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We have compared several systems and then decided in favor of PERI because of the simplicity and speed. Asymmetric Technologies is committed to assisting our customers with advanced technology development and implementation.

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Worldwide, residential and industrial buildings, bridges and tunnels as well as cultural sites are being realized on a daily basis. During the construction and upkeep of all structures, construction site personnel are often exposed to difficult conditions.

At the same time, they are responsible for the quality, safety and durability regarding the execution. And it is thanks only to their day-to-day commitment and experience that projects are successfully realized in spite of extremely tight schedules and high cost pressures. With our products and services, we at PERI make every effort to support our customers in the best possible way. Altogether, the PERI systems made it possible to have an 8-day cycle and have greatly contributed to the success of the Al Hamra project.

Furthermore, the project support provided by the PERI engineers was very professional and extremely positive. Thanks to the high flexibility of the system, we could optimize our project so that the workload necessary to pour each segment was as short as possible. It also had a measurable influence on the assumed schedule.

The partnership and the support has been absolutely phenomenal — to ensure that the productivity and efficiency has all been met and our targets are on track. We have compared several systems and then decided in favor of PERI because of the simplicity and speed. We yield excellent results — also thanks to the customized support.

The particularly cost-effective system with MX tie technology and simultaneously providing the best concrete finish. Ladders and stairs are used for temporary access of levels with different heights. A variety of materials that previously could not be joined through conventional welding methods have been achieved through NEXT with funding provided by the NSF. North Carolina State University has verified and quantified that the bonded test materials have symmetrical wave morphology and a hermetically sealed transition, exhibiting superior strength - greater than that of the materials being bonded.

Unlike traditional Explosive Welding EXW used to bond dissimilar metals, NEXT is portable, allowing near-net shaped and net-shaped parts to be bonded directly to one another or onto large fixed objects. Additionally, the welded joint prevents galvanic corrosion and electrical arcing between sensitive electronic components.

Due to eliminating the shockwaves associated with explosives, AHPT is exploring the joining of ceramics and carbides to steel. The research has led to the discovery of the propulsion characteristics that may achieve vast improvements over conventional gun powders for small and large munitions as well as testing devices. Advanced Powder Products, Inc. Our capabilities include prototype fabrication, testing, assembly, and production utilizing our high value net shape fabrication technologies.

These technologies include powdered metal injection molding, powder ceramic injection molding, plastic injection molding and micro assembly.

APP has particular technology in micro components fabricating using MEMS scale tooling in conjunction with injection molding technologies. APP processes enable production of complex three-dimensional high aspect ratio MEMS components as well as plastic and magnetic materials. APP technologies have improved the performance, reliability, and cost on products for many of our clients. For further information on our development and manufacturing capabilities, please contact Donald F.

Heaney, , dfheaney 4-app. Our capabilities for design and analysis are centered around three locations; Sacramento, CA, center for new warhead program management and engineering with a satellite site at Socorro, and Orange, VA, our site for energetic materials development and insensitive munitions technology development. Our testing capabilities are extensive with Camden focused on environmental and IM testing and Socorro performing live fire testing using state of the art data collection instrumentation.

In addition to our explosive simulation, design, manufacturing, and test capabilities, Aerojet Ordnance Tennessee, a wholly owned subsidiary of GenCorp Aerojet is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacturing of specialty metal and powdered metal components. AOT is the only facility in the U.

Department of Defense and Federal Government Agencies to develop mission-specific solutions for specialized payloads, enhanced command and control, greater network interoperability and more. AGM has led in the design and fabrication of products that control and monitor moisture desiccators and humidity indicators , pressure and vacuum changes breather valves and shock and vibration tie downs and shock overload indicators.

These products are used for a variety of applications in defense and aerospace, electronics, electro-optical, industrial and commercial markets to protect and extend the life of critical equipment. Akita Innovations LLC is a small business and non-traditional defense contractor specializing in development of novel chemicals, materials, and sensor systems for U.

We design and produce specialty chemicals and polymers at small scales and selectively-permeable membranes and coatings that protect surfaces from chemical and biological agents. Our laboratory in Billerica, MA is fully equipped and licensed for chemical synthesis and handling of hazardous materials.

Akita frequently works for or partners with U. Alloy also engineers and develops high surface area materials for use in other DoD applications. The world's only manufacturer of covert multi-spectral IR decoys fielded today, Alloy Surfaces is a major supplier to the US DoD and militaries world-wide. Alloy's patented, proprietary technology employs pyrophoric materials that radiate in-band IR energy to decoy the guidance systems of attacking enemy missiles.

