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Larger disc brakes, a manual transmission, and suspension modification followed.

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“This one has to go. Price Reduced. $9300 or BO”?

This provides a luxurious ride that breathes with your body. Leather will also break in along with the foam shape to support the personalized fit. Available in a wide range of textures and styles to suit your taste. For more information about leather seating just click away.

The first and most versatile removable backrest system available for motorcycles! Corbin's backrests provide added vertical back support and long range comfort. Supported by internal hardware for a very clean look. Backrests adjust to rider's profile for a tailored fit and install or remove easily as desired. A very popular option!

Click the button for additional info Our pillion pad attaches just like the stock passenger seat with the front bracket included and preinstalled on the saddle. Corbin saddles with very few exceptions include Genuine Leather Seating to provide a luxurious look and feel You wouldn't buy vinyl boots would you? Heater elements when available should never be installed in motorcycle seats that will be used by riders that cannot sense heat.

This could create a hazardous condition. Designed to help your leather saddle remain weather resistant and keeps the hide supple. This will allow the leather to break in and age gracefully. Simple rub-in, buff out application. The size looks visually appropriate on most every seat yet is large enough to provide good, sculpted support.

Works well in either the rider's or passenger's position. The standard Ovalbac is available with a range of finishing plate options to dress up the rear including chrome! This model is the same size and shape as the Standard Ovalbac above, but without the hole in the middle. Provides plenty of sculpted back support without looking too big on the bike. Works in both the rider or passenger seating area on virtually all Corbin saddle models. This model also has the option of chrome studs if desired.

Works great as a passenger backrest in Dual Touring models. Because of the added width, we do not recommend this model in the front position while carrying a passenger Sculpted to provide wide ergonomic support. Offers a variety of finishing plate options to customize the rear sorry, no chrome.

Sculpted for extended support both vertically and horizontally, but cut away at the bottom to provide clearance for passenger's legs. A variety of finishing plate options are available to customize the rear. This one is most often used as a rider's backrest in Gunfighter seat models thus the name. Includes a variety of finishing plate options for the rear. This model is often used as a rider's backrest in Gunfighter seat models just like the G shown above.

Corbin's Glove Box bolts up easily to your S B model backrest in place of the rear finishing plate to provide four liters of locking storage. Available in primer or pre-painted. Some color matches are available depending on bike make and model. Comes fully lined too! Auto styled couches and our classic chrome and leather barstools are a big hit for the man cave! Of course we want to hear from you!

Showcase your bike on Corbin. Such proposal shall be forwarded on request to the Insurers. The proposal must be fully completed by the Hirer or other permitted driver in all respects.

In addition to the usual declaration and warranty contained in the proposal, the following declaration shall appear on the proposal, namely: The Insured shall be considered as being the agent for the Hirer or other permitted driver for all purposes in connection with this insurance but under no circumstances shall the Insured be considered as agent for the Insurers.

The Hire Vehicle shall not be used for the carriage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature or the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward. In accordance to Insurer requirements, and for security reasons, hire agreements will be kept for at least 36 months.

The Hirer will be responsible for any administration costs resulting from incorrect information being provided.

Motobox UK Ltd reserves the right to refuse hire to any parties for whatever reason. Hire Vehicles are not to be used for any racing, competitions, rallies, or business use. The Hirer agrees to protect the interest of Motobox UK Ltd and the Insurers in the case of an accident during the term of Hire and shall immediately report to Motobox UK Ltd any accident in which the motorcycle detailed in the hire agreement is involved and shall; a Make every effort to obtain the names and addresses of all parties involved.

We would like to remind our customers that cover by our comprehensive insurance is for road risk only. Motobox UK Ltd cannot be held responsible for any personal injuries or mishaps during the hire period. Motobox UK agrees to let the Hirer use the motorcycle subject to the stated terms. Payment of security deposit can only be made by debit or credit card. This is taken on a pre authorisation basis, this is where the funds for the deposit are reserved by your bank in case of any damage, theft or charges incurred whilst the bike is in your possession, on signing the hire agreement form you are authorising Motobox UK Ltd to debit your card for any additional charges, these include: The hirer described in the application and declaration agrees to return the motorcycle together with all tyres, tools, accessories and other equipment in the same condition as received at commencement of this rental agreement, to the place and on the time and date specified, or sooner if requested by Motobox UK.

Unauthorised extension of the rental period will be charged per day or part thereof, at the full, advertised daily rate. All rentals include a fair use mileage policy- mileage allowance is limited to miles per day for motorcycles above cc and miles per day for all other motorcycles unless agreed otherwise additional mileage charges are 25 pence per mile. No motorcycle rented under this agreement may be used on non tarmac roads or on any type of race track or competition whatsoever. In the event of an accident during your hire, should the bike become unusable or un repairable within your hire period, we offer no full or partial refunds on rentals paid nor a replacement bike.

