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Frankly, always simply, sometimes even pretty loudly, Bruno Gröning spoke to people. Bruno Gröning expressed big love and reverence for God and his creation. He admonished humanity to a big reversal with warning words. He was convinced that because of non-observance of the wise laws of God, so much misery, need and grief on earth has originated. Here you see a video - from Youtube - with the origi nal voice of Bruno Gröning with the topic: You need Flash Player in order to view this. What is this topic about?

As most people think it was not important for Bruno Gröning to heal, but to guide back human beings to the true Divine path I know that you are quick to hate and jealousy and get involved in a struggles and fights with others. If you wish to do this to me, my dear friends, you are all welcome to do these things to me. Try to upset me and I will only laugh.

Because these things are rediculous. So, what do you now wish to do? You will not be able to apply your anger here, but if you still wish to do so, please give it to me. You can say anything, the nastiest of words. As I told you before, when people are in a hurry, they are doing this. So, I am very happy when they expose their negativity and anger. I then ask calmly, "I hope that you are done now? Give it all to Gröning. It doesn't stay within him, it just passes right through him.

I don't take it upon myself and after the person notices that I haven't become angry and he or she will ask me, "Don't my harsh words make you angry? And, then they become even more angry and I look at them and answer, "I'm so happy that you have released all that evil and how do you now feel?

I ask you friends: You are often amongst people like me too and you have directed much negativity of emotion against another fellow human being. This was before when you were obsessed and came upon your negativity of emotion over and over again when you met someone strong who you couldn't aggrevate or irritate.

In this case the stronng one must aggrevate you first as a stragety to bring your anger up to the surface so that it can be release and I my friends am very good at doing this. Then, you are safe to release it and this is always good for am human being like you to let go of all that darkness that you have accumulated over the years. So up to now, it has always been like that with me, My enemies have transformed and turned into being my friends. We cannot negotiate about this. I cannot do anything but tell you the truth.

Dare I hope for this? You must all know by now that I do not allow anyone to describe to me how exactly trouble has taken hold of them. How often have people come up to me, believing that they had to tell me everything about their illness!

They wanted to talk to me about it and have me treat it. No, friends, this is wrong, quite wrong. This is the force of habit, which has dictated your way of life.

This will already have occurred to you if you have noticed for yourselves: Please stop it, friends! It is harmful and does no good at all. Harm will never lead to good, only to more harm and evil, which will degrade you. Now, how do I differ from other people? Here too you will say: Now, I have nothing in common with negativity, and have no wish to have anything in common with it.

And I now ask you to do as I do: Read the whole lecture: About a 'small' Animal Part 1. I know that you live your life today but have no knowledge about it and no use for it either. I know that you have been pulled into a worldly existence and you have forgotten yourself, you feel lost because you not longer know how to manage yourselves. To understand me, means that every human being, will have to understand himself, that he knows who he is and why he possesses a body and why he has received — this body — for a life time here on earth.

I know that the average man, as I have to call him, knows nothing anymore. He has to be honest to himself and admit: I know, that I know nothing! But he fancies himself and this fact indicates that he is conceited and arrogant.

So he cannot believe what he is actually - in reality and truth! And he tells himself and others: Who on earth can believe that? These are things, which never happened in the past and will never happen in the future. No, I go to people who have not become my friends yet. But there are many conceited and arrogant beings who think they are somebody because they possess many worldly things and big properties which they call their own.

And often they feel like the saying goes: He lives the life of Riley in German: He lives like a little God in France.

About a 'small' Animal Part 2. Yes, my dear friends, to understand yourselves, to get knowledge about yourselves, that require more. I have just one task: But they no longer know which is the right path, the one which God has destined for every human being, for every living creature. If a human being really understood how many forces he can command and how he could use these powers, the divine forces, for himself, then he would truly say: But I know, my dear friends, that a human being is self-important, and he believes to be, a superior living being, but alas, he only has a very small and narrow mind.

Of course we have got our own body, which means we received our bodies, which we received from God for a life-time, and it is much larger than that of other living creatures. I refer to those ones which are notably smaller than us.

Now, my dear friends compare yourselves once to an Ant. The Ant is conscious about its own strength; and it concentrates on it in a very dedicated manner, so that it can carry loads which are 5 times heavier than its own body weight.

From the beginning you would say: This load I cannot carry, it is much heavier as my body. And now consider the Ant, how tiny it is and how quickly it carries a load. When you imagine how little this creature is and how big we are, I mean, our bodies. And all the many mountains the little ant is climbing, it breaks through any obstacles. It makes it and it conquers everything, that means it conveys any load without ever getting tired.

Have you ever observed this small creature? Whoever has studied it really will know how fast and busy this little animal is. And how does a human being compare? How far down has he sunk? What does a man know here about divine forces? He conducts trials and experiments. Man makes trials, even though he also has a mind. Yes, my dear friends, pride and arrogance comes always before a fall, therefore a human being puts himself into danger.

