response to Virgil Flaherty. The Egress guy was my grandfather. Any info you have would be appreciated as we know so little about him. I remember the fellow loading the seat, and it blew him out and crew chief pulled the chute and covered him.

He was due to rotate in 8 days. Grounded the planes for like a week. Think about it all the time. I do remember the flares going up at night and the gunship flying over head checking out the perimeter.

That sound of the C of the C flying over head stuck in my head for a long time. My squadron was at the end of the ramp towards the gate.

I was with the rd my aircraft number D It carried the laser pod. I just came across this site, and I enjoyed the photos and all of the comments. The 2 story cinder block barracks was brand new when I got there. Work was one thing but I thoroughly enjoyed entertaining our people at the Sampan Club I believe that was the name of the place! Good site; great memories. Worked in the pre-load area down by the flight arrestor cables prepping ordinance, loading trailers with jammers, delivering ammo to flight line on trailers pulled by Coleman tugs call sign usually Cobra 5.

I remember living in the old hootches when I first arrived, and moving to the new cinderblock barracks later on. We worked 3 shifts, but we had to be in the same barracks.

I spent a lot of time at the Corsair Club. Do you remember the name of the club across the street? I enjoyed reading your post. Great site, did two years at Ubon,sept and again June , working in th mms gun services, also helped guys in Spectre gun shop.

Remember both sappers attacks jan 70 and June There was an attack in jun 69 also and when I arrived in sept , all new guys got assigned to fence repair details. Anyone remember our duty position during attack,,on-base bomb dump , with no firearms issued, ha.

Hope to hear more from this site, be well guys. I believe that we served those two tours in the mms gun shop together Jake. Humped a lot of 20mm, Lots of memories. Charlie , how the hell are you, long time brother, we did serve together ,lots of memories too! Still growing your hair long? Was in Ubon The photos bring back a lot of memories.

I can still smell the jet fuel on the tarmac. I can also remember the day one of the guys jumped into the front seat and inadvertently fired rockets across into the revetment. I was also there when the egress guy had his accident. We all got a lengthy talk about seat safety since our group would have to get in the seats to test our equipment. I knew of the crew that launched the rocket,,forget their names now.

Did you know a Bill Beasley he had bunk in the same room call it that as I was in, also had a bungalow in town.

Was there in Dec 69 -Dec Was from Miami FL. Does anyone remember the F4 that crashed into the bungalow at the main gate, or any of the circumstances surrounding that crash. I read years later that they missed a barrier cable on landing. Just interested in knowing the details since it missed us at the gate by only 50 to 75 feet.

I have found pictures on the internet but if you have more let me know. Also I am looking for another security guard who worked with me at the gate last name Davis and looked like Paul Newman. Call me if you need any info from me about main gate activity.

I was a weapons mechanic with the th MMS when that happened. Many memories of Ubon. COM,, and check on Thailand bases. I must also tell you guys anyone interested there is a Facebook page titled UBON VETS, it is a closed group, but recommend you join , a wealth of information,good luck.

My memory is not so good anymore so names are very hard to come by. I worked with the Civil Engineer Sqdn. Apparently is has been removed but I kept a PDF copy. Anybody needing this info can e-mail me and I will forward a copy. Has my email not come through to you yet? Never mind — please send to memock westnet.

Ricardo would you please e-mail me a copy of the report. Thank you, vinway kataan. My name is Roy Sutton. I was a Ssgt in charge of Maintenance Training.

Currently fighting the VA over AO exposure. Was assigned to Augmentee duty but VA denies my records show duty. I need any help I can get. All info is helpful. If you have not already found Facebook,,Ubon Vets, I highly recommended you look for it and join,, there are over members,, and a wealth of information on that site,, good luck and welcome. I would like a copy of of that. My dad was their at that time Vinson.

Did not talk about it. Ricardo would you please email me a copy of the report. Single side band tech provided radio comm for radar site. Was there when the Aussies arrived. My name is Mike Stanifer, and I too stumbled onto this site unknowingly. Only reason was to join Ubon vets group and happy I did. Was a crew chief on the F4D. Am in the process of filing claim; ball in VA court. Like some previous comments, memory not great.

Allow me to share some names I do remember. My roomie and I lived on base 2 nights before we were in a bungalow downtown. Just recently and sadly found out he passed 2 yrs ago at A true friend Norris McIntire Mac.

Currently live in Pikeville, Tn. If anyone out there remembers me or those mentioned above please feel free to contact me. My name is Willie Robinson I was in the photo flight form I am trying to find Carl J. I flew combat missions during that time. I want to thank all of you guys who served with honor. I wonder if there is Vietnam vets still living in Ubon Ratchatani? Vets who choosed to stay here instead of going back home. Is there any one of you guys that remember if there vas an Danish guy serving in Ubon?

I think he was serving in the end off the war, maybe in 74 or something? Perimeter and ramp lighting maxed and we were instructed somehow to turn the lights off in the building.

I pushed the door a little to the right and got on the floor and began writing a totally scared and maybe last letter home,to my girl friend. She is still my wife. Two airmen from up the line came walking and talking to the end of the revetments.