We design and manufacture high quality drones to carry the best sensors into the toughest environments. Our extensive history includes working alongside organizations including U. We embrace open architectures in our systems design to bring proven commercial concepts to Group I UAS. As an original equipment manufacturer of UAS, we are at the forefront of new American engineering and manufacturing technologies, as well as the 2 provider of Group I UAS components to the military.

American Ordnance has years of experience with ammunition and explosive production, pressing, development, and test fire. American Ordnance strives to produce high quality, reliable ammunition that consistently meets rigid specifications and guidelines set forth by the U. Government and other customers. There are various development, manufacturing engineering, product support and storage capabilities available at American Ordnance including: APFC is a leading custom manufacturer of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, propulsion products, and water treatment equipment within its focused markets.

With over 50 years of experience providing high quality products, technical and manufacturing expertise, and a focus on customer service, AMPAC has achieved a reputation for quality, reliability, technical performance and innovation. Given the mission-critical nature of our products, we have established longstanding strategic customer relationships, and we work collaboratively with customers to develop customized solutions that meet rigorous U. We have been the exclusive manufacturer of AP in North America since AP is the leading oxidizing agent for solid propellant rockets, booster motors and missiles.

Products include monopropellant and bipropellant engines, propellant tanks, valves, regulators, launch vehicle structures and propulsion systems. Our products support missile defense, global communications and space exploration. American Systems Corporation the company provides systems engineering, technical, and managed services to government customers.

API develops and manufactures resin matrices for composites based on epoxies, benzoxazines, bismaleimides, polyimides, cyanate esters, and ceramic precursors.

In response to industry needs, Applied Poleramic, Inc. Through this investment and working in close collaboration with our customers we are able to develop matrix materials that exceed expectations. A range of curing technologies is offered including thermal, UV, and E-beam. Innovative technologies have been developed at API to enable the development of the highest performance matrix resins from a range of proprietary toughening modifiers to a series of molecular fortifiers.

Composite performance is enhanced through these matrices having unique molecular and network design and morphology control single phase, multiphase, IPN, etc.

Many API products have become industry standards and have been extensively studied over publications and referenced in the literature. In addition to resin matrices for fiber reinforced composites, API has many synergistic product technologies including adhesives, foams, coatings, and potting compounds.

ATI has subject matter experts in several areas, including infrared IR , laser, radio frequency RF , electronic warfare countermeasures; directed energy, including high energy lasers and high power microwave technologies; energetics; missile systems, particularly IR and RF seekers; radar systems; surveillance systems; and signature control technology.

ATI has served as both a prime contractor and subcontractor to design, develop, test, evaluate, and improve multiple types of U. Archarithms solutions produce insights, predict events and make probabilistic recommendations to: Esterline Corporation is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets. Advanced Materials focuses on process related technologies including high-performance elastomer products used for a wide range of military and commercial aerospace purposes and combustible ordnance and electronic warfare countermeasure products.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a world leader in magnet production and fabrication, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals. Arnold supports motor systems that are smaller, lighter and more efficient while operating in high speed, high heat environments. Visit us at arnoldmagnetics.

Arrow Tech is an engineering services company providing ammunition development and analysis services to the munitions industry and to the government. Our specific areas of expertise include: PRODAS is an integrated software toolkit including over sixty analyses for the design, analysis and simulation of conventional and guided munitions. Artis was established in by Keith Brendley, Jed Marti and outside partners. Its pioneering research has led to the development of Iron Curtain, an active protection system for light vehicles, as well as other active protection systems.

Additionally, it has developed MOCOVE, a unique, drug-free motion sickness prevention device; distributed sensor networks; mobile robotics systems; and other futuristic systems.

Artis has created a rich culture of creativity and innovation, a capability to develop complex systems, and an ability to form teams to leverage manufacturing and support capabilities of much larger companies.

Ascent Vision Technologies is a U. Asymmetric Technologies is a small, advanced technology business located in Columbus, Ohio. We are focused on development, testing and deployment of cutting-edge technologies for our clients, who range from national security organizations to commercial and industrial firms, with a focus on sensor systems and unmanned aerial systems UAS technologies.

Asymmetric Technologies is committed to assisting our customers with advanced technology development and implementation.

