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But Not Too Black: My guardian is a planet of sea and sand.

Ami Mizuno/Amy - Sailor Mercury


All Love Is Unrequited: Even after she knows he's her father, she sees his past self differently than his future self. Not as much as Usagi, though. Rabbits, just like Usagi. She acts like this towards Usagi, despite how she's actually Usagi's Kid from the Future. In Episode 74, despite Usagi's objections, she goes with her to save the inner soldiers to make up for her previous mistake in the previous episode.

Despite their constant bickering and fights with one another it's made clear, multiple times, that Usagi and Chibi-Usa do indeed love one another with Usagi going full Mama Bear if anyone even thinks about hurting her. Their tearful goodbye at the end of R really makes it stand out especially this line in the Viz English dub: I love you, Mommy. At the Marine Cathedral, after Eudial snatches the talismans away from the Guardians and causes a wall of flames to trap them, Chibi-Usa and Mamoru arrive in the nick of time by way of crashing through a stained glass window.

She then uses her Luna-P to extinguish the flames. More in the anime, but the manga version wasn't above everything. As a child, she had always heard stories about Sailor Moon always managing to save the world. But finding Usagi as a clumsy crybaby rips her faith in Sailor Moon apart and makes her think that Usagi is unworthy of the title and the crystal. By the Power of Grayskull!

In the 90s anime, she was more mature in S than she had been in R. By SuperS , however, she was Wise Beyond Her Years to the point of being more mature than the other Guardians, her friends, and even adult characters-of-the-day. Though it's more directed to Flanderization on SuperS.

She's usually more of a Mouthy Kid. Occasionally, particularly in her first appearance. She's time-traveled from the future for unspecified training, and her powers are mostly trickery rather than anything useful for fighting.

Her unfortunate transformation into Black Lady even twists her innocent need for approval and love for Mamoru into a vision of her kissing him 90s anime and her actually taking him hostage and kissing him manga. Even in the future, ChibiUsa appears to have a more normal relationship with her father Endymion; while she loves her mother Neo-Queen Serenity dearly, she also idolizes her to the point of an inferiority-complex.

Wiseman corrupts her into one as Black Lady, a dark version of herself. Didn't Think This Through: In R , she stole Usagi's brooch under the reasoning that a ditz like Usagi didn't deserve to be Sailor Moon and decided to take the Silver Crystal inside back to the future.

Does Not Like Spam: Like Usagi, she despises carrots. Dramatically Missing the Point: Her Broken Pedestal about finding out what kind of person Sailor Moon is in present time. She overlooked one thing: Usagi is still a teenager with some growing up to do and Neo Queen Serenity has centuries worth of maturity.

She's attracted to a literal younger version of her father. She later grows out of it after she meets Helios. Turning her Luna-P into a gun, pointing it at Usagi in order to get her to hand over the Silver Crystal and is willing to pull the trigger, but only fires a dart. Sounds a lot like Magical Princess Minky Momo Like mother, like daughter.

Though in her case it's played more seriously since, in the anime, she panics so much during a storm that she tries to come back to the future and starts crying when it doesn't work, causing quite the physical phenomenons around her and releasing a huge Pillar of Light that reveals her whereabouts to the Black Moon.

In The '90s anime, Mamoru openly points out that she and Usagi are very similar personality wise. She wears her hair in exaggerated odangos just like Usagi.

Sailor Moon tries to make Black Lady return to being Chibiusa multiple times thorough Act 24, only to be rebuked each time. The pink-haired impossible in real life daughter of a blonde and a black-haired man.

Though in the manga, Grandma Ikuko has pink hair in some art. She falls in love with a unicorn. Or better said, a guy who appears to her first as a winged unicorn, and even in human form has a sort-of horn in his head. In the anime mostly. While Rini was extremely bratty and rude towards Usagi, she's not wrong for feeling a little resentful towards Usagi for being selfish and irresponsible.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She can definitely be a pain in the rear, and even went as far as drugging Usagi in the R season so that she could have easy access to the Silver Crystal. On the other hand, it can't be denied her friendship with Hotaru and willingness to protect her including nearly taking an attack that would've definitely killed her is nothing short of caring.

As a fighter, especially in the anime. She starts to get a lot more powerful later in the manga, even able to collect her own team of Soldiers and help Sailor Moon fight Galaxia. Granted she can't help in the final battle, owing to her dad's past self dying and erasing her from existence , but she still saves Sailor Moon's life. She is very popular among the young viewers in Japan.

