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From to , Zellweger was engaged to Jim Carrey. One person found this helpful.

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Again, I don't want to date, I want him back and thats not possible, but much like you in this post, I have pondered the what if's, because at the end of the day, who would put themselves through such a loss? Who would fall in love with someone they knew will sooner rather than later, that I will die and break their hearts?

I dont blame them for not wanting to fall in love with someone not long for this world, but Its something thats natural to think about. I totally can relate to your situation, I'm terminally ill, cancer, and I'm thinking am I crazy to want to date. I like being alone but then I have my moments of loneliness.

Btw I'm 32, single, no kids. I don't broadcast my illness but I get the questioned look, when I mention I don't date, don't have time for the silliness. It's nice to know that I can relate cause I have no one to compare my thoughts to. I am 37 and was diagnosed with stage 5 Breast cancer 8 months ago. I am forgoing the conventional medicine route , and am on alternative treatment Men approach me often, I just dismiss it and play busy or that I have to run.

In some ways not having to worry about the pressure of meeting someone is nice. They open up to me about their Inside worlds and confide in me , ask my opinions about things. Maybe this is my calling until I pass on to the next life. Ironically I went to school to become a minister in my 20s but went on to work with individuals with Autism. What if there actually was a dating site for the terminally ill?

I'm looking forward to your answer. I like the fact that you stay strong and funny ending of your post but doesn't make me laugh. What do I want you to gain from reading my blog? Well I'm not going to say enlightenment and I 'm not going to get you to radically change your diet and start chanting at a full moon, to be quite honest this blog is more about me writing it, than you reading it and if someone happens to google cancer and inadvertently clicks on my link, well that's just a pleasant bonus.

I plan on talking and posting about the good, the bad and the ugly side of all things cancer, fashion, food, family, what you blogosphere type would probably call a "lifestyle" blog. Y ou Have Terminal Cancer? Dating while you're Dying? If Bridget Jones thought she had issues dating, then imagine dating when you have terminal cancer.

I am a 34 year old woman who has recently separated from my long term partner of nearly 14 years, I say recently, really it was June last year, but we've continued to communicate since maybe 8 weeks after breaking up. Breaking up was a difficult decision to make, he and I had been together since I was 19 turning 20, he came into my life at a very uncertain time for me.

My parents and brother my only family in Australia were moving back to Ireland and I was moving out of home for the first time. I had to become an adult over night, I mean I had done laundry, cooked dinners and washed dishes, but I'd never had to pay for my clothes that I had to wash, I never had to pay for the steak that I cooked and I certainly never had to pay for the electricity or water usage to do the dishes, so I suppose you could say I met my ex partner at a time that I was confused and very unsure about my future.

Anyway I'm not going to get into the ups, downs and sideways of our long long long relationship, but I can say, for all the faults there were in our relationship, from both sides, from the time I was initially diagnosed with cancer and the time I was told it had come back, he was there, by my side at every moment, every meeting, every treatment, every surgery, every toxic vomit, when my hair started to fall out we shared the hair shaving duties with his electric razor, he was the one who would make my gluten free bacon and egg rolls when I was on Chemo at any hour of the night, if I wanted it at 3.

Sadly though he and I just didn't work cohesively as a couple, we didn't for a long time and when the cancer came initially, we were actually at a crossroads for a reason that he knows about and I don't need to go in to, but let's just say when this ugly C word raised its head, we were already in an unstable position, but I got Cancer and those other problems got swept under the rug.

Here we are today and I have absolutely no desire to be in a relationship, I don't know if it's because of my previous relationship or if it's because my libido is non existent due to my hormones being everywhere from the myriad of treatments I've had, but I can honestly say that a relationship, a quicky in a best western, a swipe right on tinder or a drunken kiss in a nightclub, is absolutely the last thing on my mind. I know there are many men and women who have a chronic illness or a terminal disease out there that still have a desire to love and be loved, I'm just not one of them, well I'm not at the moment anyway and I often wonder if I was, how would one broach the subject?

So you're at a bar and a guy approaches you and asks to buy you a drink, do you blurt it out mid drink invitation? Do you wait until you're finished the drink or do you wait until you're 3 sheets to the wind and then admit that you're expiring as you speak or just not tell them at all? What is the terminal disease admission etiquette? Just like you single mothers and fathers out there, I'm sure you've all grappled with the "when do you drop the I have a kid bomb?

I'm sure diving back into the dating pool at my age already has its challenges, like for me I suppose if the cancer didn't exist, men would probably be thinking, Why? Haven't you been married by now Don't you have a kid? What's wrong with you that you've reached your mid thirties and no-one, NO-ONE has thought enough of you to at least get you pregnant?

Colin Firth as the very proper and successful barrister, jokingly named Mark Darcy - after the very romantic character, Mr. Darcy, a role Firth played in the PBS classic version of "Pride and Prejudice" and Hugh Grant as the proverbial bad boy both do an excellent job as Bridget's potential love interests.

All in all, the film is great fun! Not very often do I say that the movie was better than the book, but I do in the case of "Bridget Jones' Diary. Darcy much better than the book. In fact, in the book, I kept skimming, wondering, "Where's Mr.

Wickham in the book, using Bridget's mom and Mr. Anyway, the movie is a hoot, definitely worth a watch! Renee Zellweger does a wonderful job. By the time you get to the end, you're rooting for a happily ever after, one of the reasons I'm not sure if I want to see the new release. I just can't imagine that Bridget has more doubts. Bridget Renee Zellweger is a single year-old who's timer is ticking for procreating an offspring.

Bridget gets Daniel's attention by swanning at work in short skirts and sexy see-through blouses. They become intimately involved. Mark Darcy Colin Firth is a human-rights barrister and divorced. He is dating Natasha, an attorney who specializes in family law, and she intends to marry him. Mark and Daniel attended Cambridge together, and Daniel was best man at Mark's wedding, but they have recently had a falling out.

Mark disapproves of Daniel's treatment of the congenial Bridget, and he mollifies her when Daniel splits and becomes engaged to Lara. Mark expresses deep and agonizing empathy for Bridget over Mark's infidelity. Author Salman Rushdie makes a cameo. Based on the novel by Helen Fielding.

One person found this helpful. The end was also very touching and heartfelt when Mark drops by Bridget's apartment all of the sudden on short notice on New Years and turning down a job in New York to inform Bridget that he wants to reconcile with her and then ends up reading Bridget's diary by accident while sorting through her stuff while he's trying to find something and reads a nasty little paragraph about himself Mark Darcy while Bridget is freshening up to look sexy for Mark to do hubba hubba, but then Mark walks out of Bridgets apartment making us and Bridget think that Mark was leaving Bridget again after reading the nasty stuff Bridget wrote about Mark, but then it turns out that Mark wasn't going to be dumping her and that Mark just wanted to surprise her with a new diary to make a fresh start together as an item again and for Bridget to make herself a new diary starting a brand new life with Mark.

So if you're looking for an interesting comedy drama, "Bridget Jones' Diary" is a good movie to watch and consider. I'm very excited about the new movie coming out, Bridget Jones Baby. I ordered the third book which the movie is supposed to be based on, but wanted to re-watch the first two movies before I started reading. I often find British humor a little dry so I feel uncomfortable rating how funny others may find the movie.

I laughed a lot, but it also has those hard to watch scenes, like oh no, she's really doing it. That being said, it is one of my favorite movies to cuddle up on couch and watch. A feel good movie for sure.. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 20 days ago. Published 27 days ago. Published 2 months ago. Published 3 months ago. English Choose a language for shopping.

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