Asymmetric grew out of the combat and military support experience of its founder, Brian Borkowski, who saw an opportunity to create a company committed to guaranteeing the success of critical product innovations. With staff members positioned globally, our experienced, agile, and professional Operational Subject Matter Experts, engineers, and trainers understand strategic requirements and are focused on communicating those to operational users and our clients - wherever they are needed.

ATA is an employee-owned small business that provides high-value aerospace engineering AE and mechanical engineering ME services in the areas of product design, analysis, and test. With more than three decades of experience working with our customers to solve the most challenging design, test, and analysis problems, we have gained a reputation for excellence in the engineering community.

Our work on a wide range of products in the aerospace and defense, military and commercial vehicle, and consumer-product industries has been recognized with a number of technical and service awards for excellence—most recently including the NASA George M. Advanced Technology International ATI builds and leads applied research collaborations comprised of government agencies, research universities and hundreds of innovative industry partners - ranging from Fortune companies to small and emerging businesses.

Flow forming is an advanced, net shape, cold metal forming process employed for the manufacturing of dimensionally precise, rotationally symmetrical, hollow components. Precise tubular components such as motor bodies and warheads for tactical rockets, having large length to diameter ratios, made with thin walls and requiring a high degree of dimensional accuracy are excellent flow formed parts.

Titaniums, nickel-based alloys, high strength carbon steels, high fragmentation steels, Maraging Steels, high strength aluminums, and Tantalum Tungsten alloys are routinely flow formed. Internal and external features for the interface of fuzing, imbedded sensors, explosives, and propulsion are also routinely accommodated. Well known for its efficiency and economic benefits, flow forming has been widely accepted as the process of choice in the fabrication of difficult-to-manufacture, round and thin wall, military and aerospace components requiring superior metallurgical and dimensional controls.

Flowforming is currently employed for the production of missile war heads, outer shells and nose cones, housings for flight and launch motors, casings for rocket motors, large caliber cartridge casings, thin wall mortar tubes, projectiles, bomb bodies; as well as tubulars for the nuclear, petrochemical and aerospace industries.

Flow formed parts are formed to net shape or near net shape, eliminating machining operations and expensive material losses. A cylindrical work piece is attached to a rotating mandrel; 3 rollers hydraulically compress against the outer diameter of the preform. The desired geometry of the flow formed tube is achieved when the preform wall thickness is compressed above its yield strength and plasticized "made to flow" in the longitudinal direction onto the surface of the inner, rotating mandrel.

As the preform material is thinned out and lengthened onto the mandrel, preforms are formed into seamless, thin wall, very round and concentric tubular-shaped products; with increased mechanical properties from the cold work, refined microstructure, oriented crystallographic texture and excellent surface finishes, all with repeatable accuracy. Innovation, flexibility and cost-effective solutions are what we do best.

We have a fourteen year track record of providing superior solutions on-time and within budget, ensuring highly satisfied customers. BAE Systems is a global leader in the design, development, production and support of armoured combat vehicles, major and minor caliber naval guns and missile launchers, canisters, artillery systems and intelligent munitions.

Since , BTM has been producing metal components in machining and press-forming methods for a variety of industrial sectors. BTM collaborates with customers on product design and simulation using advanced nonlinear FEA and solids design tools, performs prototyping, development and testing services and builds prototype and sophisticated production tooling and assembly equipment. BTM has a wide range of CNC, mechanical, laser and robotic machining, forming and welding equipment to accomplish these tasks and has additional capabilities in hydroforming and hot-forming processes.

Post-grad metallurgical and material science engineering professionals assist in the design, development and maintenance of processes employed in development and production and materials characterization efforts. BTM has current experience in the production of shaped charge liners and true deep-drawn components for warhead applications. Battelle provides a complete range of assessment, engineering, modeling, product development, processes, procedures, and testing capabilities.

These technology-based products and services range from theoretical studies and projections of future trends, to full-scale hardware demonstrations through type classification. This business is based on expertise in energetic materials and high-speed interactions as applied to lethality, survivability, security, and intelligence missions.

BlankSafe LLC is the manufacturer of the Enhanced Blank Fire Adapter, a weapon-based safety device that prevents a live round from being accidentally chambered during blank fire force on force training. The system is compatible with MILES and other laser engagement systems and functions as a live round interrupting blank fire adapter. The enhanced BFA is currently compatible with the Boston Engineering provides product design and engineering consulting across the entire product development process — from concept through product launch.

Founded in , Boston Engineering is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. BrockTek is a small engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the research, design, development and operation of unmanned systems, subsystems and components.

