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Retrieved from " https: Eight English and six Greek sailors abandoned the ship before it sank. Another was sunk leading to the capture of 32 men. Stahlschmidt claimed a Hawker Hurricane , probably of No. On 6 December he was appointed Gruppen Adjutant of I.

South of Trimi he claimed a Curtiss P Warhawk. They observed 11 Ps near Acroma. In a letter to his mother he described the subsequent events:. I saw the Curtiss planes approximately meters below us and falling away below. These aircraft were no threat to us whatsoever!

Now I just wanted to level out of my turning bank, since my colleagues were already at a substantially higher altitude. Keppler his wingman , overshot me. Once again, I saw the Curtiss planes meters directly below me and counted eleven aircraft. Not suspecting anything untoward, I continued my level climb.

The crate immediately flipped uncontrollably onto its back. Fuel gushed into the cockpit; it began smoking and then I completely lost control of the Bf , spiraling down on my back through the Curtisses. Over the intercom I heard the angry voice of Homuth: Trailing a long column from my radiator I fell earthward. The water temperature climbed to degrees. At an altitude of 1, meters I again regained control of the crate. With a bit of flair and fortune I managed to fly the km to our own lines, during which I would only switch the engine [on] for short periods, in order to gain altitude for the long glide home.

Crash landing in no man's land , Stahlschmidt escaped the burning wreck with just a pair of singed eyebrows. Once again, as he ran on foot toward German lines, Stahlschmidt was fired on by an Allied truck convoy which he had just overflown.

However he was picked up by a German reconnaissance unit. Both were of the opinion that it was a wonderful shot. Six days later, on 26 February , flying his Bf F-4 Stahlschmidt was again shot down.

While strafing an Allied supply column when his engine suddenly seized. This time though, as he crash-landed he was taken prisoner by Free Polish soldiers, who beat him and stole his medals. Interrogated, then sent onto another camp he was able to escape on foot later that night. His physical injuries amounted to a fractured eye socket and several cracked ribs. His psychological state manifested itself in constant shaking and insomnia. In modern parlance, these symptoms could be construed as Posttraumatic stress disorder.

Marseille was suffering from dysentery and was sent with him. Stahlschmidt was awarded the German Cross in Gold on 9 April The rocky terrain tore off the tail plane of the Bf Over the frontline Bf s of his staffel bounced 20 Ps escorting 12 Martin Baltimore bombers. Stahlschmidt shot down a P from No. His staffel attacked Ps of No. Stahlschmidt claimed a single victory—Sergeants Dean, Packer and Shaw were posted missing in action.

It was now that Stahlschmidt's combat success really started. Stahlschmidt slowly built a reputation as a combat leader over the summer, On 13 June he claimed a Hurricane of No.

On this day of intensive air combat Stahlschmidt downed four Desert Air Force aircraft over the battlefield. The claims were his 14th—17th aerial victories. On 1 July , Stahlschmidt was himself promoted to Staffelkapitän of 2. Jetzt das Sommerabo buchen und Prämien sichern. Sie werden es lieben: Wetter in Bad Bodenteich Bad Bodenteich - Vier helle Räume und reichlich Platz Bad Bodenteich.

Hundehalter fürchten Giftköder Bad Bodenteich. Die Angst geht um unter Bodenteicher Hundehaltern. Zwei Fälle wurden bei der örtlichen Tierärztin behandelt. Seeparkfest in Bad Bodenteich Es ist ein Bild mit Symbolcharakter.

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