Being out of place in the story of SuperS , however, caused Toei's attempt to focus on the character for the anime to backfire miserably and as such, her screentime was substantially limited to the point that she doesn't appear in Sailor Stars.

She did have better luck with Crystal , though. Kid from the Future: Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion's daughter. She liked the nickname Chibi-Usa so much, she added that to it as well. At least she's physically and mentally a child she's really over Once she became Sailor Chibi-Moon, it was everywhere.

Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: Light feminine to Hotaru's dark feminine. This could be considered a subversion, however, considering what Chibi-Usa is In the manga and Crystal , where she's legitimately more powerful. The Snow Dancer falls for it completely, and looks genuinely puzzled when she turns around and they aren't there anymore. Played adorably in the last episode of SuperS, where Chibi-Usa wants her private discussion with Helios while the rest of the girls watch them.

In the anime, turns out the Silver Crystal she was trying to find? Inside her the entire time. Much wider than most pigtails in the series. Shares the name of Tsukino Usagi, so she also represents the Moon Rabbit. Her nickname "Chibi-Usa" means "little rabbit", too. Her English name "Rini" is a diminutive of "Serenity", after her mother Neo-Queen Serenity who in turn is named after her mother from her past incarnation. Same Punny Name as her mother. Her hair is designed to look like rabbit ears and she is even referred to as "Rabbit" at various points in the series.

More Than Mind Control: When she's turned into Black Lady, especially in the manga. Towards Usagi in The '90s anime. Part of her Character Development in R is her problem with admitting and accepting responsibility for her actions, particularly that she caused the Silver Crystal of Neo Tokyo to be lost to start with. She feels like it's her fault, but refuses to openly acknowledge and accept these feelings, which is part of how Wiseman is able to brainwash her.

During the final battle, she is able to make the crystal appear and save the day after finally breaking down and admitting "It's all my fault! The first chapter of Chibiusa's Picture Diary starts with Chibiusa having her first day of classes at Juuban primary school, after time traveling from 30th century to 20th century. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! In R , she probably shouldn't have stolen Usagi's brooch. However, her action ends up forcing Rubeus' hand, which causes the other Sailor Soldiers to be abducted by him.

Possibly subverted in that she might be just using Tsukino as her last name since she is pretending to be Usagi's cousin. It's also pretty clear that the Moon Kingdom and Neo Tokyo are matriarchies, meaning King Endymion probably took Serenity's name anyway.

Not Growing Up Sucks: In the manga, much of her own personal angst derives from the fact that she has not been able to physically age past childhood. Fortunately for her, after spending a lot of time with Usagi and Co. The anime seems to have cut this plot point out entirely and just presents her as a regular little girl.

She and Usagi are more alike than they're willing to admit. At one point in Crystal , the other characters lampshade how similar they are. Hers are shaped like rabbit ears, in keeping with her rabbit motif. Has this when she leaves her time key behind. Her real name and full title is Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity we don't know what possessed Usagi into giving her such a name. When she arrives in the present, she introduces herself as "Usagi" despite everyone in the future calling her "Small Lady" and she's registered at school as "Usagi Tsukino" much like her mother, though it's unknown if Tsukino actually part of her name, if her dad's family name is her legal in the future or if she even has one at all.

It's established that when she eventually grows up, she drops the small part of her titles becoming "Princess Usagi Lady Serenity". While she has an Oedipus Complex for her father, as Black Lady, she specifically targets her own father for brainwashing to monopolize his attentions, kissing him on-panel in the manga.

With Usagi whenever they fight side by side. Sailor Chibi Moon's fuku always has pink, not to mention that her hair is pink. In the manga, after Pluto's death, Chibi-Usa is able to de-brainwash herself and transform from a powerless little kid into a year-old Sailor Chibi-Moon. Clasps her hands and kneels right before she summons Pegasus. Her princess outfit is also pink, but not in the 90's anime, where it's a mini-version of Princess Serenity's dress.

Really Years Old: In the manga, Chibi-Usa is much older than her anime counterpart. Justified that her birth took place eight years after the beginning of the Sailor Moon storyline. After he got some Character Development and Hidden Depths over the course of the first season, she became the new Annoying Younger Sibling to Usagi and was even more childishly bratty than Shingo had ever been.

Happens to her in Stars after Galaxia kills her father so she can never be born. In the manga, it takes a while because the future becomes unstable, while in the anime, it happens almost immediately though she vanishes from photes, the other Guardians remember her.