BrockTek believes in innovation and diversification, and the vast portfolio of work performed attests to the creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of the organization.

BrockTek is ISO CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers.

A variety of materials are forged including carbon, alloy, stainless, nickel base and some titanium. CeraNova Corporation, founded in , specializes in process and product development of innovative, high technology ceramic materials. Since , CeraNova has been developing transparent ceramics, with most of this effort focused on transparent optical ceramics for windows and domes to protect MWIR guidance sensors, including near-net shape forming processes for the production of hemispherical and aerodynamic dome blanks.

Our technical approach to achieving transparent ceramics produces materials with high mechanical strength and high optical transmission, and enables conformal shapes. We have received funding from several Department of Defense agencies, and we have an established record of working successfully with Prime Contractors to provide prototype domes and test coupons for advanced evaluation.

We actively seek application partners and commercialization opportunities for transitioning our technology developments to prototype and pilot-scale manufacturing. Cerion, is a leading company in the field of nanoparticle research, development and manufacturing. Our company was born out of decades of experience creating nano photographic film emulsions at Kodak, and we are best known for our work developing ultra-small, non-agglomerated metals, oxides, and mixed metal nanoparticles.

In addition to our research capability, we are one of the largest independent manufacturers of nanoparticles in North America, with current capacity to produce over metric tons per annum.

For more information, check out our website at www. We also manufacture a full line of cutting edge firearm sound suppression devices or silencers innovatively designed and built using state of the art manufacturing processes.

We are currently working toward fielding products in the dynamic entry technology market as well. CGS provides strategic design manufacturing and consulting services to commercial, not for profit, and government organizations. We can design, build and mobilize the right hardware, skills, and technologies to help organizations improve their performance.

CGS is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible end user based solutions for our clients. Chemring Ordnance is a world leader in the manufacture of ammunition and pyrotechnic products. Chemring Ordnance is a center of excellence for the design, development and production of ordnance, pyrotechnic products, and other munition components for military, homeland security, and first responders. We manufacture all types of 40mm low and high velocity ammunition; pyrotechnic marking, signaling, and tactical illumination devices; battlefield effects simulators; hand grenade fuzes and other ammunition components such as large caliber electronic primers.

We also provide load, assemble, and pack LAP services. We are a supplier to the U. We are world leaders in pyrotechnic compositions, energetic materials, and illumination technology with established links to many of the recognized research and development centers and academic institutions in the USA and abroad. We have a highly experienced team of engineers and scientists who work with government and other industry partners to research and develop a wide range of pyrotechnic and high energy products.

Particular emphasis for our military range of products is on IM compliance. Our design activities are carried out in accordance with our ISO We have an extensive portfolio of pyrotechnic products for defense and commercial applications.

For over twenty-nine 29 years, Choctaw Defense has provided a vast array of complex manufactured items to all branches of the United States Military, as well as numerous major Government contractors. Choctaw Defense is the Nation's leading Native American aerospace and defense manufacturer.

Our superior track record includes a year history of proven manufacturing success with military and prime contractor customers. Our three facilities are all ISO We excel as a precision metal fabrication, tool kitting, and wood fabrication manufacturer that is centrally located within scenic southeastern Oklahoma with locations in McAlester, Antlers, and Hugo.

Choctaw Defense is certified by the Small Business Administration as a tribally owned 8 a manufacturer. The following are services and innovation capabilities within our areas of expertise: CKS employs subject matter experts with up to 60 years of individual experience in all our areas of expertise, multiple Silver Snoopy recipients and multiple licensed Professional Engineers. CLogic is a small woman-owned, developer and supplier of progressive armament technologies to the U.

We are an ISO Advancements in optical processing and other unique technologies that CLogic, LLC has developed for DoD reactive armor manufacturing have brought together the ability to develop a number of next generation armament solutions rapidly and at lower costs.

This includes laser cutting, robotic welding, automated forming and finishing operations that increase the survivability and corrosion resistance of our products. Examples of prototypes produced include: It was founded in with engineering and production facilities located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. CEI supplies COTS hardware and software, as well as tailored solutions, working directly with government agencies and for commercial prime contractors, offering quick turn, innovative solutions with lower cost and higher quality while minimizing risk.

CEI leads or partners on new radar systems, software and hardware projects, including leading edge efforts in MOSA applications, reconfigurable RF, THz EM propagation modeling, and associated remote sensing system development. CSI holds numerous long-term U. CSI's military customers and development partners include the U. CSI holds over 25 patents, has numerous patents pending and vigorously defends its intellectual property rights around the world.