He is arrogant, he thinks he is somebody. But he is the only one priding himself of course. But in this case, he thinks to be more than his neighbour. I have shown you examples previously about how a man acts regarding another human being, this other one, who has a weak constitution, whose body is diminished.

He sees nothing and therefore he cannot believe. He puts him aside and merely says: Yes my dear friends, if people only knew the duties which every single person is given in order to help each other, and how we can experience salvation on our own.

A man reaps what he sows. About a 'small' Animal Part 3. Well, whoever has not, that one is coming closer…. Man has to know why he is here on this earth for a life-time, and why God has given him the gift of his body.

Ants will help each other; they will do whatever is necessary to help bring their kind out of danger, especially when they are injured. But you will rarely find, that an ant gets injured all by itself. But that ground is created by human beings.

God did not create such solid soil. It should be loose. But when an ant resides where it is destined for, you will not be able to kill this tiny animal with your big body. Have you become aware of something? Yes, everything that God has created has been arranged so that we cannot easily kill each other. And so, if a human being becomes aware of these forces and takes them up once, and is totally dedicated to God, what do you think, my dear friends, he could do with this his own power?

I even warn you against evil things. I even warn you against taking up a single bad thought. I warn you to close your ears to people, who speak evil, because then you will take it up and transmit it to others afterwards.

But we have still some time on this earth. But leaving this topic, I know some people believe they can be saved from death, they could be rescued from that in reality.

And that is the most important indication to me that human beings know little or nothing about themselves and life itself. Now take this person for instance, he has sufferings in his body, he is aware of disturbances, and he has tried everything to get rid of them; but to experiment with God Himself? What does he know about God? What does he, this man, know about himself?

He believes he is here on earth for making all possibly trials. Whoever is not yet fed up with them can try further until he has learned the lesson that those trials have brought only disaster. That means, he has experimented himself, he has led himself and his body into the temptation that brought the disaster in the first place.

Instead, he should recognize that he is a divine being that God has created him and destined him for a certain time on this, His earth. I have got a body also, exactly like you. I use my body to get the connection with God so that He will use my body too.

He will use your own body also when you live within His will. This is a pigs life! Or yet another says: I suffer greatly; I cannot do anything with my body! In October, Bruno Gröning had visited the publisher of the magazine "Mensch und Schicksal" "Man and Destiny" , after which the magazine published a three-part series on Gröning's visit to Graz. Here is another excerpt. Bruno Gröning was asked about the attitude in Germany toward him and his healing activity. Those in worldly positions are entirely against me.

But you can't hold that against the people, because they live in their individual "ego" and that's why they oppose me. I have proven things to doctors which perhaps were never seen before. Even disabilities that existed from birth have been healed. I take the view, anyway, that all illnesses can be healed, but not with all people! There are many reasons for that. I made myself available to a clinic for several days and proved many things there. But actually no-one can test me scientifically.

An entire villa was put at my disposal. The doctors asked me how I do it. I said that it is difficult to answer that, because for healing I don't actually need any remedies or instruments. I do it entirely differently. There is simply something existing in me that I can transfer to others. For example, once I was with a group of sick people. I instructed them as to how they should sit.

I looked down for a while at the first four. When I got to the fifth I stepped back to the first one and asked her, "And how are you feeling now? I received the answer, "My God, I feel completely well! She had never said to a doctor, "I feel well".

And I had actually done nothing. I then described the condition of the woman's body; that is, I gave a diagnosis. The leading physician banged his fist on the table and yelled, "There must be some other connection here - someone must have told you!

But no one had told me anything about this woman, whom I had just seen for the first time. I recommended that they put me under strict surveillance. Gröning describes in detail how a series of numbers were assigned to sick people and entered on a list. They would give him a number by telephone. Without knowing the name of the patient, and without seeing the person, Gröning would give an exact diagnosis based on the number alone.

One can see here that the contact and recognition were not physical, but somehow internal in nature. Gröning continued, "What I said was recorded on tape. I gave nine exact diagnoses to the clinic. What I said agreed with theirs. Länge ist 7,9 Km, hat 11 Stationen und die Fahrt dauert 15 Minuten. Länge beträgt 3,5 km, ca. Verfügt über 22 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 29 min.

Verfügt über 40 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 53 min. Seine Länge beträgt 18,5 km, hat 26 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 33 min. Seine Länge beträgt 8,2 km, hat 23 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 20 Min.

Hat 21 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 21 min. Killesberg, Hauptbahnhof, Charlottenplatz, Degerloch, Möhringen. Länge ist 13,5 km hat 30 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 39 min Einige Stationen sind: Länge beträgt 20,8 km, hat 32 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 45 Min. Länge beträgt 16,3 km, hat 29 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 49 min. Länge beträgt 1,6 km, hat 3 Stationen und die Reisezeit beträgt 3 min.

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