Fortunately, since Mamoru is revived, she can once again exist. It also happened again temporarily in the Nehellenia arc of Stars due to to Mamoru being placed in an almost permanent state of dreaming by Nehellenia because Usagi couldn't get together with a man in a coma.

She worries about this happening in one SuperS when a girl crushes her father and might want to take her away from her mother. Fortunately, the other girl knows that she can't break up Mamoru and Usagi's love. At the end of season 4: Shoo Out the Clowns: After the backlash against Chibi-Usa in SuperS , her role was reduced substantially towards the end of the season and is gone by the time Sailor Stars rolls around.

Unlike the manga version, she doesn't even show up with her team, the Sailor Quartet, to help in the final battle. Has some shades of this in the manga. Though she's actually Usagi's Kid from the Future , she and Usagi act like vitriolic siblings; they poke and bother each other, but are very mutually protective when push comes to shove. Became this during Super S , where the show is more about her than Usagi. Super Cute Super Powers: Her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" is every bit as feminine as it sounds.

Of the Bratty Half-Pint variety. A distinctly non-romantic variant, but she's definitely a hard tsun type in R. To give an example, when she's trying to convince Usagi to go rescue Mamoru during the R movie, she whips out a handgun and shoots her in the face. Whereas in Super S , she's at her most dere. Only in the Canadian dub of the 90s anime, when she's flanderized into acting more bratty than she actually is.

While kinda bratty in the original anime, she was nowhere that bad save for very counted times. Then again, in her defense, she does eventually grow out of this In R , she had a habit of blithely running off and getting Sailor Moon and the Soldiers into major trouble when they try to get her out of whatever situation she'd gotten herself into.

Wacky Parent, Serious Child: In both the manga and anime, her chief motivation in her initial arc is to live up to her mother's standards. What the Hell, Hero? She gets a huge one from Usagi in R , when the inner soldiers are captured by Rubeus after she foolishly steals Usagi's brooch containing the Silver Crystal and attempts to return to the future, preventing Usagi - the most powerful member of the team - from being able to transform and come to her aid when Rubeus comes after her.

When this happens, the usually forgiving Usagi is so angry that she has to be stopped by Mamoru from beating Chibi-Usa: Now they've been captured and it's all your fault! Wiseman convinces her that everyone saw her as an annoying little brat and wanted her gone.

She uses the powers he gives her to turn into Black Lady and treats her former friends this way. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Pink in this case. Young and in Charge: After returning to the future at the end of the Dream arc in the manga, she joins up and leads the Sailor Quartet, her own team consisting of Sailors Vesta, Pallas, Juno and Ceres.

Offical artwork also groups Hotaru in with them but it's unknown if she's actully fought with them. Rika Izumi Portrayed in the musicals by: Douse yourself in water, and repent!

Ami, the first Sailor Guardian to join Sailor Moon in her fight, is a kind but insecure prodigy renowned for her genius intellect.

Although she's timid and tends to obsess over her grades, she's a loyal friend and a worthy addition to the team. Her sharp mind and analytical abilities make her the strategist of Sailor Moon's inner soldiers. It's usually mistaken for her trying to help her fellow Soldiers, but the Exam Battles specials showed her being particularly aggressive in trying to force the others into studying and really happy when she mistook the Monster of the Week for the boy who regularly matched her grades, as it meant she had an excuse to murder him Minako promptly declared she wouldn't study hard to avoid being murdered by her.

Also seen in the anime when she's more concerned about Chibi-Usa studying with her until Other than being a brilliant student, she's also a good swimmer. She is a nerdy Cute Bookworm , after all. The anime version creates an Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole , as The '90s anime continuity sees her in a relationship with Canon Foreigner Ryo Urawa, with no indication of a love phobia.

The episode with the Princess Seminar also contains a unique aversion as she's seen ballroom dancing with a boy without any reservations.

In a later episode, she confesses to Shingo, who has a crush on her, an interest in marriage and children, and end of the episode can be seen as a Maybe Ever After for them. All of the Other Reindeer: Her extreme intelligence and crippling shyness caused her peers to assume she was a snob who looked down on them.

In later arcs of the story she adds some ice-based attacks to her repertoire to help differentiate herself from Neptune, who controls the oceans. Yes, even Ami wasn't immune to this. In the Makaiju arc of the anime, after getting Makoto out of a daydream, Ami was slapped on the back hard enough to send her to the ground and leave a red handprint on her clothes though this may be an indicator that the situation was being Played for Laughs.