In addition to its military products, CSI markets its innovative line of less-lethal munitions, tactical munitions and crowd control products to domestic law enforcement agencies under its law enforcement brand name, CTS. CSI also supports its wide base of international military and law enforcement customers with its line of non-lethal munitions. Concurrent Technologies Corporation CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization providing innovative management and technology-based solutions to government and industry.

As a nonprofit c 3 organization, CTC's primary purpose is to undertake activities that serve the public interest. CTC often joins with other nonprofit, research-based organizations and universities to develop solutions and to solve technology challenges.

Areas of expertise include advanced materials, manufacturing, and engineering; demilitarization and armaments; combat vehicles; environment and sustainability; healthcare solutions; information technology solutions; intelligence and cyber solutions; learning and human performance; logistics and readiness; power and energy; safety and occupational health; and special missions.

We are a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise MWBE that services a wide range of industries, which use different types of materials to serve their needs and those of their costumers and clients. We specialize in knowledge in polymer chemistry, ceramics, metals, amongst others. Our aim is to lower production costs, increasing effectiveness and quality while decreasing sensitivity to unplanned stimuli.

Founded in , Control Products, Inc. Today, CPI provides creative control solutions to a diverse group of markets, including the military, where high reliability is needed in demanding applications. As an engineering firm we also develop new solutions or expand on existing technology to resolve challenging issues. Control Solutions LLC is engaged in developing and manufacturing protection and survivability systems for government customers.

The company has a focus on manned turret systems and power door assists for military vehicles. The key technologies and products the company brings to these applications include: Research is ongoing into inductive power transfer, turret slip rings, precision position sensors, degree vision, system remote control and automation.

Cornerstone Research Group Inc. CRG conducts research and development, from molecule to manufacturing, in an array of markets. Providing technology and product development services, we have established a no-nonsense ability to invent breakthrough technology, bridge the proverbial "valley of death," and deliver a viable product. Our core competencies are systems design, non-metallic advanced materials, and manufacturing process development. Our success stems from the way we couple our technological development with aggressive entrepreneurial business practices.

We provide solutions, driving new technologies from early research through final production. Each viable technology stemming from government SBIRs and other research programs has its own potential target market or target system for implementation. To address these diverse business needs and opportunities, we create independent divisions or even spin-off companies that focus on commercializing promising technologies. These spin-offs leverage millions of dollars in research and development of a product or system to support application in other business areas.

The formation of a new company focuses on maturing a technology for specific customers. These non-competitive spin-offs are designed to work with our current customers, complementing and supporting their business interests.

They also provide involvement possibilities for angel and venture investors and opportunities for employees to pursue new career directions. So far, CRG has spun off two viable businesses with customer pull and steady revenue: CRG Industries LLC , a manufacturing business focused on syntactic laminate materials and their applications, shape memory thermoplastic and an isolation repair system for composites Spintech Ventures LLC , a new company commercializing Smart Tooling technology and consumer repair products based on shape memory materials.

CPS produces millions of MMC components every year for a diverse range of products, including structural parts for robots, heat sinks for electronics and armor for combat vehicles. Our primary product is silicon-carbide reinforced aluminum AlSiC , which is used to make microprocessor lids, heat sinks and IGBT baseplates — including for hybrid electric — along with many similar products.

Our structural and armor components primarily utilize fiber reinforcement continuous and discontinuous in an aluminum matrix to make high strength, high stiffness composites. We also reinforce with dense ceramic tiles for ballistic armor, and with hollow ceramic spheres for lightweight structures at half the density of Al and with unique blast energy absorption characteristics.

Recent tests of our ceramic-fiber reinforced aluminum sheet demonstrate remarkable fire resistance. One-half mm thick sheet resisted the direct impingement of a propane torch for over five minutes.

This compares with seconds to burn-through for an aluminum sheet of the same thickness. Our capital equipment provides capability for parts up to 3 feet in diameter and 6 feet long and weighing hundreds of pounds. Our manufacturing, quality systems and capabilities have been audited and approved by many of the most exacting customers throughout the world. Embracing their customers' challenges, the company offers both a growing family of high-performance MMIC standard products and innovative custom-design services.