In the event of an accident or rider error, for example wrong fuel, loss of keys etc, you will be covered with breakdown assistance, however you will be responsible and charged accordingly for repairs, loss, damage, relay, recovery and or repatriation. All speeding tickets, parking fines, congestion charges, toll charges and any other chargeable offence are the responsibility of the hirer.

Hirers need to be aware that they are responsible for any damage, excess tyre wear, tyre damage and punctures. They are also responsible for replacing all fuel used. Gift Vouchers are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Tiger Sport More Info. Bonneville More Info. I got my chance last summer when I took my ninth motorcycle in ten years—and first American bike—to see my folks in N.

It was great fun. I was surprised that a lower and and flatter 2-up Mustang worked better for me than the beautiful, scooped two-piece it came with, or the wide Mustang solo touring seat which had me scrunched too far forward and on my tail bone. The flatter Mustang was harder but let me scoot around more. A key for me is that I left the pillion empty and often sat back there for a mile or two.

When sitting on the front portion of the seat, passenger pegs definitely help! My turned-down buckhorns helped too, probably along with my dual gauges and low seat keeping me from being too much of a sail on my naked bike. Sometimes I had one foot on one set of pegs, and the other on another set. Mine being an , with a 3. It was a serenely mellow ride like that.

There was more expense for taking a used bike and sorting a few things—tires, new front disc to replace the one that we messed up doing the tires ourselves!

But yeah, if you can fit and make a few mods, Sportsters are great for touring. Not long ago a friend and I went to some of our favorite twisty roads, but this time with three couples on baggers. Those turns might as well have been four-way intersections with no cross traffic but yield signs. Light bike touring is really a lot of fun! Another thing I noticed about Sportsters is that they have sweet spots, and finding them is half the fun.

Where you keep the tach needle generally helps find some motor sweet spots for smoothness. When you are somewhere on the tach where the motor is just not as smooth, there are foot positions on the pegs which make vibrations nearly disappear. The Vision seems to defy some laws of physics. A newish Bonneville motor is a treat to be admired, and I love the ergos for around town and wish I could find such a seat for my Sporty , though at 65 mph on a naked Bonneville you have to hold on for dear life, or risk flying off the back of that flat seat.

Thanks so much for sharing. Great stories and tips in here. I found that having a couple different positions that you can shift to every now and then helps a lot, which is why the highway pegs are nice. Hopping up to a higher position where your leaning off of your tailbone can give you a lot of staying power. Lean back on it from your seat or hop up and have the extra support from the higher one! I am glad you are still keeping up here. My first riding was in Taiwan on cc scooters, for a few days in the south end of the island.

Your pictures from China make me nostalgic. I got my first Sportster about six months ago and really want to start doing some longer rides. Can you provide some thoughts on 1 Have you found the tank size a challenge?

B which model do you have? HD now offers a touring seat that has the zeppelin adjustable air bladders built in. Also you can depending on model go to a 3. Also you may want to have your wheels checked.

I ride mine over 70 mph with out problems, but again models may very. I hope I helped a little. I now have some highway pegs coming in the mail for my engine guard which I also have auxiliary lights on. Most of the people who bad mouth them would give up important body parts for a Pan, Knuckle, or Shovel yet they all have about the same size motors with less output on heavier frames.

It just might be down the road a little. Sorry for the delayed response here! Unfortunately comment notifications had somehow been turned off so I missed it. Glad you enjoyed the article though. Thanks for reading and sharing your own experiences! Got some beautiful mods on your sportster there. Like the idea of the inflatable seat. Have you heard of the new touring model Sportster HD just recently announced? I also like the fact that the Sportster as tourer is getting some recognition.

Thanks for visiting Rubber on Road and congratulations on your plan to get back in the saddle: A couple things I would say: In this article above I point out a couple ways I customized my Sportster to take on longer trips the longest was 8, miles around the US, which included two iron butt days: You can see my write up about it here.

Not counting overnight motels, here were the stops: Recent mods that all came in handy included HD heated grips, HD take-off touring bike air shocks, Progressive front fork cartridge, and dual Mustang seats. Let me explain that last one. Before this tour I tried, for laughs, putting a Mustang Vintage Solo on top of a Mustang 2-up Day Tripper, held on with bungees to the upper shock bolts. I bought both used from a fellow who put a larger tank on his bike after doing a conversion.

The 2-up was a bit short but somewhat pleasant for letting me move around, and the solo was plush but pushed me up too far forward. Also, the extra cushioning between me and the bumps helped a lot. For the mile trip to the shop I stacked another seat on top of my regular seat to have one to ride home on. It was high up but really comfy. It took over three years to think seriously of trying it again and it quickly became my everyday thing.

It looked goofy and took a couple experiments with bungee locations to get it stable, but it was remarkably comfy. A friend told me he had a friend do that too.

The next day I found a dealer and they put one in for me.

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