I always guessed they just wanted to get close to the action. There was no attempt to,cover. For me, I was scared, kneeling there on the floor writing. Those two boys were about fifteen feet past my station when my exterior wall caught a small arms round. That hole was still there when I left in Sept. Tha next thing I saw was the two would be heroes belly down on the maintenance ramp, closer than close to the wall, dead silent and crawling fast fast as if their lives depended on it.

KP is what I was called. Worked days for about 7 months, finished my year on a 3 PM to 7AM shift every other day. Your name is somewhat familiar to me. Do you remember Mike Benka? Got other names on the tip of my tongue but they stop there. Oh, Leon Redwine is another. My real name is Raymond but a lot of people know me as Marty. Yellow alert, orange alert, red alert. Another burst of machine gun, [did they have night vision goggles then?

Another machine gun burst and impact on satchel charges on the VC sappers explode, six bodies or parts thereof were loaded up the next morning, hauled downtown to be burned on a brush pile.

One year later before departing Ubon the reverse happens, you get handed the rifle, check the serial number, give him back the weapon. Now I wonder if they had only one rifle and we all signed for the same weapon.

It was locked up securely that night, I guess. The Phantom Phlyer had a story about this sapper attack, someone must have a copy? I do, but have not found it yet. Respond you guys for the truth, as I know it.

The three clubs downtown, Mustang, Fairlane, [corsair or corvair? The top floor of the Ubon hotel served food all night, after a quick Samlor ride. For a few extra baht they would let us pedal them, they must have read Mark Twain.

Some nice memories their Joe — thanks for taking the time to share them. I was on the top floor of the Ubon hotel recently for a cold one while the sun went down. Still a great view from up there but not open all night anymore. I was at Ubon for both of the Sapper attacks working in Avionics. We were told by intel. We were released several hours later and not given any further updates.

I just love auto correct or whatever! Joe my memory is not what it used to be but I do remember you and Mike Pruitt. He was later stationed Eglin FL when I was there and we used to party on the weekends. Were you there when Bob Hope came.

We were loading and had a break caught the very end of the show. Found that base newspaper from Ubon [Phantom Flyer], had the sapper attack of Jan 70 in it. And other stuff of course. Send me an email and give me your idea how best to display it and other particulars. There is no doubt NOAA had to hire 3 or 4 people to replace you over there. My email is the same, but they apparently turned your workplace email off. Mike Pruitt was a firecracker of a guy, enjoyed him and his stories.

Pruitt was from Arkansas as I recall. Tsgt Davis was a line expediter, had a Thai girlfriend, he had been there a few years already. Never once did I see him get excited. Rock solid, get out, check the load, ask a question or two. Or ask where is the safety pin for the centerline rack.

Some even thought they could rush us. These are bombs man, this is napalm, that is HEI ammo, weapons loading you get to make a mistake only once. Worked on another load crew with Mike Weiss from Atlanta, those guys seem to have disappeared. The rice bugs were everywhere when they showed up in season, we picked five gallon buckets on them.

Took a bucket full down to the T-lock, she loved them, pretty sure she preferred them to a box of candy and flowers.

Saw wa Dee Joe Nolin mms wpns loading sept Joe just saw your post, I did retire about 5 years ago, should update my email I remember Mike well he was stationed at Eglin with me after Ubon great guy. Had an absolutely gorgeous wife. My name is Jaime Green. I believe he was called Tom by some. He passed away last year. My family greatly misses him.

Before he passed he was financially exploited long story. Any way all of his personal belongings have disappeared. If anyone knew my father during that time I would love to hear from you. If anyone has any photos of my father they would be cherished and greatly appreciated by my family. What a great site. I was stationed at Ubon with the th on the Gunships still remember most of the tail numbers and the bomb dump from Oct.

Best friend to this day was Jimmy Dean. He played a great West Virginia guitar. I remember most of the experiences shared here during that time. Sorry but I lost most of my pictures in the divorce. I believe I handled the raw material of A O while dis-assembling, cleaning and re-assembling the gun barrels on the C Gun Ships. I need help and fast. If anyone has any ideas before Oct 11, please advise to ebouquet comcast.

Really enjoyed reading all of these posts. I was with the th all of I spent my entire year training and evaluating. So many memories and great guys!! I would love to get any info you can offer. Also locations he worked, like where the bombs were etc. My email address is wittyone2 yahoo. Christina, go to the Ubon Vets Facebook page. This page has a wealth of information, photos, and perhaps even people who knew your husband. Thank you, too, phipson!! So many wonderful people out there with helping hands extended!

Unlike those of you who served and can now recall the area and job experience, we widows are at a loss in trying to establish this info… especially those who, like myself, did not even meet our husbands until years after they returned and never discussed the war. I did not know your husband or his friend. As a weapons loader we were all housed in the 2 story cinder block barracks.