Custom MMIC specializes in RF through millimeter-wave circuits serving diverse markets including wireless and wired communications, satellite, radar systems, cellular infrastructure and instrumentation. The company was founded in and is based in Chelmsford, MA. CEI is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage capacitors and electronic assemblies.

Strict quality standards and superior workmanship set CEI apart from the rest and have made their name synonymous with the terms dependability , reliability and high-performance. Over 45 years of design experience gives the CEI staff the know-how and confidence to deliver all of your electronic needs from customized capacitor solutions and highly complex bus bar assemblies to tailored electromagnetic components and printed circuit board population.

Industry standards are rigorously applied to all products as an integral part of their manufacturing process and they keep a licensed professional engineer on staff. Their manufacturing facilities, including the plant in Westbrook, Maine have full production capability from technical data package receipt to reducing the cost and enhancing quality, to successful first article testing FAT to meet the large quantity production. Darkblade Systems excels in operationalizing and deploying new and emerging technologies.

With a staff of highly specialized, cleared professionals, the Darkblade Systems team strives to represent the quiet professional approach to project success and growth. Across these core areas of expertise, Darkblade Systems provides innovative technical support. Engineering specialties include development and design services for hardware and software systems fulfilling mission needs of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Operational services include full spectrum project and program support, including planning, training, maintenance, management, and technical evaluation. The primary mission at these sites today is the Load, Assembly, and Pack LAP of finished munitions products or components.

DET is a renowned leader in the field of ballistic design and development. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of ballistic development, from basic research through armor and warhead design, to the fabrication and evaluation of developed items.

Decilog performs fire control software systems design, implementation, test, training, field support and maintenance. Decilog also performs computer resources management functions for the Apache Helicopter program. Decilog has performed a number of fire control optics programs and currently provides technical support to ARDEC fire control and small arms-group.

As an employee owned company, we have been honored to be an award-winning organization earning numerous workplace accolades reflecting our dedication to our customers as well as to our family-friendly and community-involved culture. Our areas of expertise are: Defense Engineering Services, formed in August of , was created to serve the growing need for flexible, competent engineering resources in the defense and security industry.

Our core competency is mechanical engineering for military, defense and security applications. We have particular expertise in projectile, EFP, shaped charge, and buried charge defeat, and engineering surrogate charges for testing. DES is comprised of a team of highly skilled engineers led by Mr.

Robert Cole and Mr. The team has over 80 years of combined experience in mechanical engineering, MIL-SPEC engineering, manufacturing, research and development, and automotive engineering. At the forefront of Cyber Security and Supply Chain Risk Management, DESE engineers are performing advanced analytic research providing the DoD Acquisition Community with the capability to identify and manage risk, and counter cyber threats to missile systems during the full weapons systems lifecycle.

Our engineers are using DESE developed processes to decompose and perform criticality analysis across a wide spectrum of major weapons systems. Design West Technologies, Inc. In secure multi-plant facilities totaling over 90, sqft populated with state of the art automated manufacturing equipment in Orange County and San Diego, CA.

DWT has received over 40 DoD contracts and has shipped over 1. DWT has been involved in contract manufacturing and Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical product developments for high precision components, products and systems since its founding in Based in Warrenton, Virginia, DroneShield is a worldwide leader in drone security technology. The Company has developed the pre-eminent drone security solution that protects people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones.

Vikram Kalia, Director Tel.: NACRE experience covers from feasibility studies to engineering work like for example, project management, shieldling and safety studies, conveying systems, product validation and training.

The Center is committed to building strong partnerships with the government and private industry in our efforts to move the technology from the research laboratory to the market-place. The first irradiation plant of ININ started commercial operation in The facility serves more than companies and operates for abot hours per year.

The facility also provides testing services for research purposes using three self-shielded gamma cells. The main facility is based on a JS irradiator.

Nelson Laboratories is a leading provider of full, life-cycle microbiology testing services. We are known for exceptional quality, but we look beyond the testing process and partner with you to achieve your long-term business goals.

Learn how we can help move your products to market quickly and safely. Our strong industry reputation, world-class irradiator and enabling technology design, materials research, and training programs at the Gamma Centre of Excellence, further enhance the long-term viablity and competitiveness of the gamma processing industry. Whether your business is processing medical devices or food products, is new or well-established, we have over 50 years of experience in building and supporting gamma processing operations to help you succeed.

NUCTECH Company Limited, originating from Tsinghua University, is a security inspection product manufacturer and security solutions supplier, specialized in radiation imaging technology and features, by providing high-tech security inspection products of independent property rights.