She pulls this off frequently both in and out of her civilian guise. Case in point, in her debut chapter, she gets the top score on an arcade game she has never played before, simply by calculating the game's AI patterns after watching Usagi play it once. Her sweetness can't be denied. As for the badass part, she is a Guardian who can manipulate ice and water and summon foggy mists as distractions, proving herself a great asset to the sailor team.

The obvious brains of the team in every iteration. Her future self in Crystal Tokyo. Is seen doing one while reading a book in the bathtub at the beginning of "Sailor Moon SuperS: Beware the Nice Ones: Ami's First Love is a good example of this, with her turning into a Academic Alpha Bitch and hoping that the demon was her academic rival so that she'd get to kill him. Unlike prior versions, in Act 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal , Ami is brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom's Crystal Disk program into expending her cognitive energies in their service, though it doesn't fully take due to Ami recognizing that her friend Usagi is in distress, and snapping out of it.

Also in an R episode, she's temporarily turned against her friends when a Droid makes her think her friends hate her for being a nerd. She was an extremely intelligent student, but also a Lonely Rich Kid with no friends and disliked by her peers because they thought she was an Insufferable Genius , when in reality she was too shy to approach anyone until Usagi started talking to her.

Her first attack Shabon Spray was basically a blast of bubbles that were only good as a distraction. In episode 27, Urawa has a horrible nightmare about Ami, as Sailor Mercury, being attacked — but the only thing that gets damaged is her uniform, which, by the end of the vision, is just a few perfectly positioned scraps over her naughty bits that are slowly disappearing as it ends. The Mercury Sword, featured in the live-action. In the episode where she's accused of cheating on her exams, the pressure and taunts of her classmates drive her into an alley where she covers her ears.

While she's involved in very few romantic subplots of her own, she's always very aware of everyone else's, and when most of the inner soldiers are perplexed and put off by Haruka and Michiru's relationship, she completely understands what's going on. Also, there's a famous scene where, when they see Seiya wearing only a towel, she can be seen peeking through her hands.

Curtains Match the Window: Blue hair and matching blue eyes. Ami wears a grey sweater over her school uniform, which serves to make her look slightly more modest and reserved as compared to her classmates. Her and Setsuna uniforms are sleeveless, while all of the other girls have short padded sleeves. Just look at her picture! She's a sweetheart and pretty adorable. Only in the live-action. Does not like hamachi fish. In episode 16 of Crystal , she uses this against Berthier.

The end of Crystal Act 1 shows Ami's fleeing the rain away from the camera. Her blue hair perfectly matches her water and ice affinities. She's the "look before she leaps" type, analyzing the enemy and then taking action.

She even has a special visor that no one seems to have an equivalent power for. She gets brainwashed and turns into an evil version called Dark Mercury; Moon manages to bring her back, though. She still almost kills her and only snaps out of it when she has already injured Moon. Sailor Moon R felt the need to give it a bump to the point where she can't seem to go most episodes without mentioning the need to study. Though given the fact that the girls are studying to pass their high school entrance exams, this can be somewhat understood.

In the 90s anime, to Rei. Both are intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, and are simultaneously looked down upon and envied by fellow students. While Ami uses water, has a mostly defensive fighting style, and studies her enemy before attacking, Rei uses fire, is very aggressive in combat, and charges in though she shows restraint at times to a fight guns blazing. Ami is blue-themed, while Rei is red-themed. Also to Haruka, which is explored in the Nehellenia arc of the Stars season.

While Ami is the brains of the inner guardians, and insists on studying an enemy before attacking, Haruka is the brawn of the Outer Guardians, and tries to plow through hordes of enemies with brute force.

Ami is ladylike, gentle, idealistic, insecure, and wants to be liked by others, while Haruka is tomboyish, gruff, cynical enough to think that a horrible sacrifice is necessary to preserve peace, appears very confident, and genuinely does not care whether others accept her or not. Is actually the supreme player of video games due to her Awesomeness by Analysis. After seeing the game played once, she could flawlessly memorize and defeat the AI's patterns.

Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: She is always demure, shy, polite, and ladylike, and even receives a Girliness Upgrade in the live-action. She also enjoys swimming and has Boyish Short Hair. The Glasses Gotta Go: In Crystal , hers get knocked off shortly before she turns into Sailor Mercury for the first time.

She tries very hard to be good at everything in school. Goggles Do Something Unusual: They're able to scan the enemy and work in conjunction with her mini-computer. Also they can release a fog in the manga. They're activated by touching her earring, and can even make a headset mic appear.

