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In I was a runner-up on a national trivia contest which got me a job as a sport reporter for "Sporti Popullor" the largest sport newspaper at the times. Besides soccer, my favorite sport is team handball.

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Between the age of 10 and 13, I played for Red Star Belgrade youth selections, but could not make a serious impact. Now, in my early thirties, I coach indoor amateur league with my drinking buddies. Other than football, I like basketball, ice hockey, tennis and track-and-field athletics Loud music, movies, food, Mogielnicki Place of birth: I'm working in personal databases about players around the world, success of national teams women, youth, olympics, friendlies, world cup and other international tournaments , also I'm making a personal rank table of clubs around the world that includes teams of the 5 continets.

But as a good mexican, I'm specialized on statistics of Mexico. Morrison Place of birth: Ibrahim Al Najjar Place of birth: Gaza Strip, Palestine Gaza Strip, Palestine December 8, earth sciences and environmental studies ialnajjar at gmail.

Giovanni Nappi Place of birth: Bologna, Italy Brescia, Italy November 22, administrative director in local court Tribunale , lawyer laustabis at yahoo. Started to listen to the albanian radio football transmission on Gwidon Naskrent Place of birth: Poznan, Poland Poznan, Poland November 14, Public procurement specialist in a cleaning-and-security-services company naskrent at skrzynka.

Almost simultaneously I developed a strong affinity for football history and statistics, with whatever scanty resources I was able to hold on in the 80s. Much later I connected my football passion with the Net, assisting in the creation of pl. Big plan for the future: Carlos Manuel Nieto Tarazona Place of birth: I started collecting football books in , even I had been fond on stats even before.

I completely fell in love with my team, Vicenza, after its promotion in Italian serie B and then I started going to the stadium. Now I have a web site in which I collect stats around Vicenza and its history. Tottenham Hotspur Adam Öggesjö Place of birth: Majeed Panahi Place of birth: I have access to satellite TV which regularly airs important international matches, English league, Dutch and other European matches. However, I miss quite a few of these due to working condition.

Since my teen, I have always found an affection with football statistics. Combined with my love for computers, I have compiled the whole list of all matches played in the World Cup since up to date. The records are perhaps not unique, nor enterprising, but, I have not seen anything being produced that has all the players and scorers name of every match.

That is my drive to eventually produce it and distribute it as shareware. Fatjon Pandovski Place of birth: April 15, Trying to make everybody look beautiful when they smile. Dentist tony at albaniasoccer. Since I was little, I had the passion for sports and love for soccer.

Used to go and watch the soccer games "live" with my father. The first international game I watched on the TV was in A header scored by Agim Murati. The first international game "live" at the stadium was a year later, Dinamo against Ajax Amsterdam which then was coached by Leo Beenhakker.

It was funny because in both of those games, the referee was the same person, Nikolas Zlatanos from Greece, and my uncle was the translator. In I was a runner-up on a national trivia contest which got me a job as a sport reporter for "Sporti Popullor" the largest sport newspaper at the times. At the same time I worked for national Radio and TV, covering Albanian players in the Greek championship and the Albanian national team and domestic clubs in international matches and tournaments.

Salvatore Parisi Place of birth: With reference to Arsenal FC, I follow this club since Because of my interests in statistic matters and history of Football in the world, from origins to the present date, I have collected a series of information about poorly known or unknown cups, competitions and friendlies in previous historical periods. Consequently, my goal is to bring back and correlate these informations and historical importance to existing and defunct football clubs and related countries.

The geography and perspective of Association Football can be very different, depending on historical periods. Luis Fernando "Nano" Passo Place of birth: Married to Samantha Delor translator since January 9, France and Faroes I remember their victory against Austria 62e in Landskrona for their first official match and their goalkeeper Knudsen with his cap.

I collect all of stats sports and correspond with people in sail, athletics, swimming, race car Zbynek Pawlas Place of birth: I study theory of probability and mathematical statistics. I like the soccer a lot. I like the hard investigation in old newspapers. Indrek Petersoo Place of birth: Newcastle United, Derby County Italy: Olympique de Marseille Netherlands: I have just one plan for the future - to prepare the complete Estonian Soccer Archive and establish the first soccer magazine in my country as soon as possible.

Ricardo de Freitas Fernandes Pontes Place of birth: Since I have started to collect data on Brazilian football. I am proud to being born in a country blessed with some of the finest players and ashamed that here we have the worst team managers and championship organisers.