Ms Qin Huaili E-mail: Our generating assets include 3 nuclear stationsSupport Services — dosimeters and other support services and equipment fossil and 64 hydroelectric stations. Please see our website for further information: The Institute is the leading and internationally most competitive Croatian institute by virtue of its participation in international research projects and other international scientific foundations.

The investigations of the nature and fate of the reactive short-lived species formed in the radiolysis are studied. The research was carried out in both simple liquid and solid systems, including polymers.

Early fate of the electron and free radical reactions were studied in liquids, while radiation-induced polymerization and graft copolimerization were studied in polymers. Gamma-irradiation and time-resolved technique laser flash photolysis are essential for the fulfilment of the research mission. Radiation technique became a necessary tool in many areas of scientific research especially in radiation synthesis and modifications of advanced materials and nanotechnology. The group of the RCDL researchers works on research and development of dosimetry systems suitable for wide ranging applications over many orders of magnitude, from environmental dosimetry and radiation protection to radiation processing practices.

Integral parts of this research are characterization of dosimetry systems and radiation fields, dosimetry of various electromagnetic and particle radiations neutrons and charged particles and evaluation of dosimetry techniques.

An important part of the RCDL mission remains the research of potential applications of irradiation for sterilization, pasteurization, disinfection and decontamination of medical, pharmaceutical, food and other products, and finally for protection and conservation of cultural heritage objects. Founded in , Seoul Radiation Services SRS was originally engaged in providing personal monitoring services using thermoluminescence dosimeters. Established in , Sichuan Institute of Atomic Energy is a development research institute directly under the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, professionally engaging in application of civil non-power nuclear technology.

Based in Beijing, the company has established itself as a supplier to be counted with on the world scene with more than 15 gamma irradiators sold in China, Thailand and Vietnam since Room B, Keyuan Building No. The facility will provide the most 10 MeV sterilization capacity, the most comprehensive product options, and the highest uptime availability than any other facility in North America.

Our staff of validation engineers will provide expert consultation for setting up any products to be dose mapped. We also offer turnkey sterilization validations for any new products to be introduced into the market at some of the most competitive. With 40 services centers in 11 countries across the globe, Sterigenics International is the only company in the world to offer technology in all leading sterilization modalities, including: A consultative approach like no other, Sterigenics together with a host of industry experts offers an approach far beyond that of any other advice-giving resource.

Cutting time and cost is our 1 goal. From top to bottom, our people are passionate about taking time out of the supply chain, inventory off the balance sheet, and money out of the cost of bringing products to market. Where other focus on technology…at Sterigenics, we focus on solutions. STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies has been committed to providing contract sterilization and microbial reduction services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer and industrial communities for over 40 years.

State-of-the-art sterilization capabilities are just part of a complete managed program that emphasizes exceptional process quality, efficient turnaround and optimum cost containment. We are pleased to provide our Customers with a single source for every stage of the sterilization design process, from product development through routine processing. For more than 30 years, Steritech has been a world leader in decontamination and sterilisation processing. Today, Steritech is the most prominent contract sterilisation and decontamination processor in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the largest worldwide.

Steritech now has plants operating in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Steritech is proud to be an Australian family-owned company, operating the only commercially available irradiation plants in Australia. Steritech offers two effective sterilisation or decontamination solutions: These technology solutions decontaminate and sterilise a range of products. Steritech routinely processes over different products, everything from medical products to quarantine goods.

Please visit our website for more information. Symec Engineers India Pvt Ltd was founded in and was initially involved in pressure vessel fabrication and piping works for various chemical, nuclear and pharmaceutical Industries. Since then, Symec has built eight Industrial Gamma Irradiation plants and is in the process of building four more in India and abroad.

The company is also involved in the development of special purpose machinery, automated systems, process equipment for high temperature and pressure and Outsourced design and development. Symec incorporates a work ethic that fosters innovation, hard work, professionalism and a willingness to design and develop unique systems under challenging conditions. Our dedicated staff of design engineers, draftsmen, workshop and administrative personnel are committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions and high quality service to meet and exceed their expectations.

