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Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet

Recommended for Youth Players through Junior High.

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Product Details Product Description. Ships within 24 hours. See our full Shipping Policy for further details. See our full Return Policy for all of the pertinent details. Review More Purchases My Posts. Bang For The Buck. This lock itself looked to me a little weak to really stop anyone who intensionally wants to break it and take my helmet away Purchased over 2 years ago.

This device is made of plastic which can be shattered with a hammer. The numbered dial is plastic which could be crushed by using a set of pliers. I bought this for my Harley Davidson Sportster and was immediately impressed until I left it clipped on the frame for a long ride and it broke. Apparently the buttons you push to open the lock popped out, maybe from the vibration of the bike, I'm not sure.

I had to get a bolt cutter just to remove the lock from my frame. This might be a good product if you leave it in your pocket or saddle bag, but whatever you do, don't leave it bolted to the frame if you ride a harley.

My FJR doesn't have a helmet lock and though there are after market options for installing them I think this one is better. It offers more options for where to lock it as well as more security. I had helmet locks on my Vulcan and those were a joke that could be opened or broken ease.

The only thing I would warn of is the combo dials are a little touchy and if not aligned exact it will not open..

Purchased 1 year ago. Great lock for piece of mind. I love this helmet lock, it is small enough to carry in my Kriega Stash, coated nicely to prevent scratching or rubbing on my handlebars, and very very easy to use. I highly recommend this item. Purchased over 3 years ago. Does the job well.

False sense of security? If I'm in a sketchy area I'll break this out and lock my helmet to the bars. Makes a great visual deterrent. For me, I appreciate the Peace of Mind that my helmet is not just going to walk off The setup of the lock was a little confusingat first, but I figured it out and its really nice!

When you make contact it doesn't feel like anything and the best part it's just a Beuty. Do not like that it arrived with chips in the paint and a large spot on the face mask that was not painted white like the rest of the helmet It is black of course Ridell is closed for the weekend at PM PST.

I'm currently a freshman and my coach offers us to buy our helmets, I already knew I was going to buy it but I didn't know when. This helmet made me want to buy it as a freshman and I did. During our spring camp during the end of my 8th grade year I got a Revo Speed, I imminently fell in love with it. I said I would buy it and he gave us the option to buy a SeedFlex and I did. This is the most comfortable helmet I know. It is really light, and has good durability.

The only reason I gave it the durability I id is because, during our summer team camp I got hit hard in the head, helmet to helmet and one of the screws that helps hold the left jaw pad in place, fell out and my jaw pad is loose. Also the chin strap retains a large amount of sweat and it will start to slide off of your chin. I think I like the older chin straps better, except for the top snaps that are held in place.

Other than those two reasons I think it is a wonderful helmet. One thing I really notice is that it doesn't hurt as much when you get hit in the helmet.

There was no break in period at all, helmet was amazing out the box. Worth every single penny of the price. In my opinion the best helmet on the market.

Excellent, Best helmet on the market. Comfortable, ratchet chin strap best idea ever and five air bladders with the carbon steel face-mask incredible. The investment is worthy in every way shape and form. I ordered the Speed flex helmet for my son after many hours of research to provide him with the best protection available.

I was elated that it was everything I found in my research. I was concerned ordering it through the mail would not allow trying it on however I used the suggested sizing chart and the fit was perfect. The quality is the highest I've seen and the innovative design is cutting edge technology. My goal was to give my son the highest amount of protection available Buy this helmet it's worth every penny.

The Helmet is awesome!!! But the service is awful! It is just sad that this company has such good products that you are forced to buy from Riddell to get the best helmet there is out there. My son played contact football for the first time last year. We bought this helmet for the safety rating and feel like it was worth every dime. He had many hard hits during the game via offense and defense and would say each and every time that he didn't feel any of the hits to head.

I would definitely recommend this helmet to others. Helmet fit and feels great. The padding in the helmet feels good and very comfortable. Before, I would get headaches and was afraid to hit people as hard as I knew I could. This helmet not only looks and feels amazing, but it makes me feel safe too, it took me a while but I worked for it and bought it myself at And it honestly is the best purchase I've ever made.

Its a little bit pricey but its definitely worth the cost. I love the look of this helmet, the only problem is that it took almost a month for it to get to my house when it was said to come within 3 weeks. This thing is above and beyond anything else in the helmet market. Sets the standard pretty high. Excited to see how they top it next. Will not solve the concussion problem, its going in the wrong direction for that to happen.