Milos Radulovic Place of birth: So, my site is just a normal next step Mahema Randimbisoa Place of birth: I used to organize virtual competitions with video game. I enjoy helping people to know more about Madagascar. My webpage doesn't talk about football, if you are interested in malagasy football, you can visit http: What I like to do: PHP, Video games, Internet. Chelsea, Inter Milan Malaysia: I study journalism and my specialisation is sports in general.

Rivera Place of birth: It is the best club in Brazil!!! Javier Roimiser Place of birth: James Ross Place of birth: My interest in football stats was probably sparked off by noticing the name of Thornliebank, the village near Glasgow were I was brought up, in the list of Scottish Cup finalists when I was about 8. My playing abilities unfortunately do not quite match my enthusiasm and I've even been known to resort to refereeing when I couldn't get a game.

Davide Rota Place of birth: Co-operations with other newspapers and a local radio station. Soccer is from always in my skin. I played, managed and collected soccer from the first day I breathed. I just don't like violent football. Also I don't like that someone works and someone else enjoy of the work of the other.

She is black and white stripes, like the team colours of Biellese! I like football historical and statistical research, especially in the 20's and 30's. I studied for waiter, but now I'm journalist publicist and I speak french well and english scholastic level. But I'd like to be in every part of the world. Hamdan Saaid Place of birth: I am a very big fan of football since I was a child.

Later I became a football writer. I practiced at the local sport newspaper Todo Sport. Now I am an independent football writer, and working for www. Also I write articles for some international magazines and fanzines about football. I am trying to write in the future the history of the Peruvian football, and the most important clubs of my country, and later, make a magazine on football.

Jan Schoenmakers Place of birth: I am one of the 3 authors of the Encyclopaedia of Football in Holland. The books form a statistical overview of all soccer in Holland until 4th class, starting in The years are covered in the 6 parts that were published so far.

Furthermore I am busy collecting the statistical history of all clubs in Holland since their birth via all kinds of archives. Mark van Seventer Place of birth: Manchester United Ali Sfar Place of birth: I'm a fan of football since the first game i've ever seen Tunisia-Senegal July Technology came to me and i used Internet and i found Nf Board Teams and i was really happy I moved to the United States in , and lived 2 years without soccer, until in I got my E-mail account and found Karel: My another favorite sport I am much better at it than soccer is table tennis.

That's pretty much it: If you want to find out more, look at my home page but don't expect much: Siminiceanu Place of birth: University of Iasi sri at infoiasi. Argentina, Norway, Danemark, Italy Clubs: I collect data concerning European soccer: I am very interrested in archives containing not only the scores but also the goalscorers for every international match.

Ralph Siuts Place of birth: Berlin, Germany Mönchengladbach, Germany July 13, Salesman for computer and Multimedia in an own company morgenstern at arcor. End career after a fracture of the patella. Since early teenage years I collect statistics. Actually I spend the most of my free time for my football-logo-collection. Studied architecture in Turkey. Used to be a table tennis player when I was younger. I was even a semifinalist in Men's singles and won the Men's doubles title in Turkish championship back in I love playing duplicate bridge and am a bronze life master at ACBL.

I started doing soccer stats when I was 11 or 12 to write to my older brother studying in Germany. Unfortunately left all my stats in Turkey and lost most of them after coming to Canada.

I started again, from the beginning in Canada. Planning to go back to Turkey, soon. I love to collect statistics and informations about world football, I love big databases. Riku Soininen Place of birth: The pages have been developed originally for people interested in betting to access quick information to help them making the football bets. That's why I have the special "status" pages available for each league.

Later on the service has been broadened up to pretty massive link collection as well. All those can be accessed through http: Peter Sokolowski Place of birth: I collect full data of Belorussian National Chempionship and Cup. Plus all games National Team of Belarus.

Adriano Stabile Place of birth: During the beginning years this mostly took the form of compiling all-time lists for European competitions and national championships, as well as organising my own fantasy leagues in which my favourite fantasy clubs seldom failed to collect the silverware. Gaining access to the rec. Luis Carlos Storni Place of birth: I spent time with Baden in Switzerland.

With the independence of Ukraine in , I made an effort to have a residence there and do so today. And my favourite player of the world of all time is: Emmanuel Thekiso Place of birth: Bernd Timmermann Place of birth: Nordenham, Germany Salzhemmendorf, Germany April 7, currently freelancer programming bernd at rsssf. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Nizhny Novgorod, Russia April 22, Manager with many functions computers and other technics, data processing, organizing of public opinion questions in Volgo-Vyatsky Center of Public Opinion.