Good Is Not Soft: She is a kind girl, but that doesn't mean that she can't be resourceful in fights and get angry at enemies. In the live-action, the Guardians receive the "Sailor Star Tambourines" which turn into weapons.

Hers is a sword. That said, she is an avid and talented gamer, can write lyrics for an instrumental piece of music, and knows how to fix a car. Not to mention that she can be quite the disciplinarian when it comes to getting the girls to study more. Ice Magic Is Water: Sailor Mercury's attacks have included not only water and ice but even bubbles and mist. This helps differentiate her from Sailor Neptune, who had ocean based water powers.

On the " Snow White Play" episode of the original anime, she decides to inform everyone in the stage that "[she's] the one with the highest grades on the national exams, Sailor Mercury! She's rumored to have an IQ of around by her fellow classmates. The Musicals on the other hand present this as fact. In the new Viz dub, Umino claims that it's over nine thousand! Making the most of her last seconds, she decides to make an impact in a way her usage of Bubble Spray can't: Blue hair, blue eyes, and a kind personality.

Implied in the S season of the anime. Michiru and Ami participate in a swimming race, and Michiru senses that Ami was trying to let her win. Michiru calls Ami out on her accidentally condescending behaviour, driving the latter to tears. In the original series she gets the all-time high score on the Sailor V arcade game on her first try.

In the Stars series, she wins a fighting game tournament again, on her first try just to give the team a chance to speak with Taiki to clear up a misunderstanding. Her school peers mistook her shyness for arrogance and refused to approach her. In the name of Mercury, soak your head in water and reflect on yourself! In one episode, it's shown that while her academic knowledge of English is flawless, she can't really pronounce it properly.

In the original, Ami speaks with a light Kyoto accent, presumably to make her seem more refined and ladylike. The Canadian dub actually got this part right: Amy's accent occasionally sounds like Queen's Received not as strongly as Luna's , but with enough Americanisms to make her sound like she's from the classier parts of New England. Of the Teen Genius variety. This is very reason we know she isn't as unfriendly and arrogant as her reputation says: Later on, she's often seen petting and hugging Luna, with whom she seems to have a particularly close friendship, and her bio outright states that cats are her favorite animal.

Mercury becomes this after gaining her water blast attacks and going Musical Assassin with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody. More in the manga and live-action. Her single mother is a high-ranking doctor at her hospital and has to work very late hours, so Ami has been a latch-key kid most of her life. Until befriending the other Sailors she had a hard time making friends because others thought her inherent shyness was her being snobby. Does this a lot because she's so shy, like when Usagi acts so affectionate to her and becomes her first friend.

Owns one as part of her identity as Sailor Mercury, disguised as a compact. It vanishes when not needed and can detect all kinds of things. In the manga, though, it turns out to be just an interface for the actual supercomputer on the moon. Her visor and Magical Computer. Though in later arcs she dabbles in ice to differentiate herself from Neptune. Mercury is so pissed when a monster goes after babies that she gains a new power out of sheer anger and willpower.

Her Ship Tease with Shingo ends more positively than most ship teases for the Inners, since he doesn't leave, die, break Ami's heart or give her hives , and the two are seen enjoying the fireworks together at the end.

The characters used to write "Ami" can be read as "Asian beauty," and the "Mizu" in "Mizuno" means "water. As an obvious metaphor for Ami's introversion and fear of making friends. In the original manga, she just used them for reading occasionally, and the anime rarely showed them at all. In the live action she wore them all the time at first, as they made people less likely to talk to her.

In Sailor Moon Crystal , since Usagi is her first friend ever, Ami rapidly becomes very attached to the pen she won on their first outing together at the Video Arcade , well before she knows it to be her Transformation Trinket. While Brainwashed , she's oblivious to orders from the Monster of the Week as she staggers to retrieve it from across a room, dull-eyed but sighing happily when she does. The 90s anime has her first being mistaken as an agent of Queen Beryl's before she is revealed to be Sailor Mercury.

Early on, since her only attack was only a distraction, she was more inclined to use her visor and computer to provide support and information to her teammates.

Since her Transformation Pen is just that, a pen, what do you think a bookworm would do with it in her off-time? When she uses her Mercury Aqua Rhapsody which takes the form of a water harp.

She is somewhat popular among her peers for her looks and brains. She got a love letter in a side story although she didn't react very well to it. This is more present in the anime. DiC dubs only of the first anime. In the original Japanese, she was already at Usagi's school, just in a different class.

One of her more defining traits. She is usually the most patient of the inner soldiers, and always willing to help the people around her in any way she can. That said, Beware the Nice Ones is definitely in effect.