Its an improvement but it will never come close to solving the problem, , it doesnt matter how much padding you have its still going to compress and create energy and force, hence, a concussion. There is only one way it can be done. My son Evan played strong safety and running back this past year. Hard hitting kid, he clobbered a local kid and it made the ticker at the bottom of the screen during a broncos game. No concussions, loved this helmet. I have an amazing picture if you want it, that reflects the title I gave.

Evan has perfect follow through after knocking the linebacker on his bottom and knocking off his helmet. Picture captures it all. I'm not writing a review on this helmet specifically.

I'm writing a review on all Riddell brand helmets. I think Riddell have the best helmets and are the safest and most comfortable. This helmate is the best helmate you can buy it keeps the kids safe and it is practically indestructible.

It is cheap plastic and breaks! They should give you extra when you order this expensive helmet!! I play high school football in Florida and I got hit on the helmet and got the wind knocked out of me and when I came off the field the trainer told me that if I didn't have that extra cushion on top of my helmet I would of had a serious concussion. I like this helmet very much, very comfortable, light and beatiful design, but as a defensive player when going to make a tackle I've noticed that the helmet moves a lot, moves in such a way that it has started to make a cut on the side of my neck, every time I make a tackle.

This is a very good helmet unlike the speed and the it has ventilation. They improved the flex guard system by inforcing the face mask. They made it a lot more confortable them the The cheek pads are a lot softer and confortable.

It's amazing how comfortable it is. Most helmets will make your head feel like it is being squeezed but this speedflex is like a memory foam bed in a helmet. I don't normally write reviews but I can honestly say that this is one of the comfiest,safest, most locked in feeling in any helmet I have ever used.

Hits hurt less and It is perfect except for a few flaws. Also the helmet does not dry well and is not easy to clean so if you sweat a lot leave it outside after practice. Also it is a very heavy helmet. Riddell took a simple working concept like the chin strap and ruined it.

The ratchet strap on this helmet is not user friendly and constantly binds up. Also for the money which is twice a Xenith the quality doesn't even come close. I'm very disappointed with this product! Can't say anything about the quality of the helmet. Ordered over seven weeks ago. Was told that it would be weeks which would be perfect timing for spring ball. Was told last week to call this week and today was told that a are are not sure when I'll get it.

Could be this week or could take longer. The only reason I order through Riddell was because nobody else carried them. Went on sports unlimited Web site today and they carry them and will be shipped next day of my order. So tomorrow will be cancelling my order with Riddell and take my business back to a company I like and have history with.

Way to look after the little guy Riddell. I will never do business directly through you ever again! Switched from a schutt vengence, and I am impressed on all levels. The look of the helmet stands out in a great way. I use my speed flex up to 3 times a week for 2 or more hours and so far so good.

This should get corrected over time as the market for a speed flex specific visor increases. However my order only to 10 days from the date that I ordered to the time it was delivered. Helmet is extremely comfortable extreme improvement on my old concussion bucket. Not many cons but they are only small things like one of the bits of plastic on the end of the chin strap has fallen off which isn't a problem and the only other con is to pump up the helmet you need something to unscrew the caps to expose the pump valves.

Compare Add to Wishlist. Recommended for Youth Players through Junior High. Use Riddell helmet cleaner or wax Available for regular maintenance Catalog R Helmet Care Kit Read instructions carefully Keep away from children Commercial cleaners and polishes may damage the helmet shell or liner. If the air cells do not inflate, examine for the following conditions: The valve is missing: The valve is defective: The cell is defective: Service Instructions for Comfort Fit Overliner: Riddell SpeedFlex Fitting Instructions.

Interlock hands on top of helmet and press down. Player should feel pressure on crown of head, not brow. Pressure on brow indicates improper fit. To adjust soft or hard cup chin straps: Attain player and organizational support. Only the player and his organization can ensure the player is wearing his helmet and chin strap properly. Without this support, you are fighting a losing battle. Check and maintain all snaps and buckles.

Snaps and buckles tend to fatigue throughout the year and should be switched out on a regular basis. Ensure the player is wearing the proper size helmet. Players tend to favor bigger helmets in order to gain more comfort. Pads should feel snug but not tight. Make sure that the chin strap is centered under the player's chin and the straps are taut and even on both sides.

