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He will be the new Apostle for Luzon.

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One end of the strap is sewn to the airbag, while the other end is secured to the vehicle, to the steering wheel for example. When the airbag inflates, extreme forces act on these straps, especially in the vicinity of the vehicle fixing points. KG in Herbrechtingen comes in. In family ownership since , this company with its employees is a very innovative developer of new belt systems and of manufacturing and handling processes for these belts.

Along with roller conveyors for the construction industry and functional belts for the sports and hobbies sector, Carl Stahl has been supplying belts and pre-assembled belt systems to much of the automotive industry for decades. Belt systems for the automotive sector are typically very lightweight and able to withstand high forces. They have a vital role to play in occupant protection systems, particularly in seat belts and as restraining straps for airbags. They are also used to hold boxes, bags, panels, instruments, child seats, batteries, covers, spare tyres and many other things in place.

A German patent was granted on 30 July to protect a new technology developed by the company for producing a belt which is able to transfer high forces between two components without the need to sew it to fixing points or attach metal fittings.

It is now secured by means of a simple hole punched in the belt. Questions like this are on people's minds in Germany. The shortage of physicians in rural areas is already being felt in many places.

We have to change our thinking if we want When emergency medical teams tend to patients with multiple severe injuries, there is no room for trial and error. Four years ago, Philipp Bosshard barely survived an accident at work leaving 88 percent of his skin burned. Which challenges does patient care face nowadays? We asked a team that tackles these challenges and helps nursing professionals This week we celebrate nurses around the world, the backbone of global health systems.

We recognize their contributions, Sometimes, it is the smallest, seemingly most insignificant of moments that have the power to turn your life upside down Finally, nursing is being properly addressed as a topic for debate in Germany — ever since the general election. Uns liegen derzeit keine Warnungen vor. Aktuell kein Niederschlag in Sicht.

Dein Wetter für Deine Region! Das Wetter für Morgen. Niederschläge der nächsten 2 Stunden. Vorhersage für Mittwoch Teilen Twittern Teilen Teilen Drucken. Mann bleibt auf der Flucht in Algen stecken Di Mann springt auf Polizeiauto herum Mo Moldawien-Präsident in Verkehrsunfall verwickelt Mo News zum Thema Wetter Unfassbar. Unfassbar Selbst im Norden: Nächste Woche wieder Hitze! Warum das so kommt… Video ansehen. So zieht die Kaltfront Der Norden bleibt zunächst noch regnerisch, der Süden sommerlich.

Abendhimmel Planeten-Parade und besonderer Erntemond Im September werden nicht nur die Tage rapide kürzer, auch der Mond und einige Planeten zeigen sich auf besondere Weise. Gartenbewässerung leicht gemacht Ein saftig grüner und blühender Garten braucht jede Menge Pflege und Wasser. Zum Gartenwetter mit Kärcher.


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