I remember the back of the barracks faced the perimeter fence. Assume it must have been sprayed? May have a picture of the perimeter. Sorry for your lose. Skin cancer also seems to be linked to Agent Orange, unfortunately the VA does not recognize the link need more studies?? I have been having recurring skin cancer issues in the last year. I worked the flightline only. Did your husband work in preload area bomb dump which i was not familiar with? Thank you, thank you, John! Am SO excited to be receiving all these replies!

Bless ALL of you! You are ALL heroes in my eyes! Hi Christina — I am the admin here. I have no problems with you doing what you are doing. I do recommend you getting onto that Facebook page though as you will get 10 x the response there! Looking for anyone who worked in the munitions dump that was approximately 6 miles of base in the fall of Just stumbled across this site and stirred many memories of my tour of duty at Ubon April April I was a specialist in the weapons release shop on the flight line.

In reading some the threads regarding AO, I too am now starting to experience skin cancer and first surgery is scheduled at VA hospital in a couple weeks. I also lived in cinder block barracks near the perimeter. I also recall it being somewhat of a no mans land between the barracks and perimeter fence and SP bunker. I have filed no claim at this time but after reading these many comments, filing a claim might be in the future.

I have found an airman stationed at Ubon who worked on B57 has filed AO claim. Apparently at some time these aircraft were used for carrying AO canisters. By way of this site I will try to post with any updates. I tried to apply for VA benefits but was turned down as I was not in Vietnam and at the time I was empoyed. I was told I made to much to qualify. Mike I was there the same time as you do you remember them spraying mosquito spray at Ubon at night.

George Chipman Ubon Oct 66 to Oct Michael E Courtney Nov I enjoyed the assignment, and the Type people. I was stationed at Ubon Apr 71 to Apr Worked at the off base bomb dump. The first six months, I like off base near the Cobra Pit. A Thai Govt crane picked us up in the AM and dropped us off at night. Last 6 months I stayed in the 2 story th barracks. Just started looking at the history of the tour and read your stories has brought back many memories. Names of co-workers that I can remember off the top of my head are: I have some film and pictures I need to dig out of the attic.

Will try to post them this summer. I will look up the Facebook Group too. My husband was stationed in Ubon from March March and has a lot of photos taken during that time. He was with special services and they actually built a nine hole golf course there, clearing out the bamboo and king cobras.

Photos of that also. If you are interested in these photos please let me know and I will make arrangements to get them to you. These were originally slides that I had converted into photos and also put on a disk. My husband is not pc savy so I will have to do it for him.

Thank you for the memories he enjoyed looking at your site. I would love to see the photos. So cool that he was involved with the construction of the golf course.

I have played on it a few times. Here is my review on it. As I read over these messages I realize my husband was very fortunate to have no physical illnesses from being stationed in Ubon.

Maybe this was before the spraying? He is looking for anyone who was stationed there at that time time. Last night he located a buddy that was stationed with him but unfortunately he passed away last month. We wished we had found him sooner. Contact us at rosiesbak gmail. His name is Gilbert Sanchez About the golf course, we were looking at some of the pictures of the Ubon golf and he laughed and said our golf course did not have grass greens just compressed sand.

I can not make your email address work. Will you please email me so I will have the correct address for you? I would love to send some pictures. Sure — I have just sent you an email. I was in Ubon from Feb. I am interested in obtaining pictures or maps of the base that identify the perimeter lines, the barracks location which I believe were comprised of about five buildings in a triangular sort of layout immediately adjacent to a fence line with jungle on the other side.

If anyone can provide pictures or maps I am especially interested in find one that shows the wind drift from the perimeter lines. I have one for Udorn, but cannot locate one for Ubon. Any help would be appreciated. Want to file a claim as I have kidney and likely lung cancer and want to get it on record for the benefit of my wife should anything happen so she can file for benefits.

Thanks for your help. Great site…brought back a lot of memories. Actually, i was there for some time before finding this site. Had no luck finding anyone who worked in the Comm Shop. I have been thoroughly disgusted with efforts to get records from the military.

I sent for my service record and got about eight pages three APRs and some travel vouchers but nothing concerning any of the information I need. Needless to say there were not returned. I found one person from the th AEMS in Saigon that remembered me being there but was hoping to have some additional backup when I file a claim for AO exposure. I recall it being used extensively to clean electronics components throughout the whoke 4 years in the AF.

Have several documents — studies and EPA reports — email me if you need copies. PS out of interest — he was a flight sergeant and came into contact with AO, developed contact dermatitis but no other physical illness. The PTSD got to him in the end though. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Life in Ubon Ratchathani as a soldier during the Vietnam War. John Bemiss in front of A1E9.

FG rd squadron with pave ways loaded. FO th returned with damage. Hooches to the right and enlisted quarters at the end of the road. Trailer with lb pave way bombs. Trailer with CBU's cluster bombs waiting to be loaded. Load of AIM 9 Missles. Load of Mk 82s with fuse extenders. Awesome to watch at night when they took off. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Ubon Ratchathani during the Vietnam war , Ubon Ratchathani history , ubon rtafb , Vietnam war in Ubon , weapons loading at Ubon airforce base , Wing 21 airforce base Ubon during the war.

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