In Crystal , her Doppelgänger Spin doesn't work against Berthier. Not So Above It All: Mostly in the anime. They're about as opposite as they come Usagi's carefree and extroverted, Ami's shy and studious , but Usagi is Ami's first real friend and as the first two Guardians, their friendship becomes the start of something big.

Mostly in the anime, which veers more into Dysfunction Junction and exaggerated character types. In the manga, everyone is far more subdued, so she doesn't invoke this as much. The least talkative of the Sailors.

Red Oni, Blue Oni: In the original anime, where she and Rei are foils to each other, she's the blue to Rei's red appropriately colored. Refusal of the Call: In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon refuses because she believes Usagi only befriended her so that she'd join up.

As usual, a battle forces her to make the choice - although afterward, she claims to Usagi that she really does want to fight with her, probably still hoping it will let them become friends. She's demonstrated proficiency at both CPR and mouth-to-mouth. She also has demonstrated fluency in both English and German.

She is a top-ranked chess player, able to compete against chess masters three times her age. Also, she is capable of fixing a car. She is able to swim at least as well as Michiru, and actually held back to avoid offending her. She has, on occasion, written lyrics for instrumental music she likes. Also she fights monsters in her spare time. Second Place Is for Losers: In one anime episode she's accused of cheating.

That doesn't bother her nearly as much as getting a single question wrong and missing out on a perfect score. In the manga, when Taiki beats her in a test, she's seen angrily ripping her paper and joining Haruka and Michiru in distrusting the Three Lights.

She uses "Mercury" as her alias for the mock exams she takes in Ami's First Love. For a shy Allergic to Love girl, she certainly has a lot of possible love interests. In the live-action, though, Nephrite is ironically the one who has her eye. In the anime, Ryo is shown to have feelings for her and doesn't give her allergy to love, though he leaves early on.

On the Ho Yay side, she and Makoto are very close and even share a romantic-looking dance at one point. Usagi's brother Shingo develops a crush on her later in the series, she clearly cares about him and the end of the episode serves as a Maybe Ever After.

Finally, she's the one who interacts the most with Taiki and the one with whom Taiki has the most in common. She's very quiet and withdrawn until she meets Usagi. Former poster child of this trope. Sometimes, she puts studying before saving the world from destruction.

Sleeves Are for Wimps: Her new Mercury outfit in Crystal is sleeveless. Stated to have an IQ of , she contributes most with her powers of observation. Smart People Play Chess: She's Japan's junior chess champion, which becomes relevant when she plays against Berthier and the daimoness U-Ikasaman. In the manga she laments at being the only girl in the computer club she joins in high school. Averted with her Bubble Spray, unlike most of the first-season attacks.

While it's not so useful for direct damage, creating fog for tactical purposes or escape is one of her most useful abilities even after she gets actual attacks. In the manga, she comes from a family rich enough that she brushes off Minako's breaking one of her mother's diamonds, yet she is one of the most down-to-Earth and kind-hearted characters in the series.

In the original English dub, her last name was originally Anderson but later Mizuno because the dub switched companies. Some fans have theorized that since her parents are divorced, one parent is has the last name Anderson and the other Mizuno.

In the anime she proved herself on the same level of Minako, who learned her almost accentless Queen's English in London. She and Makoto once assured Rei that they were not late to battle because Usagi was playing video games.

Crystal adds a gray sweater to her school uniform. The first page from the "Ami's First Love" manga has her saying: Reflect her docile and sweet nature. A magical girl who makes use of Magitek in battle. Ranked as one of the top 3 at her school, and frequently as the top-scoring student in all of Japan. Once when a Monster of the Week in R uses babies as hostages. In Act 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal , Ami has a sudden, involuntary vision of a palace when she touches her new friend Usagi's hand while handing her pet cat Luna back to her.

According to her, her favorite food is sandwiches, since she can still read while eating them. In a rare moment of her cutting loose, she teases Sailor Moon about "not giving up" on Tuxedo Mask when she comments on the good atmosphere between them.

In a SuperS episode of the first anime, she prepares to attack a lemure who copies the guardians' attacks, only to profess that she's kidding when the guardians try to stop her. She's a demure Shrinking Violet who often acts as The Heart to the team - her hair and costume are blue.

This is more pronounced in the live-action, where she receives a Girliness Upgrade. In one episode near the end of the anime, she enters a video game tournament while dressed up as a classical depiction of the Greek god Hermes a.

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