Spartak Moscow My first football impressions are refered to world championship. I interest by football statistics approximately since My parents consider me mildly crazy, and they nearly right. Luc Vandenberghe Place of birth: I am also a big fan of Subbuteo table football.

George Vassalos Place of birth: Milan, Italy Milan, Italy October 23, Architect but I work for the most important italian society in tv and movie scenographic constructions veronas at alice. Argentina Japan April 8, Technical director of local branch of company in the electronics industry pwally at tmtv.

I had lost interest by then, so it never was a big deal; however, after years of playing amateur soccer I tore my ACL playing at the Yokohama International Stadium! This brought back my interest in soccer statistics, which keeps growing to this day. The morale of this short story: I cannot be farther from Argentina on this planet, but this does not constitute an excuse for not being able to follow my interests.

Andreas Werner Place of birth: In I founded a company with two friends, where I am still working. Novianto Widigdo Place of birth: Semarang, Indonesia November 2, neraazzura at yahoo.

Lazio I was born in Qingdao and moved to Shanghai when I was 2 years old. I played football first time when I was 7 years old. My other favourite game is Go. Sener Yelkenci Place of birth: Hyung-Jin Yoon Yan Place of birth: I hope to publish football statistics books some day. Sondre Zachariassen Place of birth: Endre Zsoldos Place of birth: Soccer Statistics Foundation Authors: Mike Dryomin lemicco at mail.

Maintainer of the most comprehensive web page on Norwegian football statistics. Enschede, Netherlands Eindhoven, Netherlands since August 28, programmer, but studied Physics d.

Started collecting statistics since , mainly interested in final tables of any division of any country. Valdagno Vicenza , Italy Valdagno, Italy August 13, medical doctor and historical researcher ace at interplanet. Writer of many literature and essays about the Great War Soccer historical statistic's pages about Amateur teams in www.

Happily married with Ilenia I have a 2 year-old daughter named Giulia Galadriel as a Tolkien fan obviously. I have started being interested in soccer since I was 7 years old. Since that day I started collecting information about soccer and its statistics. The first world cup I saw and the last in which Peru played was Spain I am a member of the Club Alianza Lima peruvian team in my country but right now I am making a postdoctoral degree in dentristry at the university of southern California.

My hobbies are soccer and tennis and my goal is to become president of my soccer team. Kinesiologist Sporting 89 jaizpurua at cwp. Married with Maryleila Castrellon de Aizpurua since January Member of the American College of Sports Medicine since Master's on Health Management.

Like to make friends and help them all I can. With my friends Sultan and Abdulelah we started from scratch and within four years we create the largest databases of the Saudi League and the Saudi team, we will continue to document all History of the Saudi football.

I started collecting football stats since I was 7 years old. Besides football, my other hobbies are movies and music. I am also a musician play keyboards, bass and drums , and a own a small web design company for a living. Been living in Connecticut, U. Currently in the town of Madison. August 20, and I don't look a day over Martens Premier Division Champions, ! I started my interests about Albanian football on September 16th, , when I listened in Radio Tirana: Besides journalist and writer I am collector of national teams jerseys, football magazines and books.

Speciality is East-European soccer classifications and cross-tables from first and second divisions, top-scorers, the footballer of the year, cup finals, teams - address, year of formation, colours, stadium - and players with date of birth, etc.

I also collect pennants of clubs and stamps of sports. Involved in administration of football at various levels - Club, Parish League, National and International. Specialty is African soccer; have kept stats on soccer for the last 10 years; enjoy reading novels, playing soccer, fiddling around with my computer; married to Beth since and have three wonderful kids Alex, Elisa, and Andrew. Since an early age, I've been interested in football. I am an expert of the leagues and clubs around world, and for over 15 years I have been collecting soccer logos soccer.

I have started being interested in soccer and collect its statistics specially about argentine football since I was 8 years old. I am also a moderator on BigSoccer. I started to build a worldwide archive since I love football stats more then everything in my life. I enjoy making contacts with different people, both IRL and thru Internet. I started the investigation on Chilean football in I love rankings, that curiously make all my friends laugh: Leipzig Stadtrundgang mit den schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten Kirchen , historische Gebäude , das Völkerschlachtdenkmal..

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