Don't over-inflate the helmets. Over inflation leads to more rotation, which can cause the helmet to roll and slide off the player's head. Check and maintain face masks on a regular basis. After a few games face masks start to spread and can loosen the helmet's fit.

If you suspect that an athlete has a concussion, remove the athlete from play and seek medical attention. Do not try to judge the severity of the injury yourself. Rest is key to helping an athlete recover from a concussion. Exercising or activities that involve a lot of concentration, such as studying, working on the computer, and playing video games, may cause concussion symptoms to reappear or get worse.

After a concussion, returning to sports and school is a gradual process that should be carefully managed and monitored by a health care professional. Concussions affect people differently. While most athletes with a concussion recover quickly and fully, some will have symptoms that last for days, or even weeks. A more serious concussion can last for months or longer. Please remember all helmets are made-to-order. This means, it's just a box of parts until will know the exact configuration you want, then we assemble it to perfection and ship it out to you.

Riddell has been making football equipment for a LONG time. Chances are, we've done business with your school in the past and chances are we know what helmet colors your team is using. Please call us and we'll help you get to the bottom of it.

Very good helmet My high school football team has recently purchased a few of these helmets and I was lucky enough to be given one.

Riddell Speedflex Youth I think this helmet is a very good helmet takes the pain of delivering and taking hits. Great Helmet Service not so much First of all great helmet, I have worn Riddell helmets, as a coach most of our helmets are Riddell. Excellent helmet The SpeedFlex is the best helmet on the market.

Amazing Got mine 5 days after I ordered amazing shipping time. Youth Speedflex I purchased this helmet after a considerable amount of time reviewing the Schutt and Xenith. Consumer line The product maybe good, but the customer service line needs some attention two days in a row on hold for 40 minutes.

Youth Speedflex i researched a lot prior to purchasing this helmet. Outstanding Bottom line you want the best for your child or athlete you are going to pay for it. Speed Flex Best helmet I've ever owned. Great helmet Best helmet I've ever owned or warn awasome helmet great padding the only complain is how heavy the helmet is and how it holds the sweat and sometimes you even have to shake the sweat out but overall great purchase.

Best helmet ive ever owned Best helmet I've ever owned or warn awasome helmet great padding the only complain is how heavy the helmet is and how it holds the sweat and sometimes you even have to shake the sweat out but overall great purchase. Best helmet available Just got my SpeedFlex helmet yesterday. Not a hundred percent satisfied This was my first time ordering a football helmet actually.

Riddell or Nothing If your worried about safety first and price last then this is the helmet. Youth Speedflex My son has had this helmet going on 2 seasons. Great helmet Football is a dangerous sport, that much we know. Speedflex XL Helmet Unsurpassed in player comfort, protection, and durability. Broken I am extremely disappointed in the helmet quality. Worth Every Penny I started on my varsity team as a freshman at quarterback because I am a runner and so I am not that big but because of this helmet I suffered no concussions and only minor pain from huge hits.

Riddell helmet It's good too heavy of a face mask and shell and the face mask sticks out to far do they want you to tackle with your face mask or shoulder pads and arms and too price they need to listen to people with ideas and stop being a company who doesn't care about the athletes and just want to make money and be a company who thrives to make this sport safe and too expensive lower the price and make it a lighter weight helmet and face mask.

Satisfied but ratchet chin strap needs improvement I bought this helmet for my 15 year old son who plays both on the O- and D-Lines. Very Good I recently bought a Speedflex and let me just say it is amazing!!! Best ever This helmet is so amazing my favorite parts are the ratchet locks is so easy to tighten and let it just sit there.

Worth It I'm currently a freshman and my coach offers us to buy our helmets, I already knew I was going to buy it but I didn't know when. Speed Flex Excellent, Best helmet on the market. Best Helmet Available I ordered the Speed flex helmet for my son after many hours of research to provide him with the best protection available. Outranges service The Helmet is awesome!!! Helmet was great Best helmet out. Worth the buy My son played contact football for the first time last year.

Excellent Helmet fit and feels great. Awasome I love the look of this helmet, the only problem is that it took almost a month for it to get to my house when it was said to come within 3 weeks. Great piece of technology This thing is above and beyond anything else in the helmet market.

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