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The American military presence in the city started with the U. Originally the Heeresverpflegungshauptamt Südbayern and an Officers' caisson existed on or near the location of Reese-Kaserne, but was demolished by the occupying Americans. From until , the terms Stadtpfleger head of town council and Mayor were used interchangeably, or occasionally, simultaneously. In the title was finally fixed to Stadtpfleger , who officiated for several years and was then awarded the title for life though no longer governing , thus resulting confusingly, in records of two or more simultaneous Stadtpfleger.

After the transfer to Bavaria in , Augsburg was ruled by a Magistrate with two mayors, supported by an additional council of "Community Commissioners": As of , the Mayor was entitled Oberbürgermeister , as Augsburg had reached a population of ,, as per the Bavarian Gemeindeordnung.

Allegedly Cisa dea Ciza was the city goddess of Augsburg. A representation of the Cisa can be seen on the weather vane of the Perlachturm; moreover, according to legend, some representations on the bronze doors of the cathedral are said to indicate the goddess.

The mountain on which her temple is said to have stood was called "Zisenberk". The "Stoinerne Ma" "Stony Man" is a life-size stone figure on the eastern Augsburg city wall in the area of the so-called "Sweden staircase", which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Galluskirche and St. Stephan convent on the outside of the city wall. It is probably a one-armed baker with a loaf of bread and a shield. In the area of the feet there is a helically twisted pedestal.

According to the legend, it is the baker "Konrad Hackher" who, during a long siege of the city, baked bread from sawdust and threw it into the ditch clearly visible for the besiegers over the city wall.

The impression that Augsburg would still have so much bread that one could throw it over the wall is said to have demoralized the besiegers so much that they fired at him with a crossbow out of anger. A hit struck off his arm, and soon afterwards the siege was broken off. Of course, the baker's deed is not reliably proven. The statue is often visited by walkers strolling along the city wall. As it is said to be a fortunate thing to touch the stone figure's iron nose.

This custom is particularly popular with lovers. In the wall of the property Bei den Sieben Kindeln 3 "At the seven infants 3" there is a recessed stone relief from the Roman period depicting six playing, naked children standing around a coffin. Legend says that the commemorative plaque was commissioned by a Roman officer to commemorate the drowning of one of his children therefore it is said to be "seven" children, although the plaque represents only six: According to current knowledge, the plate once formed the long side of a Sarcophagus , representing Erotes.

Information on the partner cities can also be found at www. The main road link is autobahn A 8 between Munich and Stuttgart. Public transport is very well catered for. There are seven rail Regionalbahn lines, five tram lines, 27 city bus lines and six night bus lines, as well as, several taxi companies. The Augsburg tramway network is now Tram line 6, which runs 5. There is one station for intercity bus services in Augsburg: Augsburg Nord, located at the north of the city.

It is currently being modernized and an underground tram station is built underneath it. In addition EC and night train services connect to Amsterdam , Paris and Vienna and connections will be substantially improved by the creation of the planned Magistrale for Europe. The AVV operates seven Regionalbahn lines from the main station to:. Starting in , the regional services are planned to be altered to S-Bahn frequencies and developed long term as integrated into the Augsburg S-Bahn.

In that year all air passenger transport was relocated to Munich Airport. Since then, the airport is used almost entirely by business airplanes. Augsburg is a vibrant industrial city. After Munich, Augsburg is considered the high-tech centre for Information and Communication in Bavaria and takes advantage of its lower operating costs, yet close proximity to Munich and potential customers. The local newspaper is the Augsburger Allgemeine first published in There are also several local radio stations and a local TV station a.

FC Augsburg was promoted to Bundesliga in The original club, AEV, was formed in , the oldest German ice sport club and regularly draws around spectators, quite reasonable for German ice hockey.

They practised low flying for a week. Thirty Douglas Boston medium bombers and a large Fighter Command effort were dispatched to targets in Northern France intending to draw off German fighters. One Boston was lost in these diversionary activities.

German fighters coming in to land set off in pursuit and shot down four Lancasters. One was hit by flak and crash-landed with the loss of three of the crew. The other, Nettleton's, flew back. The second six, from 97 Squadron, attacked shortly after in two sections of three. The first attacked at roof height, flying lower after dropping their load to evade flak on the way out but one was hit and crashed exploding.

Of the last three aircraft, two were hit and caught fire. One exploded after completing the attack, the others had also completed the bomb run and were able to return home. In the course of the raid, seven of the 12 Lancasters had been shot down with the loss of 49 crewmen, 37 killed and 12 taken prisoner. Seven bombers were claimed by Hpt.

Walter Oesau 2 , Fw. Otto Pohl 2 , Fw. Karl-Heinz Greisert and Fw.

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