A — 86, TTC. Mr Champakvas Kadaba, President Tel. Systagenix Wound Management, an Acelity company, offer a portfolio of leading edge advanced wound dressings for managing hard-to-heal acute and chronic wounds. Acelity is a global wound care and regenerative medicine company created by uniting the strengths of three companies, Kinetic Concepts Inc. Available in more than 75 countries, the innovative and complementary Acelity product portfolio delivers value through solutions that speed healing and lead the industry in quality, safety and customer experience.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Acelity employs more than 5, people around the world. We believe in enabling better futures for everyone. Tecleor LLC start up company creates a universal Center for Development and Promotion Technologies of Food Irradiation for the purpose of disinfection and antimicrobial treatment to prolong shelf life and reliable exclusion of pathogenic microbiota.

Food Irradiation is a physical treatment in which food is exposed to calculated dose of ionizing radiation Electron. Alongside industrial processing the business will be able to evaluate and plan appropriate treatment regimens for new products which have not previously been subjected to processing electron beam irradiation. Tongxing Beijing Nuclear Technology Co. We specialize in supplying Co sources for industrial radiation processing and related services.

Our operating philosophies are: Safety First, Quality at its essence, Considerate service and Reasonable prices. Vanform corporation established in , is an enterprise integrating science and technology, industry and trade on high energy physics field, dedicates on the development of full industry chain for the electron beam radiation processing. The main business includes the research and manufacture of series electron accelerators and the key equipment of high energy physics, the research of electron beam application technology and the new material manufactured by electron beam irradiation, the construction of radiation processing demonstration center.

Vanform corporation hope to cooperate with International organizations, International EB manufacturers, researches institutions and the users continue dedicating to research and manufacturing of better EB machines to accompany the new developments of the radiation processing. The Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences was established in as a research center for the study of the most topical issues in natural sciences: It is well equipped for materials characterization and analysis, and operates two Co radiation facilities one of the industrial scale.

The Radiation Sterilization facility equipped with gamma sources used for research and industrial irradiation are used for radiation sterilization of medical devices, pharmaceutical and as well as for microbial decontamination of herbs and spices. We live by our motto, Professionalism, Honesty and Safety, and deliver efficient and high quality services to our customers. Our aim is to be a reputable world class player using advanced equipment, an efficient management system and professional technologies.

Slobodan Masic Tel no: Ltd, is based in WuXi a city located near Shanghai, China. We develop and manufacture electron accelerators in the 0. El Pont is the first in the trade in China that accomplished the export of the complete set of civilian non-power nuclear equipment to Korea, India, Turkey, Russia and Indonesia, etc.

El Pont has established 5 radiation processing bases in Wuxi, Tianjin, Wuhan, Yantai and Yixing, all equipped with 10MeV electron linear accelerator and high-frequency high-voltage electron accelerators of 1.

Operation of radiation processing bases provides a platform for continuous improvement on the design, development of El Pont accelerator so that our products can better meet the requirements of customers and market.

Owning to the five bases, El Pont has become very experienced in radiation and processing, and has improved the radiation processing techniques for a number of products, which would enable our customer to establish a complete system of radiation process technology. Kyle, International Marketing Phone: Zhongjin Irradiation Company, owned by China Gold Group, is the largest gamma irradiation service provider in China with more than 20 years of experience.

Leaders in the Irradiation Community. Our Membership Our Membership is diverse in terms of organisational size, specialisation and geographic location. Leonid Zelenkevich, Director E: Phytosanitary Treatment — integral solution for post harvest fruit fly host fruit.

Shelf life extension of some fruits. We invite you to view our website for further details of our company and services: Ganesh Chief Executive Phone: Arthur Heiss, Vice President Tel: Aleksandr Bryazgin, Head of Laboratory E: The objectives of our USDA funded research are to: Conduct dose response studies to determine tolerance of fruit to irradiation Compare irradiation to conventional treatments Determine the impact of commercial treatment and distribution conditions on the quality of irradiated fruit Please see our website: Framatome is owned by EDF Lorenzo Pedrazzini, Sales Manager Email: Andrea Soldini, Sales Specialist Email: This is what we do at Gammatom Gammatom understand that the application of radiation cannot be generalised and has worked for many years to tailor solutions that serve the specific needs of its customers.

Hepro High Energy Processing. Mark Driscoll Director mdriscol esf. Institute of Isotopes Izotop. Our main activities include the following: Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology. Mr Rajbir Singh — Director: Specialist in radiation processing Treatment with ionizing radiation is a proven and effective method to decontaminate and sterilize products. Marubeni Utility Services Ltd. Marubeni Utility Services is the foremost importer and distributor of cobalt in Japan.

Mevex accelerators produce beam energies from 1 to 40MeV with beam powers from 1kW to kW.

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